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How To Get Your Child Into Music

By Article Contributor, Saturday, August 31, 2013

Music is a really good hobby for children to have. It can improve cognitive skills and is a great way for children to express themselves and keep calm. There are so many different things children can do with music.

They can sing, play many different instruments or play in a band or orchestra. If you want to encourage your child towards getting into music as a hobby then here are some top tips to help you out.

Start Playing Music From Early On

Often the spark for music comes from an early age and you should start playing music to your child as soon as possible. You can just have tracks playing in the background and make it a habit, for instance, to listen to music everyday after you come from work.

You can also keep listening to music in the car when you are going somewhere. A good thing to do with small children is to sing to them while you are bathing them. Don’t be shy about singing, if you are confident in using your voice the child won’t grow up too self-conscious about it either.

Experiment With Different Styles

saxophone musical instrument How To Get Your Child Into MusicThe key is to introduce the child to various different music genres. Don’t try to force your own taste on the child but instead try to showcase many different types of music to them. It is much more likely your child will like music when they get to freely define their own tastes and opinions.

You could set different genres to different weekdays and then learn a bit about the history of each genre while you listen to different music. This will be a great way to teach the child about musical theory yet still fun enough to keep them interested.

Make Your Own Instruments

To really get your children excited you need to show them how music is available to everyone and you can create music wherever. You can make your own instruments and set up your own kitchen band. Bach Track has many great suggestions to use kitchen utensils as an instrument.

For instance, you can use wooden kitchen spoons and pots to drum. You can even add different amounts of water to kitchen glasses and tap them lightly to make new sounds.

Suggests Music Lesson

You should also suggest music lessons to your child. Keep in mind that forcing them to take lessons will most definitely just make them stop playing altogether. See if your child has friends he or she could take the lessons with to make it more fun.

There are also a lot of fantastic online tutorials you could take, which would perhaps make the child feel more comfortable. Check out the music lessons with Pro Music Tutor and see if this is a good option for you.

Play Together

You can add a lot to the fun if the whole family joins in to play together. Don’t just leave your child with a violin and walk away. You have to get engaged into the hobby as well to really make the child want to continue the hobby. You can also invite your child’s friends to come and play along.

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Jesse Rayford is passionate about music and loves to share his passion with other music lovers. He loves to volunteer at his local orchestra to allow children from all backgrounds get into music.

Top 5 Ways to Discover New Indie Music Online

By WriterEvan, Friday, November 30, 2012

musiconline Top 5 Ways to Discover New Indie Music OnlineMusic has become just as easy to create as it is to share. While it used to be the case that to record some quality tunes, you needed access to some pretty expensive equipment, and then distribution was another problem altogether. Now, all you need is a laptop, a software program or two, and a decent enough microphone. Anybody can make music in the comfort of their own home, and as a result, talented musicians the world over have been given a way to realize their visions like never before. It can be a bit overwhelming, too. Sure, every major label has a nice advertising budget and the means to put their acts in front of just about everybody’s face. But how does one go about finding all the great music that’s flying under the radar? Discovering the newest independent act can be sort of a challenge, so we’ll talk about the five best ways to rustle up some quality indie tunes online.

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Top 5 Concert Promotion Tips

By WriterEvan, Tuesday, September 25, 2012

concert1 Top 5 Concert Promotion TipsThe crowded summer concert season is drawing to a close, but that doesn’t mean live music disappears for the year. Each month there are incredible lineups playing at some of the best venues in the world, and working within that industry can be an exciting and fulfilling career. But what happens if you find yourself promoting a concert for the first time? It’s incredibly hard to get noticed in the noisy world of entertainment these days. People have so many options, including films, television and video games, each of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of home. If you’re going to pack a venue it’ll take a ton more work than just booking the act, unless you’re lucky enough to be working with one of the larger bands. Whether you’re part of the promotion team for a huge festival or are a team of one trying to fill a bar for a friend’s band, here are the top five concert promotion tips. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips for Attending Your First Concert

By WriterEvan, Tuesday, September 18, 2012

concert Top 5 Tips for Attending Your First ConcertLive music is one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences available. Luckily enough, most of us live nearby a place where a concert of some kind is happening every five minutes, it would seem. Especially in an area like Los Angeles or New York, there are live performances of all types happening constantly, from improvisational jazz bands to some of the most popular DJs and dance producers in the world. Whatever your flavor, your very first concert experience should be a special one, and we’ll talk about five of the best ways to make sure you have a great time, no matter what. As a bonus, I’ll let you know ahead of time that the true KEY is to make sure you bring your friend. Or a group of them. Just don’t go to your first concert alone, whatever you do. Continue reading

Top Grossing Concert Tickets of All Time

By Chris K, Thursday, July 26, 2012

5459202192 9ceda21f06 n Top Grossing Concert Tickets of All TimeLavatickets ranked the top ten grossing concert tickets of all time, and the Rolling Stones stood atop the list, showing the other groups that they can’t always get what they want.

