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6 Cool Cities to Have a Wedding In

By hargrave.melanie, Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wedding Bride Location 6 Cool Cities to Have a Wedding InMost of us get married in our home city, but that isn’t always ideal. If you’re looking for a change of scene for your upcoming wedding, why not throw it in a neighboring city? Friends and family won’t mind driving a few hundred miles, and you just may live next to one of these fantastic locations for weddings.

Napa Valley, CA

While it’s against the law to get married on actual agricultural land, you can bet that anywhere legal to tie the knot is going to be beautiful. Golden fields stretch out in all directions until they curve up into mountains, and the freshest most decadent produce is available hand-picked for your wedding party. Many reception halls provide top-notch catering, including a handful of culinary schools that also specialize in wedding parties.

New Orleans, LA

There isn’t a more culturally-vibrant city you could choose for your special occasion. If you’re both music lovers, this is the ideal spot. With Jazz-soaked air and a French architectural theme throughout the city, New Orleans is bound to be a memorable spot for you and all who join you. While there is a 72-hour wait period for local marriage licenses, as an out-of-towner there is no wait!

Chicago, IL

For the more sophisticated, Chicago is quite the classy location. Art museums, including the famous Art Institute of Chicago, market themselves as venues for wedding parties. With modern architecture and views of the city, you’ll be married in the most high-class fashion possible. If you’re looking for more casual, there are many other museums or locations in Chicago that will suit your needs, too.

Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is a town with splendid towering buildings made of plastic. It is a harmonious balance of utmost glamour and cheap thrills, which provides for a variety of wedding experiences. While you can elope and be married within a few hours by an Elvis impersonator, you can also go all out and choose one of the fanciest casinos to host your party in. At least one thing is for certain: there is no easier place to get married than Las Vegas.

Cincinnati, OH

If you’d like a city-feel wedding, that’s easy. If you prefer the mountains, that’s doable. If you’d like a river-bank wedding with green hills and vineyards, that’s also possible in Cincinnati. No matter the style of your ideal party, this diverse city can cater to you with its various landscapes. There are plenty of reception halls particular to the different areas, and there’s a Cincinnati wedding photographer who has experience shooting in all these terrains. Plus, it’s pretty easy to get the logistics taken care of in this great city.

Kauai, HI

It’s never a crazy suggestion to offer up Hawaii as a dream location. Stay away from Honolulu, one of the most popular and busy islands, and go with the quieter Kauai. It is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and also a variety of gorgeous building for interior weddings. Many of the halls provide excellent staff who help you acquire the licensing you’ll need. If you’re thinking a beach wedding, you should weigh the benefits and consider Hawaii.

Melanie Hargrave is a wife and homemaker whose pride and joy is her family. In addition to spending time with her husband and daughters, she loves being outdoors, playing sports, and sharing her experiences with others.

How To Keep Your Christmas Decor Looking Brand New Year After Year

By Article Contributor, Monday, September 23, 2013

Fireplace Christmas Decor 389x291 How To Keep Your Christmas Decor Looking Brand New Year After YearChristmas decorations, ornaments and the tree are all something to be cherished and carefully preserved year after year. In fact, when you care for them the right way, they can be passed on from generation to generation, thus sharing sweet memories and also saving expenses from having to buy new decorations and ornaments. The key to restoring Christmas accessories is by cleaning them the right way after they have been stored improperly for months. If you want to have attractive Christmas decorations and ornaments, here are some tips on how to clean them and store them properly.

How To Clean Christmas Accessories

Every type of Christmas accessories will require their own special method of cleaning. When you clean certain ornaments and decoration improperly, you may be doing more harm than good. Here are some tips that you will find useful.

  • Glass, Resin, Crystal And Ceramic Ornaments

Ornaments with smooth surfaces made from resin, glass, crystal and ceramic can all be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. Any tough dirt can be cleaned with mild dishwashing liquid or mild laundry detergent that has been diluted with some water. After applying the soap and water mixture, wipe the surfaces with a clean but slightly damp towel.

  • Artificial Trees And Garlands

You can utilize reverse air pressure to clean artificial trees and garlands. You can easily purchase a can or two of compressed air at most computer accessories shops to use on your tree and garlands. Use the air pressure to loosen any tough dust or debris and shake the tree or garlands gently.

  • Electrical Decor And Christmas Lights

Special care is needed when cleaning anything that involves electricity. Simply dust with a dry cloth only and if there are specks of hard dirt on them, dab some rubbing alcohol on a cloth and wipe clean. However, before you try switching them on, always make certain that the alcohol residue has evaporated entirely.

How To Prepare Your Christmas Decor And Ornaments For Storage

You must know by now that Christmas decorations, ornaments, your Christmas tree and garlands deserve a better storage space other than your attic where they are exposed to harsh elements, rodents, pests and dust. The best place to store your Christmas things is in a storage unit with everything properly packed and labeled. This will ensure that your next Christmas will have less cleaning to do and you might just be able to add a few more decorations as well since you have space to store them.

