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Surfing And Bodyboarding – What Have You Been Doing This Summer?

By Article Contributor, Sunday, September 8, 2013

Everyone is trying to get in the last “hurrah” of summer. Vacations are coming to an end, and school is in session in many places. What are you going to do to make this summer memorable? If you are a “beach bum”, a “sun hog”, or any other of a wide list of monikers for people who love the beach, you may have missed out on a couple of the best features of the beach – surfing and bodyboarding. Here are some ideas on how to give this sport a try.

Not Age Specific

Surfing Huge Wave 389x389 Surfing And Bodyboarding   What Have You Been Doing This Summer?Most people think of surfing and bodyboarding as a young-person’s sport. Well, did you give up snow skiing just because you turned 50? Did you quit riding horses at age 60? Surfing and bodyboarding are both suitable for people of all ages. People from preschool age to post-retirement enjoy the surf. And, it’s not that hard to get started.

Baby Steps

If you have never gotten past your ankles in the surf, you’ve missed out on the glories of the ocean. Surfing and bodyboarding have almost become a science, and professionals have developed all sizes of boards to suit different body types and skills levels. Your board should support your weight, yet be narrow enough for you to paddle with it. You’ll reach your arms on either side of the board to get into deeper water, and that’s hard to do if you are narrow and your board is wide. The board will also need to be the length that goes best with your height. Once you add some fins, you’ll swim like a fish!

Keep It Simple

You may hear people talk about bustin’ spins and airs, and findin’ the sweet spot. You don’t have to do all of that. Just experience the fun of floating in the water with your board. Build up some strength and endurance paddling out into the surf, and hang on while it brings you back to shore.

Get Started

Once you experience working with the board a little bit, get ready to challenge yourself. You’ll put your fins on when you’re about knee deep in water. Then, lie on your stomach on the board. You can either paddle out to the swells with your arms, one on each side of the board, or you can hold on underneath the board and put your fins down in the water, and kick out to the waves.

Just be prepared to go underwater, because that’s going to happen. Don’t worry, you’ll pop to the top. When you see a wave coming, and think you’re going to be crashed into, you stand on your knees on the back of the board. Just before the wave gets there, you try to shove yourself and the board down into the water. You’ll pop up on the other side of the wave, and you’re good to go!

Surfing and bodyboarding are great sports for anyone. With a little practice, you can enjoy the ocean as much as you enjoy the beach!

Ed Brooke is a keen traveller, he like visiting exciting locations aswell as visiting the beaches and surfing. When he isn’t globetrotting you can find him working for a shop in cornwall selling a wide range of surfboards and surf gear.

Review – EA Sports FIFA 13

By alliecooper, Wednesday, March 27, 2013

EA Sports once again show they have got their eye on the ball with another great addition to the FIFA franchise.

It’s in the bag for EA Sports, as the games developer finally delivers what it has tantalizingly promised us for years- a game that feels totally real and larger than life. EA Sports always promises quality and its latest game, the new FIFA 13, shrieks ‘quality’ loud enough for you to hear it in the stands. In this game, success does not come easy. You’ll find it hard to win simply by playing variations on the same strategy – a lot of hard work is necessary for a win. The players in the game are not some holier-than-thou characters possessing super-human skills, nor do they look fake like those in some other games do. In FIFA 13, you really need to apply all your skill to keep your player in possession of the ball, but the challenge makes it all the more fun!FIFA 13 Review – EA Sports FIFA 13

And you will certainly develop the required skills over the course of time (roughly a day or two, if you are an avid gamer like me), so that your players run at just the desired speed and kick the ball with such accurate precision that your team wins. While the previous version of the game clearly looked like an ode to Messi by an over-enthusiastic fan, the FIFA 13 actually lets you BE Messi, it feels incredibly real and requires enough planning and strategising along with the skill to shoot the ball just right!

The game doesn’t differ much from FIFA 12 in the terms of graphics, but it does incorporate some novel animations where your players actually run, slide or pass the ball like the players on the TV; it seems like you are actually controlling the game by making the players carry out the exact moves you desire, instead of sitting on the couch and shouting instructions to your TV set in a futile attempt to coach the team. The International Roles mode is the only addition to the ”Careers” option, but it does give you a feel of playing for or managing your favourite country. As for the commentary, it is so impressive that you feel like you are actually watching a live game on the TV, or if you are good at visualizing, actually out on the field fighting to win the game!

The main concern while rating this game, however, is whether it will start lagging or developing the glitches that plagued FIFA 12. That will remain a niggling doubt until millions have used it firsthand and given their first-person account of it.