The Rolling Stones and their aptly named A Bigger Bang Tour tops the list as the top grossing concert act of all time. This is huge, people. The Stones grossed well over $600 million on this tour from 2005 to 2007, which is two and a half times more than the highest grossing Michael Jackson concert tour ever, and about a kajillion times more than a Justin Bieber concert tour. Over four and a half million people attended the Stones’ concerts on the two year tour. Not too shabby for a group of guys in their 60s. What’s even more impressive is that the Rolling Stones hold the number two, three, and eight spots on the list as well. The Voodoo Lounge Tour and the Bridges to Babylon/No Security Tour each raked in over $450 million, and the Licks Tour earned over $350 million. With all their concert tours combined, the Stones are multi-billion dollar concert grossers. Stones, you got me rocking.

Coming in at number four on the list is AC/DC and the Black Ice World Tour, proving that fourth place is not just the “also ran” spot on the list. The Black Ice Tour sprung from the band’s 15th studio album entitled, Black Ice. After eight years of missing in action from the tour circuit, AC/DC’s Black Ice World Tour was not without its difficulties. The illness of a band member and numerous technical setbacks plagued the group and a number of dates were canceled. Still, five million people saw the band perform on this tour, and they brought in over $440 million in ticket sales.

Irish rockers U2 come in at numbers five and nine on the list. Not far behind AC/DC, U2′s Vertigo Tour brought in a whopping $420 million. On the five leg tour the band played songs from each of their 16 previous albums, to a total audience of over four and a half million people. The 360 Tour grabbed $316 million and the group played to just over three million concert goers. Lead singer and social activist, Bono, continues to use his position to further social causes around the globe.

Girl power! Madonna comes in at number six with her Sticky & Sweet Tour, which grossed just over $400 million. The Sticky & Sweet Tour of 2008-09 supported her 11th studio album, Hard Candy. Not one to shy away from controversy, during her shows she used images of Hitler to take a jab at then presidential candidate John McCain. Though critics gave the tour mixed reviews, die hard Madonna fans turned out en masse to the tune of three and a half million concert goers.

The Police cruise into number seven for their Reunion Tour of 2007-08. Fans and critics alike gave The Police great reviews as this tour celebrated the 30th anniversary of the group.

Near, far, wherever you are, Celine Dion takes the number ten spot with her Taking Chances Tour of 2008-09, grossing just over $300 million and performing to over four and a half million concert attendees.

And there you have it. Sorry, Justin Bieber. Better luck next tour.

About the author: Chris Keenan, a blogger for a broadway theater company, writes on a variety of entertainment pieces.

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So Much Music, So Many Formats For The Pop Fan To Enjoy

By Anne Smart, Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Many people feel that CD recordings and digital downloads are not as good as the old-fashioned ones that used to come on those vinyl platters you’d find in every music store around the world. Back in the day there were lots of record shops found in just about every city in the world, and they were a good place for music lovers to while away the hours as they shuffled through bins filled with recordings. Better still, used record shops were also quite popular in many cities, especially those that had high college and university student populations.

Much like another vanishing retail species, the bookshop, record stores often had a specialty that would attract a certain segment of the population. Fans of a particular style of music, be it opera, jazz, rock or country, knew where the hottest records shops were located, and they would often congregate there to buy records, or just socialize with others who like the same sort of music that they did.

The Rise Of Digital Music

With the rise of the digitally formatted sound recording, and then the Internet the days of the neighborhood record store were numbered. Once music was transformed into a digital format, and a means of transporting the music became ubiquitous – the Internet – it wasn’t long before engineers developed compression technologies that allowed the average user to compress an entire album’s worth of music and post it on a public server where other could download it, and have a free copy of just about any music on the planet.

