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The Risks of Plastic Surgery

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best. Although some people feel plastic surgery is an extreme form of beautification, or that it’s pure vanity, the truth is that we find all kinds of ways to improve the way we look, from makeup and hairspray to orthodontics to crazy diet and exercise regimens. So when you reach the limits of what you can do with over-the-counter products and you’ve exhausted your diet and exercise options, perhaps it’s time to consider plastic surgery as a way to look your best and boost your self-esteem. Of course, like any form of surgery there are risks, and this applies to procedures as simple as lunch-time Botox, all the way up to complex multi-procedural surgeries that include liposuction and augmentation, just for example. Here are a few that you should be aware of before you go under the knife.

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How to Create Fancy Emoticons

Technology has given us endless ways to communicate with one another. In the last decade or two, the ways that we can connect with, speak to, and share messages with our fellow human beings has broadened to include a number of incredibly convenient and technologically advanced methods that many of us never thought we’d live to see. Videos and pictures can be created, captured, sent, and shared to devices that fit into the palms of our hands, and it’s never been easier to send and receive text messages and other sorts of communications. Now that communicating via text is something that just about anybody can do, there are more and more ways to enrich your communication. Gone are the days of simply telling someone you’re happy, or expressing your emotions with words — why tell someone, when you can show them? There are all sorts of applications available, and other ways to make fancy emoticons that will help you get your specialized message across, and we’re going to talk about some of the coolest ways to help liven up the way you communicate with the written word. Whether you just want to use an application, or you’re interested in emoticons that you can simply make with your keyboard, we’ll give you the best ways to make a splash with some clever emoticons that’ll brighten just about anyone’s day. Continue reading…

5 Tips for Improving Your Wireless Internet Connection

Wireless Internet is an amazing thing, and many of us are beginning to rely upon it more and more. As the Internet continues to unite us in an increasing number of ways, the strength of our wireless signal at home becomes a thing of pretty serious importance. Not only have many of us begun to rely on our Internet connection for important things like our incomes and our entertainment consumption, but there are more devices using wireless Internet than ever before, as well. It’s not uncommon for one household to have more than one computer, smartphone, and/or tablet device connected to the wireless Internet, and signal strength can become a precious commodity. We’ll talk about five great ways that you can improve your home’s wireless Internet connection without spending a fortune. Continue reading…

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Site for Your New Business

Your new business is off to a great start, but to keep it going strong you’re going to need a website. With so many web-hosting sites available now, how do you know which one is right for you? Read the five tips listed below to help you find a host for the best deal, and to help you find a web hosting company that can help you get started if this is your first time making a website!

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Web Hosting Site for Your New Business

Decide What You Want From Your Website

A personal website will have very different requirements than if you’re making a professional website. If you’re writing blogs, travel sites or websites intended for friends and family then you can possibly get away with a free web host. However, if your intention is to create a site that will help your business make money, then you’re going to have to spend a bit of cash for proper web hosting and a decent design or template. Paying a webhost a small monthly fee ensures that your website will be free of advertisements and you’ll have more freedom with its design.

Make Sure the Site Will Teach You What You Don’t Know

If website making isn’t your forte, then be sure you choose a host that will guide you through the process and teach you what you need to know. If you’re going to need assistant with creating your website, make sure the host offers site builders or “cPanel” which will help you set up your site in only a few clicks. Alternatively, hosts with tech support will also be able to assist you. Sites like take the burden out of sorting through the best web hosting companies and offer tips on how to find the best ones, so be sure to leverage their expertise.

Test Their Speed and Tech Support System

If you’re going to rely on tech support, be sure to test the host’s tech support system before signing on with them. Call in and have some questions prepared. This way you’ll be able to see how their response time is, and whether you’re satisfied with their answers to your questions. Just as testing the tech support system is important, so is testing the speed of the host’s sites. If the sites take a long time to load, then you’re going to want to look into choosing an alternative web host.