Christmas Trees - Your Christmas tree’s original packaging offers the best protection for your tree, but if the box is no longer available, you can use an inexpensive oversized duffel bag to protect the branches from getting crushed. You can also look for rolls of packing plastic of bubble wrap to loosely cover your tree with.

Ornaments – If your original ornament boxes are already dented, you can salvage wine boxes, egg cartons and plastic produce containers that can also be used to store your ornaments of different sizes, shapes and designs. Use white tissue paper to wrap them in to avoid scratches and other damages, but never use newspapers or colored tissue papers as they can smudge the ornaments.

Garlands - Protect garlands like a dress by sliding the hoop over a hanger’s neck and the covering it up with plastic dry cleaning bag to keep dust away from building up.

Christmas Lights - Simply wind strings of Christmas lights around cans of coffee and tea, and then cut an ‘X’ in the plastic top so you can stick the plug through. Then label each can of string with paper tape indicated which lights should go.

Photograph by: orchid.

Valerie East is a freelance writer specializing in home management, event planning and storage solutions. She offers tips on how to clean and store Christmas decorations to keep them looking brand new. Click here to learn more about storage solutions for Christmas decorations and other seasonal home furnishings.

Reasons Why Even Small Businesses Needs A Business Broadband And VoIP System

By Article Contributor, Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Broadband Business 389x259 Reasons Why Even Small Businesses Needs A Business Broadband And VoIP SystemIn this article, we will look at why getting reliable business broadband is a must.  It’s just as important as having reliable business phone providers and in fact the two services can work together especially if you choose a VoIP solution.  Reliability is the key to VoIP communication, to your web server if you self-host and to so many other business functions.

You can also get service level agreements with business broadband providers that will guarantee 99.95% up time which is plenty for your website and for your phone calls.  In this article we’ll have a look at why business broadband is better for both your services offered by your business phone providers on VoIP and for many other reasons.

Business Phone Providers

Businesses these days have the choice between landline connectivity and business phone provider services through VoIP.  VoIP is the voice over internet protocol and is becoming increasingly popular.  In fact, surveys of the top chief technology officers of large organisations have predicted that landlines will become obsolete for your business in the future and that the majority of services will be run over VoIP because of the cost effectiveness and the range of functions and features available.

Indeed, it’s normally much cheaper to send calls over the internet than it is to do so over the phone.  You only have to look at the possibility of making Skype to Skype calls for free to anywhere in the world and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.  It’s really a good idea to go for VoIP but you do need a stable connection.

Residential broadband tends to be less reliable than business broadband and it’s therefore important to go for a business broadband solution if this is the way that you manage your phone.

The Benefits of Business Broadband

Now let’s have a look at some of the benefits of business broadband including e-mails, addresses and web space, static IP addresses network priority, contention rations, customer support, download allowances, upload speeds, and security.

Let’s end by taking a look at some of the main business broadband providers available on the market.

E-mail Addresses and Web Domain Space

With many business broadband providers, you will receive free e-mail addresses and web space.  In this way, you can set up your own mail server and set up your own website and host them for free.  These expenses are not insignificant especially if you have multiple domains.  Look out for the amount of web space you get because if you’re hosting a catalogue based web site, you may not get enough.

Indeed, you’ll also probably get virus protection and a number of other additional services to go along with the e-mails and web space.  Eclipse is a very good award winning provider for small business that offers these services.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are excellent for business because they are essentially providing each device with an address.  This makes the computers identifiable on the local network but also around the world.  If for example, you have a web server that is used to host your websites, then it needs to have a static IP address or the domain names simply won’t point to a particular computer and the files that are on it.

If you have a static IP address, you can also access your computer from anywhere in the world.  For example, if you want to remote control your computer, access files, software and so forth, then the static IP address is really handy.  You can do these things with a dynamic IP address such as found on residential broadband, but you’ll have to have someone at the other end telling you the IP address that has been assigned to the device at the time of connecting to the internet.

Static IP addresses can also help you to set up your CCTV network if appropriate and also your private networks, FTP servers, and also allow you to do offsite server duplication.

Priority Network Access

When it comes to business broadband, you are considered a premium customer.  You’ll therefore receive prioritised access to the networks and will not be slowed down during peak periods.  It’s kind of like having your own motorway lane on the road where residential customers are held up by lorries, caravans, and slow vehicles but you are able to overtake and do what you need to do at the speed you want to do it.

Contention Ratios

On residential broadband, you tend to see contention ratios of 50:1.  That means there are 50 people connected on the line from their homes.  However, with business broadband you normally only have 20 businesses on a line at any one time.  And you can even go for leased lines at one to one where you’re the only person on the line.

