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Paternity Testing is the Only Way to Know if You’re the Father

Many men spend their child’s entire life believing that they are the father, only to find out that they have been raising someone else’s child. It may seem heartless to suggest paternity tests UK for every child of divorce, but testing children for paternity before support is ordered will go a long way to ensure that fathers are only required to support children who are biologically theirs. It is devastating for fathers and their children to learn that they are not biologically related, but it’s best to learn the truth as soon as possible.

Being Married Doesn’t Guarantee Paternity

Mike Yates experienced one of the best days of his life when his son was born. He had always wanted to be a father and doted on the son he believed was his. He taught his son important things like how to ride a bike. He married Michael’s mum when she was just 18 and they were overjoyed to learn that she was pregnant a year later. He had no idea that the son she was carrying actually belonged to another man. They raised the baby together for a couple of years until his wife began to spend more time with friends. Not long before Michael’s third birthday his mother announced that she didn’t love his father any longer. He moved out of the home, still believing that Michael was his son.

DNA Test Results Can Be Shocking

Mike heard rumours from his friends that Michael was not his son when the boy was 17 years old. He suggested a paternity test to dispel the rumors and was shocked when the results came back negative, only two days before Michael turned 18. They sent the test in firmly believing that it would come back positive and were sickened by the results. Michael confronted his mother and she said that the results had to be a mistake, however she failed to contest the DNA test results in court. She refuses to talk to Michael about the identity of his biological father.

Being Deceived Leads to Regrets

Mike had been needlessly paying maintenance to his ex-wife for many years. Mike and Michael still treat each other as father and son because it is the only relationship they have known. After his divorce, Mike remarried and decided not to start a family with his new wife because he believed that they both had children. He now regrets this decision, knowing that Michael is not his son. Now he will have no biological grandchildren and there will be nobody to carry on the family bloodline. He doted on his son for 18 years and is now emotionally devastated. Mike is now considering a lawsuit against his ex, but insists that it is about the betrayal and not the money.

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Top 5 Signs That Your Child Needs Braces

Regardless of what you do to promote positive dental hygiene in your children, one thing that is pretty much out of your hands is whether or not they will eventually need braces. Teeth grow in at various speeds and different angles. Sometimes they follow the proper path and alignment, and other times they don’t. For many people, this strange happening sorts itself out and everything aligns by the time you are an adult. For others, braces are required to force teeth to align, or prevent future issues. You can ask your dentist his or her opinion at a checkup, but only your orthodontist will be able to know for sure if your child needs braces. Of course, this situation rarely comes out of nowhere. You’ll often have some inkling that the orthodontist will confirm. Here are five of the top signs that your child needs braces.

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In every family there comes a day when children are old enough to be left home alone. For parents with responsible kids, that age may be nine or ten. Or if a child is particularly wild (or parents are particularly protective), staying home alone may not be an option until a child reaches twelve or thirteen years of age. Whatever the case, the parents worried about leaving kids home alone can give themselves some peace of mind and ensure the safety of their offspring by imparting a number of home safety and security tips before the fateful day arrives. Here are a few that every kid should know. Continue reading…

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