Despite the digital revolution and its impact on the record industry, the demand for vinyl record albums is returning at an increasingly fast pace. Perhaps music lovers have finally gotten over their flirtation with digitally formatted music, and have concluded that music on vinyl sounds better than do CDs or digital downloads.

Used Recording Shops And Vinyl Albums

Vinyl Kills Music MP3 Format So Much Music, So Many Formats For The Pop Fan To EnjoyShops that specialize in used recording are once again stocking vinyl albums, but the vinyl recordings are oftentimes newly pressed versions of albums that had originally been released on vinyl years ago, were later released on CD, and perhaps made available on digital download, and are again making their appearance on the market as vinyl platters. If such an album was released at a certain time in music history you can also expect that the same record may have also been released on cassette or eight-track tape, as well.

Fans of certain musical acts might want to own recordings in all available formats, if  that singer or band happens to be a particular favorite. Perhaps you’ll want to own some Radiohead vinyl albums, and keep copies o the same titles on CD and in digital format for your MP3 music player, as well.

Whichever format you choose, you’ll likely still enjoy hearing your favorite music on vinyl – why not go and buy a turntable today?

High quality VPI 16.5 turntables as well as factory-sealed albums such as Bob Dylan vinyl are just some of the things Sound Stage Direct offers. You can find music in many genres – soul, rap & hip hop, jazz, rock, funk, and Latin. Well over thirty thousand albums!

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The SML 383 is the Perfect Karaoke Machine for Kids

By Scholarly Writer, Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Kid Karaoke Singing 389x258 The SML 383 is the Perfect Karaoke Machine for Kids It’s not easy to find a way to entertain kids since there is so much competition for their attention. They’re busy on the internet, playing video games, and learning about technology faster than you are. And if you happen to have a busy schedule, it’s difficult to find an activity everyone can enjoy together. The answer to this problem might lie in the past rather than some new gadget or gizmo. A hobby made popular in the 80s could be the key to finding a perfect way for your kids to play. Singing Machine is a company with several excellent models in their line of home karaoke equipment. The SML 383 happens to be one of their least expensive, but it’s also one of the best. Here’s why it might be the perfect purchase for your kids that will ultimately bring the whole family together.

Price – you really can’t beat $50 for a home karaoke machine. And remember, this is something that will likely be used for several years to come. In comparison, if you take your family of four out to the movies and a simple dinner, it could cost you as much as $100 for the night. The SML 383 on the other hand costs far less and gives you continual fun with every opportunity to build your music collection.

Easy to Use – when you’re looking for a system for kids, it’s important that the model is user-friendly. There are some fancier machines (that cost a lot more) that even adults can’t figure out how to use. Ideally, you want something that kids can learn to use so that you can leave them unsupervised without having to worry. The SML 383 is a perfect example of a plug-and-play model with easy operation. In this case, a lack of dozens of features is actually a good thing because you can concentrate on what’s most important – playing CDs and singing.

Perfect for Parties – karaoke is fun individually or in a small group, but it really comes to life for parties. Although the SML 383 is a smaller model, it has no problem filling up a room with quality sound. There is also a lyric display using CDG technology, or you can connect it to a larger display. With the included connector cables, you can hook the SML 383 two a big-screen TV for the ultimate experience your kids will love.

Fun Factor – expensive machines might have more features and functions, but they can also be intimidating. Sometimes people buy them with the best of intentions, but they end up getting stored in the garage or left in the attic. There is a certain intangible element that is necessary: the fun factor. The SML 383 is simply a blast, and the no-nonsense approach means you get plug-and-play fun whenever you want. It’s portable enough to take to a best friend’s house, and you can easily accommodate two microphones for duets and party singing.

Overall – for basic needs and beginner singers, there is no better model out there. The low price point gives you a chance to save some money or spend it on karaoke CDs. You’ll find that with solid sound that highlights or vocals, all of your favorite songs will come to life. Being able to build up a larger music collection is often far more important than buying the fanciest karaoke machine anyways. And from a parent’s point of view, this is totally something that you can use with your own friends once your kids have gone to sleep. Overall, such a great value and lots of fun – the SML 383 is a karaoke winner.

Kids and karaoke blend so well because children are less inhibited than adults who are worried about being embarrassed. This article comes from the where you can find a great karaoke machine for your children to enjoy.