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Women’s Shoes That Are Both Comfortable and Stylish

When I was 17, I was going to my senior prom, and I had chosen these clunky black flats to wear with my dress. They definitely looked a lot more casual than the heels that all of my friends were wearing. One of my acquaintances looked at my shoes and remarked, “Stephanie, I don’t think those shoes are really prom worthy.”

I explained, “they’re comfortable.”

“Well, do you want to be comfortable or do you want to be pretty?” she asked.

This seems like the age old question when it comes to shoes for women. Do we want to be comfortable or do we want to be pretty? Do we want to suffer with blisters and cramps, shoving our toes into unnatural positions, hurting our backs with extremely high heels or do we want to be comfortable, supporting our backs and our feet with proper cushioning and support? Is there a happy medium? Can we have both comfort and style?

Luckily, there are some brands of shoes that offer both. For example, there are many different styles of Clarks shoes that are both comfortable and pretty. I am a huge fan of Clarks, and I own several different pairs of Clarks shoes, so I can tell you that you no longer have to give up feeling attractive for feeling comfortable. Let me give you a few examples.

There’s the Clarks Attitude Pose shootie. This half-boot, half-dress shoe goes perfectly with my skirts and my jeans. There’s a high heel, which I love, and it makes me look cute. I always get a ton of compliments when I wear these shoes. You’re probably thinking that there’s no way it could be comfortable, but actually it’s designed with eight hidden gores for custom comfort. It also has a OrthoLite® footbed with Active Air® which gives me all the support that I need.

One of my other favorites would be the Clarks Diamond Opal, a classic pump. This shoe features feminine designs like a leather bow. This shoe also has a footbed with Active Air®, which is one of the key ingredients when it comes to comfortable shoes, and it’s made with premium leather. This shoe will go with almost anything: skirts, dresses, pants, jeans, etc. This is another great example of a shoe that makes me feel sexy and doesn’t kill my feet.

Next, we have the Clarks Indigo Wessex Cross, a classic women’s platform shoe. This shoe is made with a combination of leather and suede, and it gives you that high heel that will really make you feel hot. It features an adjustable strap and a footbed that has extra padding, making it the most comfortable platform I’ve ever worn.

So the next time you are shopping for shoes, look for a brand that will give you both comfort and style. Clarks shoes for women will definitely do both of those things, but it’s important to remember that there are many brands that are making high-quality shoes for women that make us feel attractive and won’t make us miserable at the same time.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Could Create A More Youthful Appearance

Many female movie stars such as Sally Field find that it is difficult to grow old in the movie business when they have worked as actresses in front of the cameras for many years. Sally Field has announced in some of her past interviews that she would never have plastic surgery. In 2007, Sally stated that along with the famous beauty Jane Fonda, she would grow old gracefully without ever having plastic surgery.

Sally Field started out on television as a teenage sitcom star. As she grew older, her youthful appearance allowed her to pass for a much younger person. Even though she is long past her sweet young image, Sally Field plastic surgery rumors always circulate each time she starts a new project. A few years after she said she would never have plastic surgery, she made an announcement that she might consider having it done. Here are some of the procedures that plastic surgeons might recommend for Sally Field and any other woman considering plastic surgery.

Potential Sally Field plastic surgery – Eyes and forehead area

One potential type of Sally Field plastic surgery would be having the skin tightened on the forehead and near the eyes. Botox could also be injected in the eye area and forehead to reduce wrinkling and the appearance of frown lines.

Some observers have suggested that Sally Field’s drooping eyebrows make her look older and should be addressed. However, she always had drooping eyebrows so it is not likely to be a major factor in her appearance. There are plastic surgeons who prefer to keep the original look of the face when they recommend any procedures to create a more youthful appearance. Because the features of Sally Field’s face are already so familiar, it would be wrong to make major changes to her appearance instead of just creating a fresher look.

Sally Field’s smile lines and creases

A potential Sally Field plastic surgery procedure might address her smile lines and creases. Every woman develops these lines as she gets older. It is important to create a natural look. Sally Field has very full cheeks so she will not require any more dermal fillers to be injected here. A surgeon could help improve areas such as her laugh lines near her mouth using injectable fillers.