Leave Room for Growth

Don’t create your site thinking it will remain this way; good websites will change, update and grow as your business grows. Therefore, be sure you purchase a plan that will give you the freedom to make changes. That being said, lots of web-hosting sites will offer you plans with far too much RAM. Don’t be fooled by the advertisement of huge package deals. If a host offers you 25GB of disk space, know that most business websites use only 1% of that. Most business websites don’t need more than 50MB of RAM, and if you’re a small business you could even consider shared hosting as the cheaper option.

Don’t Fall Into Annual Billing Traps!

If your concern is finding a decent price but it’s your first time starting out online – don’t fall into the yearly trap. Choose a host that will allow you to pay month by month. This will give you more flexibility to change hosts if you are dissatisfied with your initial host, and will also ensure you aren’t paying for hosting that you don’t end up using nine months down the road.

Choosing to create a website for your new business is a great idea. It will support your business and provide the public with easy access to your business. However, be sure to follow these tips to choose a host that will not only provide you with the support you need to create a site, but is also a great deal.

How The Internet has Changed Retail Sales Forever

The convenience that is afforded to the modern consumer by the ability to do their retail shopping on the Internet is a luxury that, now, we often overlook as standard practice. It is easy to forget that within most of our lifetimes, making purchases on the Internet was not an option, not even a consideration. The changes that the Internet has brought to the way retail business is conducted are permanent and unchanging, drastically altering the nature of the retail sales market both for companies and consumers. While these innovations will certainly continue to evolve, the technological revolution in retail sales as it stands is already remarkable.Internet Retail

This Isn’t A Competition, But I Win

It goes without saying that the Internet as a retail market provides, by far, a greater range of goods and services with a more simple form of price comparison than standard shopping ever has. With this in mind, consumers frequently turn to the Internet to make sure that their purchases are priced fairly, or to find the lowest possible cost for what they need. Websites like Expedia, Priceline and Kayak all exist to help the consumer travel at the best possible rate. helps buyers compare prices on almost any sort of home good or item they could possibly want. With options like this open to the public, it is obvious that consumers have become more cost-savvy.

Start Small, Think Big

Mom-and-pop businesses are better able to compete successfully in the online retail market thanks to their efforts at personal, one-on-one customer service as well as their use of email marketing, search engine optimization and web behavior analysis. With these technologies in hand, small business are not only able make themselves more desirable to consumers, but also do most of their business on the Web.

You Look Familiar. Have We Met?

The use of the Internet as a retail platform has given marketers a great deal more information about the consumers to whom they are selling. Although the average consumer is not aware of this, t


heir moves are being examined carefully by the people who wish to sell to them. When a consumer reads about and researches a product, the temporary files on their computer determine the kinds of ads they see. The predictive analysis used by CRM software keeps track of what consumers buy and research, choosing what to advertise to that specific consumer based on their preferences. One recent example of how analytic technology deduces information about consumers that caught many by surprise is the story of a Minneapolis teen whose pregnancy was announced to her family by the determinative analysis of her Target purchases and the subsequent nature of their advertising to her.

No More Monkey In The Middle

Retail supply chains have been largely condensed by the Internet. A traditional supply chain in the past had a vendor shipping to a warehouse, a warehouse shipping to a retail store and a customer coming to that retail store to make a purchase. With the retail store and occasionally the warehouse completely removed from the equation, the corporate supply chain is much shorter and more efficient, with the merchandise being shipped at little as possible from its point of production until it reaches the consumer.

No Crowds, No Parking Lots, Just Coffee and Pajamas

The way that the Internet has influenced, sculpted and changed the entire nature of the retail market is something that has affected the way our generation behaves as consumers and will be a fully permeated cultural aspect of generations to come. A child born today will never know what it is like to not have the option of purchasing products on the Internet, a fact which is sure to continue to change and enhance Internet retail sales for many years to come.

Jessica Oakley is advocate for improving internet speeds and writes for a rural satellite internet provider