In the past, EA has worked hard to make its games so real that the mental images of the experience linger on for hours after you’ve finished playing, leaving you craving for more. The Football Club was a mind-blowing feature of FIFA 12 that kept many people’s eyelids open till the wee hours with the different challenges throughout the season. This time EA Sports offers a service called Match Day which continues the same tradition.

The game costs £ 49.99 and can be played on your Xbox 360, Wii, PlayStation 3, PSP or 3DS and is suitable for everyone over 3 years of age (or so EA Sports claims).

Now for the big verdict! I feel that FIFA 13 is actually more or less a refined version of its predecessor, but with some improvements and definitely a lot of new cool features. It is a must buy if you are a football enthusiast or a gaming fanatic. I would personally rate it a 9/10. It is a bit expensive, but well worth the outlay for bringing you closer to the ultimate fantasy of rubbing shoulders with the likes of Messi and Beckham.

About the Author:

Allie Cooper is a young upcoming writer, a certified gamer known for weaving in her indelible wit into tech and game reviews,  and writes about O2 and other tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups to  bigger businesses.

Five Supplies You Should Buy Along With Your Child’s Bike

By Christobel, Friday, October 26, 2012

Child Kid Bike 389x427 Five Supplies You Should Buy Along With Your Child’s BikeYour child’s first bike is a major event in her life, and many parents get so excited to buy their children their first bike that they forget all of the necessary supplies! Your child needs basic safety equipment, as well as tools that will make bike riding easier and more fun. Before you give your child her first bike, here are the things you must buy:


A helmet is the single most important thing your child should have to go along with her bicycle. While biking is safe with adult supervision and proper teaching, even a minor fall can result in a serious head injury.

Your child doesn’t have to be riding a rugged mountain bike to sustain an injury, because even a small fall from the wrong angle can prove disastrous. A helmet protects your child’s developing brain from potentially disastrous injuries, and in many areas, the law requires that all bikers wear helmets. Ensure that the helmet fits properly, and that your child knows that riding with a helmet is not negotiable.

Reflective Gear

Your child should never ride unsupervised, and never at night. However, even with adult supervision, children can be hard to see at dusk and early in the morning. Purchase reflective strips to put on your child’s bike. This ensures that all motorists see your child, and will also help other bikers to steer clear of a child learning to ride.

Children’s Bike Basket

While a bicycle basket isn’t an absolute safety necessity, it can be an excellent bike accessory. It also encourages your child to cycle with two hands because she has a place to put items such as newspapers and cell phones. The basket should be securely attached to the front of the bike and should have no jagged or metal parts that could injure your child if she falls.

Appropriate Shoes

Children are notoriously bad at keeping their shoelaces tied, so it’s wise to get your child shoes with very short laces or athletic shoes that do not require lacing. Shoelaces can get caught in the spokes of your child’s bike, resulting in cuts, scrapes, falls and serious injuries. Make sure your child knows that she must always wear securely-fastened shoes and that it’s never ok to cycle with loose laces.


Especially for beginning bikers, padding is a must-have. Get your child knee and elbow pads, which will protect her from serious bruises and a broken bone if she falls. Never give her shin pads, which can interfere with her ability to pedal.

Pads also serve an additional benefit: by preventing minor injuries, they can make your child less afraid to bike, and decrease the likelihood that she will have a fall that scares her out of biking forever. Especially for children who are anxious about getting on a bike for the first time pads are a must-have.

Remember that, no matter how much safety gear your child has, nothing guarantees her safety better than an attentive parent. Never allow her to cycle alone, even if she pleads to go out by herself.

Christobel Edwards became a grandmother two and a half years ago for the first time. Although keeping quiet is difficult for this marketing maven, she’s learning to let her child and grandchild make their own decisions. She loves buying things for her grandchild and can’t wait to buy her her first mountain bike.

A Day in the Life of a Croupier

By mblogs, Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bingo Croupier 389x291 A Day in the Life of a CroupierCasinos are often multi-million dollar enterprises that attract people from every walk of life. It’s perceived to be a glamorous world where dreams can be made or broken by a single card. One of the main focal points of the casino is the croupier. Usually found at roulette tables, they can also be centre stage in blackjack and baccarat games. The main role of the croupier is to oversee the game and be responsible for the bets being placed and distributing the payouts where they occur. The word croupier derives from the meaning of a person who stood behind a gambler and often had large reserves of cash to back up the bets. Here we take a brief look at what it takes to train to do the job and the typical day at work.