Neck area may indicate potential Sally Field plastic surgery

It is possible that Sally Field may wish to have the skin on her neck area tightened up. Surgeons often suggest that women who have developed fine lines in this area can benefit from having the skin lifted and tightened here. In some cases, there are large areas of the skin surface that are treated. However, it is possible that having a lot of work done here will create a look that is unnatural. Fortunately there are alternatives to having a lift in this area. For example, the Fraxel repair laser can be used successfully. In this method, the laser is focused on small areas of the skin. The laser resurfaces the area in a way that is not invasive and results in a natural look.

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How to Easily Transition a Nursery into a Toddler’s Room on a Budget

So, it’s time to turn your child’s nursery into a toddler room. I remember the anxiety of leaving one wonderful stage of my child’s life and venturing into the unknown. However, I am finding out that each stage seems to bring with it a new and exciting world I would have otherwise not known.

However, as wonderful as the next stage will be, spending a fortune on the transition might not be in your budget. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, not even close.

I am going to share some wonderful tips on giving your child the room they deserve, without having to dive into their college fund to do it.

Furniture Options to Consider

Perhaps you are lucky and have a convertible crib, one that you can change into a toddler bed. It might have cost you a bit more when doing the nursery a while back, but nothing to convert it now.

If not, I would suggest going with a toddler bed, rather than a twin bed. One reason is that they can be less expensive, but you also don’t have to buy a new mattress. You can use the crib mattress, as it’s the same size.

We purchased a small, and low to the floor toddler bed that was in the shape of a boat. It was inexpensive, and fit the theme we had. The down side is that he outgrew it in about a year’s time. However, if you are hoping to save money, it can help by not having to purchase large items, along with everything else at the same time.

We also had purchased a changing table that doubles as a dresser, and an armoire that can be used for any age. However, if you have pieces you no longer can use, sell them. Use Craigslist, eBay, or have a garage sale. What you make from the sale can go towards finishing the room.

Decorating on a Budget

One way to save on the budget would be to use the same flooring and wall color, if possible. Look for themes that your child would like, which wouldn’t require a complete change in wall color, or flooring. You can always add a throw rug on the floor to tie in the theme or color choice.

So, that leaves the walls and bedding. Instead of purchasing expensive wall art, try one of the following ideas:

  • Playful Murals – If you are artistic, paint a mural on one of the walls. It doesn’t have to be extensive with detail, since it’s a room for a child. So, why not make it very child-like in the drawing? This is the room that pretty much anything goes. If you want to draw a stick person, do it. Or, with princess themes for the bedroom, go for a large, but generic castle.
  • Removable Decals – A nice alternative to painting a mural, or hanging wallpaper, is removable decals. They are easy to apply, and just as easy to remove. So, you won’t have to work to get them down like you would wallpaper, or paint over them.
  • Chalkboard Paint – If your child likes to draw, you can give them an entire wall to draw on, with chalkboard paint. Let them put their own artistic stamp on the room, which can be changed on a daily basis. It also provides an area for play, without taking up space.
  • Framed Art – For the little artist, take some of their best pieces and frame them. You can buy inexpensive frames and have instant art that is free…as well as unique, and a part of your child. If you don’t like the frames, paint them, which can also add a splash of color to the room.
  • Hanging Toys – Consider hanging some inexpensive and lightweight toys as wall art. For example, hang some colorful and plastic sand toys such as shovels and starfish. Model airplanes, doll clothes, and kites are more options.
  • Decorative Shelving – Pick up some inexpensive decorative shelving to place small and colorful toys that fit the theme of the room.
  • Framed Photos – There is a wide selection of royalty free photos you can download to frame for the walls. These are often very low cost, if not free. Just search the Internet for ‘royalty free’ photos. You will be amazed at the enormous selection, low cost, and high quality that you find.

As you can see, there are many inexpensive options for the walls to help create a wonderful retreat for your child to enjoy for this new stage in their life.

Bedding and Window Treatments

By adding a splash of color and activity on the walls, you could get away with some very basic bedding and window treatments. This alone could help keep the budget down.