Leased lines on fibre optic connections may cause up to £650 per month for symmetric 100Mbps connection with equal upload and download speeds.  You can choose different levels and grades of package depending on your particular requirements but it’s important that you get a service that is unhindered by other people’s connections and that you get the maximum efficiency possible.

Customer Support Levels

The customer support levels on business broadband tend to be much higher than on residential broadband, you’ll have your calls answered quicker.  You’ll have better qualified people at the other end of the line and you may also have service level agreements that have been met by these service providers.  For example, BT broadband will offer 99.95% uptime on some of their packages and this is sufficient for just about any business function.

Download Allowances

Fair usage policies and traffic management policies tend to hinder the performance of residential broadband.   However, business broadband tends to be unlimited in the true sense or have very high downloads, you aren’t normally restricted by the policies of the provider and you won’t have your usage curbed in any way.

Internet service providers understand that you need to make your VoIP calls from your business phone providers at any time of the day or night and that you need to have the top level service possible.

Upload Speeds

The upload speeds on business broadband tends to be better and therefore the VoIP from our business phone providers is more effective.  If you have many people on the same connection making phone calls, then you’ll need good upload and download speeds.  Some business broadband offers symmetric broadband with the same upload and download speeds and therefore you can do the things that you need to do much better and your VoIP business phone providers offer much better service levels.

The faster uploads even happen on the basic ADSL connections where you may get up to 2.5Mbps but you can also get up to 100Mbps fibre optic broadband symmetric connections too.


The security available on your broadband is an important aspect of your business solution.  Virus protections, Spyware and firewalls are crucial to the prolonged running of your business.  If you have fixed IP addresses, you may well be subject to more attention from hackers.  Therefore, you need to have the best level protection possible.

Business Broadband Solutions that Work Well with Business Phone Providers

Some of the best providers for business that can also be integrated with your business phone provider’s solution include BT Business, O2 Business, Eclipse, Primus Business, Plusnet Business, Spitfire, XLN Telecom and TalkTalk Business.

The business phone providers were many and Sam Jones wanted to narrow down his choices.  By comparing deals online with sites like uSwitch he could see which ones would offer him the best deals.

Event and Catering Organizers in Malta

By Island Caterers, Friday, September 13, 2013

Catering Event Organizing 389x259 Event and Catering Organizers in MaltaEvent and catering organizers on the Island of Malta have the luxury of providing unique venues with amazing food. As Malta is in the heart of the Mediterranean it enjoys a sunny weather almost all year round.  This advantage permits outside catering without any worries that the event has to be cancelled due to weather conditions. Event and caterers in Malta organizers can quite literally turn ones dream into reality. The list of events that one can organise in Malta is endless; meetings, conferences, incentives, weddings and all sorts of catering events.

Event planners in Malta really do bend over backward and make you feel quite confident that every single detail has been well planned and executed, giving you the opportunity to sit back and let it all just happen right before your eyes. With event organizers willing to eliminate the stress in all that it takes to plan such events, one can feel quite relieved to get on with some of their more important tasks at hand. Wedding planners in Malta can be of great help especially for those tourists that have never been on the island before.

Weddings in particular are very popular on the Island and no matter ones requirements event organisers can quite literally get everything ready for you. Every detail is literally put forward such as the wedding dresses, wedding cars, wedding venues, wedding catering and everything that makes up an unforgettable wedding.

Catering event organisers are very useful when it comes to getting the right catering food. No matter if you wished to host a celebration or party in a particular area on the Island or perhaps close to a historical landmark or beach it can certainly be well accommodated for. It really does not matter what the request would consist of as these organisers can customise your event experience in Malta to your liking. Events are able to have their own wine bars, ice sculptures, cocktail bars and entertainment in particular and the organisers will generally have some very good supplier connections for providing a stellar service for any event required.

The expertise of such a team of planners together with a distinctive wealth of experience in catering for such events certainly makes one feel less overwhelmed. With a unique portfolio of venue establishments event organisers in Malta will present an excellent service with the highest food quality available and a personal service which will make satisfy all the guests. In a nutshell the care level is high enough to deliver a service which will make everything from venue location to the décor just ideal for whatever event one has in mind, and thus making ones perfect event that much more desirable to all.

Preserving Your Investment: How to Properly Protect Your Sports Memorabilia

By GolovinovaK, Thursday, September 12, 2013

Signed sports memorabilia may be considered a significant investment when it’s signed by your favorite professional athlete.  While it’s fun to show off your piece of sports history, maintaining or even increasing its value can be affected by how you preserve your investment.  Depending on the type of item you have, you can get a better idea on how to protect when you research effective methods to ensure quality protection of your prized possession.signed memorabilia 1 Preserving Your Investment: How to Properly Protect Your Sports Memorabilia

Understanding Common Methods Used for Sporting Memorabilia

Depending on how you intend to keep your item, this may influence how you want to protect it.  Some collect such items as a hobby, while others feel the need to pass it on to the next generation.  They type of protection you choose for your item is important in not only increasing its value, but to maintain the condition of the item.  Display cases, boxes, and sleeves are a few common items of protection, but even experienced collectors know such protective items need to serve multiple purposes while being made of good quality material.

