ArticleScholar aims to maintain its standard for high quality content. And while we believe that Not Anybody Can Write, we impose a strict membership guidelines and article submission policies. If you want to Submit Guest Post, Write for Us, Submit Article or be a Guest Blogger, read the Guidelines below and Register here.

Article Content

We do not allow content that contains hate, libel, porn, casino and viagra (other drugs) or any spam topics. If the topic can be deemed classified above R-18 or Restricted, then it’s not for ArticleScholar.

We welcome any type of Article including:

How to or guide articles
Profile and interview articles
Informative or service articles
News and feature articles
Exposé articles
Human interest articles
Essay or opinion articles
Humor or satire articles
Inspirational articles
Historical articles
Round-up or list type articles
Research articles
Review or product comparison articles

Article Uniqueness

The Articles that you submit must be original in text and idea. It must pass Copyscape Premium Checking or DupeFreePro and its title must not be the same with any previous articles published on our network and other popular article directories. Do a quick search of your Title with quotes on Google and see if it appears on any article directory or blog, if the page one of Google yields many articles or blog entries with the same Title then change your title and tweak your content or don’t submit it here, you will just waste your time.

Article Quality

Rehashing, rewriting and re-branding of Articles are not allowed.

Articles must be spell checked and proof read for grammatical errors, as well as syntactical and factual errors. This responsibility falls to the hands of the Author.

Article Links

We allow and in fact encourage linking in your articles, but these links must be authority on the subject and you must not be connected to it. Linking to the website (including its inner pages) you own can only be done ONCE on the content OR via your Author Bio.

We define Authority sites as sites having Google PageRank of 4 and above and have Alexa Ranking value of 250k and below.

There can be a maximum of one link for every 250 words of pure content, which means that if you submit a 750 (or more) word article, you can have 1 link to your website and 2 links to Authority websites that you’re not connected to.

Article Formatting and Image

Proper formatting and uploading of images are among the responsibilities of the Author.

Subheads or Support Titles must be tagged with


in HTML. In WYSIWG editor, it must be large than the regular article font by smaller than the Post Title.

Malformed articles, wrongly formatted articles or those which have HTML code strung about them for no purpose except to aggravate the reader or attract unnecessary attention will not be approved.

Again, no excessive special formatting is allowed.

Post Image (the accompanying image or images of the article) as well as Featured Image (the small thumbnail that appears on the Front / Main Page, Category, Archives and Author Pages of the site that links to the entire Article) are all required. We rarely approve articles without Post Image and we will never approve articles without Featured Image.

Make sure the image is in JPG format and be you optimize the image before you upload it using this tool.

Author of the article must credit the image source via name of the website or owner of the image nearest to the image location. Ownership of the images used in the articles belong to their respective copyright holders.

Articles must be spell checked and proof read for grammatical errors prior to submitting – Do not submit articles filled with spelling errors and bad grammar. We do monitor article submissions and we will reject content that does not meet this requirement. The same goes for

Article Ownership

Once submitted, ArticleScholar will own publishing and distribution rights of your article, and this site must be the only website on the web and publishing entity to have your articles submitted to.

Reuse and republication of the article must bear a link to or the Article itself regardless if the article is republished in part or in full. The use of the article must fall under the description of Fair Use.

Author Bio

Author Bio must contain your Complete Name and must have factual information. It may contain one or two links to your web properties, social media account or profile. It must also bear a friendly image as its avatar, preferably your real picture. Use the Gravatar service to have an image profile connected to the email you used in the registration. Be reminded that we will not approve any article published by an Author with an incomplete profile.

Premium Options

We offer premium publishing (instant publishing) of your articles. To learn more about this, contact us with Subject: Premium Options