In Closing

I hope that I was able to share some ideas that you like, or at least have inspired your creative side to save some money. After all, college will be coming up soon.

About the Author

Enjoying a career in freelance writing, Kathy Barber typically writes on topics such as medical, family, and travel. She found inspiration for her latest series of articles when looking through Disney cars décor for her son. Kathy lives in Michigan with her husband and son, and enjoys traveling, reading, photography, and music.

Why University Rankings Don’t Matter!

Every year, a variety of organisations produce their list of university rankings, each with different criteria and often different results. So when it comes to picking a University, referring to the Guardians rankings or The Times Good University Guide may seem like the best way of choosing the perfect institution for your study. In this article we look at why it might not be though.

Ranking Factors

University rankings take into account several factors including student satisfaction, entry requirements, research quality and students career prospects amongst others. The way in which the different organisations rank UK Universities for each of these items isn’t clear though and most rankings fail to acknowledge some key elements that are important to choosing the University that’s right for you. Distance from your family and friends, course content, even the weather can play a massive part in whether you fall in love with a particular University and no rankings tables take any of this into account.

Ranks well, doesn’t rank well

Another issue raised by many is the difference between the major organisations rankings. The Guardians rankings and The Times Good University Guide results regularly differ, leading many to question the validity of the the positionings. Aberystwyth University for example, featured 40th on The Times Good University Guide 2012, but only managed 50th in The Guardian Rankings. Whilst the majority of Universities feature in similar places across these two rankings tables, there are some strange anomalies such as this one.

What does it all mean?

So what do the University rankings mean then? Well generally, the higher the rank of a University, the better it will look in the eyes of your future employer. However, the majority of employers are now up to date on the latest subject specific rankings that relate to their industry. For this reason, it’s recommended that you should generally put a greater weighting on the performance of a department than the University itself. Oxford and Cambridge offer excellent education, but there are universities more distinguished in fields such as Sports Science.

It’s for these reasons that the rankings have drawn a lot of criticism and that they should not be used solely to decide on which University is right for you.

Thinking About Having Your Own Website?

You may have a small business which you want to promote or start trading online, or you might have a particular interest and expertise in an area which you’d like to share with others.  You want to have your own website, but have absolutely no idea where to start.

The good news is now is a very good time for the small website owner with a great idea.  The bad news is that if you want to get rich quick by using any method going you have probably missed the boat.

Just having a website is not going to help you very much.  You need to get people visiting it, and this means getting your site noticed by the search engines.  Unless you have a very unique product or idea you are going to have to work hard at this, and make your site outstanding.

Up to now, this would mean being an expert in search engine optimisation, an understanding of HTML and a policy of getting hundreds of links from other sites no matter what they were.  Right now Google have implemented changes which have demoted thousands of sites which have used these techniques, and have announced that what is important to them is the quality of the content of the site, not the optimisation skills of professionals, and certainly not numerous dubious links from completely unrelated sites.

What is important now is that you have a good idea, and the ability to write about it.  For example, if you want to start selling online, why should visitors come to your site for a product they can buy from hundreds of well established and better known sites?  The answer could be the fantastic reviews you write for your products, the way you link products together (for example, suggest alternatives or things they might want to buy as well), and the real time usefulness of the information you provide.  A list of products is just not good enough nowadays.

If you have expert knowledge in a particular subject now is the time to get noticed if you can write about it in an interesting and informative way, if you can provide insights or tips which others might have missed or just simply an alternative approach.

When starting to design your site forget about search engines and think of humans.  When people enter words or phrases in a search engine, what kind of answers will they be expecting?  Try and think of how you would look for the information you are providing.  Then think about what other information you might like to know to follow on from what you’ve just discovered, and add that information as well to keep people on your site longer.

Once you’ve got your ideas and content, then you can think about designing your website and publishing it.  The bad news is that if your grammar is not good, if you cannot write sentences and paragraphs which flow, you will not be able to get away with copying content from other sites and hoping people won’t notice.  If you cannot write yourself, you should try and partner with someone who can.  But writing is one of your key skills you don’t have to factor in a huge budget to pay for search engine optimisation, as your content should sell itself.