For instance, football memorabilia such as a signed jersey may be displayed in a frame or jersey case.  Or, a signed football may be displayed in a clear box.  Related items such as commemorative baseballs, helmets, and even hockey sticks should be kept in display cases with UV protection.  This not only helps keep dust and dirt from developing on the item, it reduces the risk of the item fading in color overtime.

Acid-free protective items such as bags, sleeves that reopen and close, and storage boxes are options for magazines, photos, and event tickets. Some sports fanatics may consider a jersey case for signed shirts.signed memorabilia 3 Preserving Your Investment: How to Properly Protect Your Sports Memorabilia

Other Actions to Consider for Your Memorabilia

Sports signings can be a fun event to attend to not only check out valuable memorabilia, but to connect with other people who can provide additional insight on how to care for your prized possession.  Even memorabilia already in protective casing, such as items from an auction or online sporting memorabilia website, should be cared for properly.

Additional precautions such as having your items appraised and/or insured may be helpful.  Overtime the estimated value of the item may change with the market, so be sure to keep value figures updated.  Maintain records of receipts and keep important paperwork such as the Certificate of Authenticity in a fire proof box, safe deposit box or other safe area.

Paul Cook is an Up North Memorabilia blogger. With nearly ten years as the head writer and editor for a successful marketing company, and five additional years as a freelancer, Paul has written about hundreds of topics in an entertaining and informative way.

Social Network Stress: How Facebook Can Cause Stress And Anxiety

By ryan, Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Social Network Facebook 389x258 Social Network Stress: How Facebook Can Cause Stress And AnxietySome comics have joked that in the future aside from providing newborn babies of their social security number; the government will also give them provision of a Facebook account. Facebook has revolutionized the way we connect to friends both old and new, which is fairly useful to catch up and renew old ties. Then again, the downside of being too exposed to social networking sites such as Facebook is that it can cause a lot of stress and anxiety as well. Why do we still use Facebook when some geek said that it can cause stress? Let’s find out how Facebook can be bad for us but can also make us feel good.

Why do we still use it?

Facebook users still use the site because it is the most efficient way to connect. Also, it is one way to get information and even connect with people through games and stuff. E-commerce has found its hands inside the Facebook cookie jar as it has used it either to promote its products through fan pages or to advertise its products and services. Facebook is a whole new way to connect and be connected to friends and families. But, the benefit has its downside which we cannot ignore.

Why don’t we want to stay adrift?

People using Facebook wants to remain connected because they simply don’t want to miss out on news about their friends and stay out of the grid when something important happens. Facebook users are now thinking that staying away from the site may offend their friends and family if they are unable to hit like to important life events. Some users are in a limbo whether to stay away or hang in there to avoid missing events. A research made by Edinburgh Napier University revealed that Facebook use has created ambivalence among users about the benefits of using the site.

Why expose yourself to stress?

According to the United Kingdom study, the people that have invested a lot of time on Facebook and have gathered a lot of friends tend to be more stressed. Minority of users have suffered a semblance of Facebook-related anxiety and received only modest rewards. This could be linked to the pressure to come up with new statuses and updates for a larger number of people. Facebook has become a mini news network where there is a feel to satisfy the need of an audience.

Why feed your anxiety?

In another study, it was found out that half of the people polled said that their confidence went down from engaging with social media after they often compare their achievements to their friends online. Two-thirds of people that were asked confessed to have difficulty sleeping soundly or to sleep after engaging with the social networking sites. A quarter of the people asked are left having difficulties in their relationships or workplace relations after having a form of confrontation online.

Why are you addicted?

A research has demonstrated that the Internet is indeed addictive. Some 55 percent of people have been reported that they are anxious and uncomfortable if they stay away from the Facebook grid or are unable to access their email accounts. A good majority said that they have to force themselves to turn their digital devices off just to take some time off from engaging with social networking sites or with email services. It seems that people that are suffering from anxiety cannot expect any relief and feel more overwhelmed.

Why allow technology to control you?

It seems that people have learned to behave as if technology has taken control over them. Which should not be the case as people should be able to take control of the devices instead of the devices controlling people.

Despite the bad effects we cannot deny that Facebook and other social networking sites have revolutionized how we connect with each other. But, if you are now starting to notice yourself slowly becoming addicted to these social networking sites then it is high time that you should seek professional help.

About the Author:

Ryan Rivera writes about panic attacks, depression, stress and anxiety. You may reach him through his Calm Clinic Twitter account.

Getting the most out of tungsten wedding bands

By taylor123, Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tungsten Wedding Bands 389x258 Getting the most out of tungsten wedding bandsWe are here to give you the most possible information about tungsten wedding bands possible. First a little about us, we’ve been selling wedding rings on multiple websites for over five years now. The owner Taylor started multiple jewelry websites and since become the owner of more than five e-commerce websites are relating to tungsten wedding bands. So the best thing that now about tungsten is the hardness of the metal. But I’m sure you’re ready know that because whenever one thinks about tungsten carbide they know the durability factor of it. We’re going to talk about other things besides just durability and how strong they are.

Tungsten wedding bands I think you’re the best selling rings because they come in grainy black and white colors. Not every other wedding ring can come in those types of colors actually. The newest addition is now white, it’s white tungsten carbide. I don’t know if you notice a difference but why really stands out a lot more than the great colors. We’ve got a lot of rings and the half-full diamonds in them and integrate it looks nice but when it’s white with those bright white diamonds they really stick out a whole lot and really bring a lot to the table.

My brother on the other hand isn’t married yet and he’s not really looking for a wedding ring obviously so his number one choice is black. Black is nice in my mind because it is an social show scratches easily and it’s more of like a fashion type of stylish ring. Although I still believe it could be used as wedding ring if someone really wanted to. Black tungsten rings are nice because they also don’t stand out quite as much as white as the if you’re not really wanting to show off a whole lot but still wants something that looks really nice and I think black would be a bad choice after all. Anyway I’ll tungsten wedding bands are really strong as long as you get them from a good USA supplier. There are some Chinese tungsten rings that are very low quality and should not be time attached in my opinion. But also China and Taiwan they have very good products and some are going to be some of the very finest quality rings you can possibly imagine we hope that this information is helped you learn a little bit more about tungsten wedding bands and why they are so popular now thank you.

Chatwing Chat Software: How to Make Webinars Accessible and Interactive to All Web Surfers

By Chatwing, Saturday, March 30, 2013

Knowledge and information are important part of success. Thanks to the Internet, answers to questions can be found online. Even seminars are available online which are called webinars. This has made learning more convenient. You don’t need to get out of the house or spend for travelling just to attend the seminars you’re interested in. I’ve tried a webinar that tackles about self-reliance and was satisfied with the information I’ve gained aside from the real time discussions I’ve experienced. I was able to throw questions to the facilitators and also exchange ideas with other web visitors. The chat room was fashionably designed and can also play music which made the interaction more interesting.

admin login ok Chatwing Chat Software: How to Make Webinars Accessible and Interactive to All Web Surfers

Chatwing Chat Software

I’ve gained the knowledge I need and had come to discover a chat application that I can also embed in my own blog. Since my interest and focus is about human nature and interaction, installing a chatbox in my site has proven to be effective both in increasing my web traffic and improve online presence. In just a few weeks my social network expanded because of Chatwing’s social media integration feature. Facebook and Twitter users can access the chat room by logging in with their social media accounts. This helped me build my subscriber database.

I can also go back to the webinar site and post questions that cross my mind. I always get prompt answers from the administrator plus some other equally important insights from other visitors. The chat tool platform is stable enough o handle thousands of users that participate in the chat discussions. Doing my research and because I am using Chatwing, too, I’ve discovered that the web shoutbox is flexible that it can facilitate real time interaction among thousands of users or to chosen groups for private chats.

Chatwing also allows multiple moderator set up that is ideal for webinars or even niche blogs that requires conversation exchange. Its full conversation control feature makes monitoring easy to accomplish, too. Cool emoticons and cute avatars are also available for a more entertaining chat experience.

As an end user, I can say that webinars with installed chat software have an edge over the others in terms of providing a quality online seminar. Also, since I’ve installed Chatwing chat tool as well, I can attest to its efficiency in providing global connectivity real time.
Find Chatwing @

4 Article Marketing Strategies For Generating Website Traffic

By Ted, Wednesday, January 30, 2013

four 250x250 4 Article Marketing Strategies For Generating Website Traffic

Four Strategies To Follow

Article marketing is still alive and well as a method of website promotion regardless of what you have heard in the SEO world.   There is more than one way to use it for generating traffic.  Use whatever approach is the best fit for you.  They all work depending on how well you execute them.  Usually it is best to implement different strategies in order to test what is working best for you.  Here are some sample strategies that you could implement.


Article Marketing Strategy One

Publish articles that are written to target high volume keyword search phrases in an effort to get as much organic search engine traffic to the article as possible.  Make sure the articles get published on websites where they are more likely to rank well.  You will probably also have to engage in some kind of effort to promote the articles and get them to rank better.  You will get better results publishing on those articles on blogs instead of public article directories.

An Example of SEO targeting article title – How To Get Website Traffic


Article Marketing Strategy Two

Publish articles with titles written to attract attention instead of titles written to purposely target high volume search phrases.  These articles are written with the intention of siphoning existing traffic from wherever they are published.  Therefore, you must publish these articles at places where your target audience is already congregating in large numbers.

An Example of traffic siphoning article title – How John Barleycorn Generated 26,974 Website Visitors With One Article from an Article Directory


Article Marketing Strategy Three

Publish articles with the intended purpose of improving search engine ranking of the website that you are linking out to from within the article.  You would want to publish articles at many different places.  The more website you publish on the better.  Make sure you are linking back to the most relevant pages according to the topic of the article.  Make sure you are using a wide variety of different anchor text to create the links.  If you build too many links using the same anchor text, then Google Penguin is sure to get you.

If you want this method to be effective over the long run, then you want to make sure you do it regularly.  You will need to replace some of the links as the old ones decay and disappear.  Some people do monthly article marketing to compensate for link decay.


Article Marketing Strategy Four

Most article marketing strategies use article directories as the places where your articles get published.  This strategy is a bit different though.  In this strategy, you use public blogging websites.

Publish articles in batches at various web 2.0 blogs in order to create mini-sites that will drive traffic to your primary website.  To accomplish this you will be publishing anywhere from 5-20 articles per website.  Take care to publish articles that educate your target audience about the most common questions they are asking about.  Then funnel that traffic to your primary website.  These websites can be very powerful.


Article Marketing is Still Very Effective Even After Panda and Penguin

A lot of people thought that article marketing died when Google first came out with its Panda algorithm update back in 2011.   Yet, if you test it for yourself, you will find that it still does work very well.  In fact there is even an article marketing case study published publicly online if you search for it in Google.

Article marketing is not something you can do once and then forget about though.  If you want to maintain rankings long term, then you will want to keep doing it over a period of time if not indefinitely.  If you stop promoting your website with links then eventually your rankings will drop.  You can maintain your rankings with article marketing by strategically placing your articles and links in the right places.

Top 60 Branding Experts on Twitter

By Alexis, Monday, January 28, 2013

Social media is very popular nowadays. You can meet new people, update your status, or even make more money through social media. There are several ways to endorse your products and services. But the most popular and most efficient way is through the Internet with social media being found everywhere around the World Wide Web.

branding thru twitter 389x262 Top 60 Branding Experts on TwitterOne of the most popular and a great platform of social media is Twitter. Twitter is a free social networking site which allows you to post character messages up to 140 characters called tweets. And, anyone can read them as long as your profile is not private. You can say the it is a combination of the features which is the same as instant messaging and microblogging. Today, social media sites like Twitter is being used in marketing and advertising a business. Not only those giant companies are using this platform to promote their products and services, but even those small businesses are also utilizing Twitter as a tool to advertise their businesses. Here’s why Twitter is a great social media platform for advertising and business:

  • You can build a relationship with your customers.
  • You can connect with the right people to avoid scams.
  • You can post questions to be answered by customers instantly or you can provide instant answers for your customers’ inquiries
  • You can make direct links to your website.
  • You can include keywords or business keywords called hashtags in your tweets

Branding or brand building is a new label for a compilation of functions which are always needed to make a successful business. Its goals are to increase the awareness of the public about a business name and logo, and to build a strong essence of the company which can inspire the loyalty to current customers and makes a familiarity to draw new customers.

Since most of you have Twitter accounts, you can now utilize this to make more money. If you are interested in marketing a business, surely you would like to follow the best of them all. Here’s the list of the top branding consultants to follow to make that happen:

  • Andy Robinson, @AndyInNaples
  • Beverly Macy, @BeverlyMacy
  • Catherine Kaputa, @CatherineKaputa
  • Chad A. Levitt, @ChadALevitt
  • Char Brown, @charbrown
  • Cindy Kraft, @CFOCoach
  • Dan Schawbel, @danschawbel
  • Dave Saunders, @davesaunders
  • David Sandusky, @DavidSandusky who runs the @YourBrand forum
  • Deb Dib, @CEOCoach
  • Emilie Ogez (in French), @eogez
  • Fadhila Brahimi (in French), @fbrahimi
  • Gayle Howard, @GayleHoward
  • Gillian Kelly, @Gillian_Kelly
  • Hajj Flemings, @HajjFlemings who runs @BrandCampU
  • Harp Arora, @harparora
  • Jacob Share, @jacobshare
  • Jan Melnik, @janmelnik
  • Jann Watt, @jannwatt
  • Jason Alba, @jasonalba
  • Jeffrey Blake, @jeffrey_blake
  • Jun Loayza, @junloayza
  • Karsten Füllhaas, @kfuellhaas (Switzerland – mostly in German)
  • Katie Konrath, @katiekonrath
  • Kim Batson, @CIO_Coach
  • Kirsten Dixson, @kirstendixson
  • Krishna De, @krishnade
  • Lauren Still, @laurenstill
  • Lesley Everett, @LesleyEverett
  • Lida Citroen, @LIDA360
  • Liz Lynch, @liz_lynch
  • Louise Kursmark, @LouiseKursmark
  • Louise Mowbray, @louisemowbray
  • Maria Elena Duron, @mariaduron
  • Mario Grobholz, @mariogrobholz (Germany – tweets in German)
  • Mark Montoya, @markmontoya
  • Martin Lindstrom, @MartinLindstrom
  • Megan Fitzgerald, @ExpatCoach
  • Michael Loban, @ideserveajob
  • Mike Myatt, @mikemyatt
  • Mohammed Al-Taee, @maltaee
  • Monica O’Brien, @monicaobrien
  • Nance Rosen, @nancerosen
  • Ola Rynge, @Rynge
  • Paul Copcutt, @paulcopcutt
  • Phyllis Shabad, @phyllisshabad
  • Rachel Gogos, @RachelGogos
  • Randi Bussin, @myreinventure
  • Rob Cuesta, @RobCuesta
  • Ryan Rancatore, @RyanRancatore
  • Susan Guarneri, @susanguarneri
  • Tajdar O. Chaudry, @TajdarOC
  • Tessa Faber (in German), @MakingSense
  • Tom Scholte (in Dutch), @TomScholte
  • Trace Cohen & Pete Kistler’s Brand-Yourself, @Brandyourself
  • Ulrike Berlenbach, @Nussknackerin (Germany – German & English tweets)
  • Walter Akana, @WalterAkana
  • Wendy Marx, @wendymarx
  • William Arruda, @williamarruda
  • Yinka Olaito, @pathfindernig

It may seem a little hassle to search each and every one of them. But now, you can follow multiple accounts in one sitting. Some of the best Twitter tools for a bulk follow are Socialoomph, SocialToo, friendorfollow, Twitter Karma, UnTweeps, FlashTweet, and Buzzom. You can utilize any of these tools to follow the presented list easily and hassle-free.

Diversify Your Traffic Sources – Right Now!

By JoelMayer, Sunday, December 9, 2012

Circles Traffic 389x389 Diversify Your Traffic Sources – Right Now!The world of SEO has been the biggest boost to people all over the globe looking to build a business since the invention of commerce. Never before has it been possible for literally anyone with a dream, a laptop, and an internet connection to build a global business from scratch in as little as a few minutes. A worldwide business empire can be constructed inside of a year, and most of that have to do with the fact that companies like Google have made it easier and easier to get the kind of targeted traffic you need to your websites for as close to nothing as humanly possible.

But there is a bit of a double edged sword here – and while most of us online businesses were riding high on the SEO wagon just a few short months ago, the truth of the matter is that the ugly side of the SEO landscape has been exposed with the Panda and Penguin changes. These two major changes (and so many smaller ones) have shaken the SEO world to its very core, and exposed a fundamental truth that savvy business owners have known forever – you never put all of your eggs in a single basket.

Most people are running with a single source of traffic, and just waiting to get shut down

The old way of doing SEO involved a million and one different tricks, tools, and tactics to boost your rankings (either legally or illegally) in major engines like Google. And once we figured out the fundamentals to gaming the system, it was possible to bring up a site from pure obscurity and turn it into essentially an online printing press – we could make so much money from almost no work that it was scary. But those were the Wild West days of the internet, dead and gone for some time. Google and others understood that we had found the hot buttons to push to boost our rankings, and in their own best interest they began a process of shifting and changing the ranking systems at times that only they knew – with changes that only they were aware of. This has caused a dynamic shift in the culture of SEO, where what are SEO fundamentals today could be the worst things you could ever do to your site tomorrow – what once caused dramatic rises in the rankings could kill your site in the blink of an eye while just punching up a couple of lines of code.

It’s no longer safe to rely on a single source of traffic, even in something as fundamental to the web as SEO. Social media marketing and other traffic sources need to be pursued in at least a secondary capacity, to make sure that you are safe from a Google slap in the future. The old SEO world is dying – you need to be able to leverage all of the different traffic sources to stay relevant online today.

Joel Mayer is a professional writer from Australia. She loves sharing her Search Engine Optimisation Tips for

15 Amazing Responsive WordPress Templates of 2012

By Linda Michelle, Friday, November 30, 2012

WordPress is a major content management platform, which according to today’s statistics hosts just shy of 55 million websites all over the world. These figures show no sign of slowing down as over 100,000 WordPress sites are being created each day.

Because of the widespread use of WordPress and the widespread growth in gadgets with internet capabilities such as smartphones and iPads. It is becoming increasingly necessary for the templates used on WordPress sites to work on a multitude of different platforms.

This used to be a problem as templates would have to be coded in a number of different programming languages in order to display correctly depending the browser that was being used. As you can probably tell this task took a great deal of time and effort.

However recently responsive WordPress themes have been introduced that allow your website content to be displayed correctly no matter what device or software a person uses. Whatever the size of the device using a responsive theme means that your website will be displayed in the correct size and in the same way on every device.

Here are fifteen amazing responsive WordPress templates of 2012:


hero 600x290 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

This template is extremely minimalistic but at the same time it is an extremely powerful template. Hero is a brilliant theme for people who wish to show off their work. Social networks such as Twitter can be easily integrated into this template. It is also extremely customisable so you can make it look just the way you want it and make your website stand out from the crowd.


emporia 600x277 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

This responsive template allows you to choose from five different styles – light, dark, clean, grunge and earth. The theme comes with an amazing slideshow plugin that allows you to create a huge image slideshow right on your homepage. But as it is responsive the slideshow is optimised for all screen sizes and will scale up or down in size accordingly. Posts in this theme are displayed in an elegant three column design, giving the readers of your website a magazine-style reading experience.

Standard Theme

stand 600x277 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

This theme has been audited by the the company who are behind WordPress which just indicates how amazing it is. Another aspect that makes it a great theme is that it has been made so that it is perfect for SEO, which means there is no need to install extra plugins. The developers of this theme ensured that it was fast, light and really affect and I believe they really have achieved that.


pixelp 600x266 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Made by WooThemes this template is brilliant for businesses, e-commerce and portfolio types of sites. It has a vast array of features including custom typography with full support for Google Fonts and built in SEO options. This template has really paid great attention to detail and it is this that makes it shine out from all the other generic templates that are available. If you want to make your business look very professional then this is the template for you.


flexible 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

The Flexible template developed by Elegant Themes prides itself on putting your work first. It achieves this by keeping all of the design elements to an absolute minimum whilst at the same still being extremely modern. The template is compatible with all of the popular internet browsers and comes with an unlimited colour scheme, meaning you can customise the template exactly how you want it. Because of this you will be able to use this template and it will always look original due to your customization.


giga 600x277 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Gigawatt is a video blogging responsive template. Like the Flexible theme it too has unlimited colour customisation, meaning you can always keep your site unique. It allows you to display a number of videos on your homepage, all of which can be formatted to be full HD. But one of the great things about this template is that if you don’t wish to use videos it is just as easy to swap them for pictures.


val 600x279 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Valiano is an elegant business orientated responsive template. It has a fantastically designed slider that can be used to display pictures of products along with short descriptions. It is also extremely customisable and allows for things such as unlimited sidebars and unlimited portfolios. If you want a template that screams out style and is brilliantly designed then Valiano may be the theme best suited for you.


volu 600x347 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

I don’t think that I have come across a responsive template that has been as perfectly named as this one. The theme really does deliver volume. It is a wonderfully bold template that is oozing with character and features. There are lots of custom widgets, backgrounds and fonts available that add to make these template even cooler than it seems at first glance.

The Novelist

novelist 600x329 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

When it comes to responsive wordpress templates there is nothing quite like The Novelist. The template is designed around content, making it an ideal theme for authors and copywriters. It really is an awesome theme to use in order to showcase your work. It comes with a 5 star rating and lots of really good recommendations from users. If you want an edgy template that is like no other The Novelist could be the theme for you.


daily 600x277 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Fulfilling one of wordpress’s fundamental uses is the DailyJournal template designed and developed by Elegant Themes. It is a beautiful and simplistic blogging template that will display your posts perfectly no matter what viewing device is being used. The way that the template has been designed means that your content is always easy to find and displayed in a highly readable way. Bloggers this template is epic!

Super Skeleton

superskeleton 600x405 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Super Skeleton is a super responsive template that has been designed to be fast by using a number of speed increasing features. The template was developed by a single guy in California who is really passionate about designing wordpress templates. Although the theme is packed with numerous features it was designed with basic users in mind, meaning that is is really easy to use. Super Skeleton also includes a lot of SEO features making it an incredible template.


slick 600x386 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Slick is an awesome template as it is perfectly suited for a number of different businesses. It works well for agencies, designers and artists, you name it and this template will work for them. It comes complete with various widgets such as integrated social media buttons and an option for Twitter feed updates. Most aspects of the template can be customised, which is a really big plus.


oxy 600x438 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Oxygen is an elegant responsive template, which is completely free to download. But just because it is free it doesn’t mean that this template isn’t the same quality as the paid ones. Oxygen is wonderfully designed template with built in SEO features and many customisable features. The layout of the template makes it perfect for highlighting pictures and content meaning that you can get the best of both worlds.


incredible 600x416 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Incredible is a corporate themed template, which can clearly be seen by its incredibly clean and minimalistic design. It gets straight to the point by allowing users to display exactly what they want in whatever way they want, may it be text or pictures. It is easy to set up, comes packed with fonts and unlimited colours to choose from. If you need convincing anymore the user reviews of this template are superb.


fluid 600x379 15 Amazing Responsive Wordpress Templates of 2012

Fluid lives up to its name by automatically resizing pictures and content to fit the viewing device. It is easily integrated with widgets such as social buttons and is easy for users to customise. This template is ideal for use as an online portfolio or for sharing pictures from your journeys.