Training to be a croupier at many casinos around the world will usually start off with the game of blackjack. The reason being that blackjack is a relatively simple one and has less risk in terms of cost to the gambling house if mistakes are made. This is because bets are usually a lot smaller than those of other games. Of course training regimes do vary in different continents – whilst blackjack is the entry level in America, in Europe trainee croupiers are introduced immediately to roulette. Games such as craps do not generally include croupiers unless they have substantial experience as the rules and payout structure are far more complicated.

What it Takes:

They are a few obvious requirements in order to be eligible. Obviously you have to be numerical, dextrous and calm under pressure.Croupiers have been known to be dismissed for failing to hold a stack of chips or cut the deck properly in a live game. These are crucial elements of the job. The typical shift starts in the evening around 8pm whereby the croupier has to be down in the table’s area which is known as the pits. There are a lot of downsides as the croupier will be on their feet for long hours with minimal breaks. There is also the health risk as traditionally casinos are smoky environments, though this varies from region to region (as do the games on offer!). A croupier will regularly see people winning large amounts of money as well as those losing. Emotions will often run high and some may find themselves open to abuse. It can be hard to witness a player losing everything at the table exiting in tears.


It’s highly pressurised and mistakes have to be kept to a minimum. Cameras are everywhere so any mistakes you do make will not go unnoticed. So what’s the upside you may ask? Well there is one important one, and that’s tipping. Whilst members of staff should have absolutely no interest in the game’s outcome, a winning player will traditionally tip the croupier. These tips can vary greatly and some of the croupiers have been known to do very well indeed. All in all, if you can handle the pressure and thrive on the buzz then it may be the job for you.

Thanks to Ladbrokes Bingo in the UK for contributing this insight to articlescholar.

Collecting Porcelain Dolls

By charmsolis, Saturday, July 21, 2012

Collecting beautiful porcelain dolls brings much delight to their collectors with pastel colored costumes and graceful faces. Along with the happiness these dolls bring also comes the great responsibility of taking care of them and maintaining their valuable beauty. As a first time collector you shouldn’t be intimidated as once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basic knowledge about porcelain dolls and ways to take care of them; you’ll surely find yourself enchanted with your new found hobby!

The first thing to consider is your own taste and style in dolls. The beauty and flawlessness of porcelain dolls aren’t just confined to antique or Victorian dolls anymore! Porcelain dolls are now being reproduced in hundreds of different styles and designs. There are princess, fairy, toddler and adorable baby dolls that all come in porcelain. Determining your own taste in dolls will make it much easier for you to choose among the hundreds of choices on the market.

Once you have determined the type of porcelain dolls you would like to collect you can begin to build your collection. But before starting your collection, research and read more information about porcelain dolls. One of the easiest ways is by going online and chatting with fellow doll lovers and collectors. There are numerous communities for doll collectors and most of them are very experienced and will surely be glad to share their knowledge about porcelain doll collecting.

Porcelain Baby Dolls Baby Bridget Collecting Porcelain Dolls

Decide on a place where you would want to display your collection. It is advisable to keep them in their boxes they are protected from harmful elements such as dust and sunlight. Some porcelain dolls come in pretty collector boxes making for a nicer display! If you have any pets or children in the house, keep your collection in a safe place, like a built-in cabinet so they are out of reach.

The most important thing to learn in collecting porcelain dolls is how to take care of them and maintain their beauty. Keep the dolls out of direct sunlight for the sun’s harmful rays can fade the color of the doll’s costumes and dull the skin coloring. Cleaning your dolls is also important. Use a soft duster to clean them from dusts and use a can of compressed air to clean the smaller crevices in the doll’s features.

Porcelain dolls are more than just collectible items. They are treasures that make anyone smile. Share the beauty of your dolls by preserving them now. For more dolls visit!

Tips On Starting Your Own Book Club

By scottart, Saturday, May 26, 2012

lifestyle competitions Tips On Starting Your Own Book ClubYou may have heard of the term “book club” but have never been part of one. Research shows that there are more book clubs started up now than ever before. It is thought that it is mainly due to the recession, where people have to be social but in a less expensive way.

A book club is a perfect way to get all of the friends together and discuss a favourite book without spending a lot of money. Some book clubs get together and all bring a dish so that they can all eat whilst discussing the book.

Deciding on how to set up the book club is the first obstacle. You should first put the word out and see if any of your friends would be interested in joining your book club with you. If you did not get much of an answer, then you may wish to turn to a virtual book club online to discuss favourite books. However, if you are interested in a book club then your friends probably are too, so by gathering together some interest from friends near and wide you should be able to get an idea of the numbers in your book club.

You then need to think about where the book club will take place. You may want to do it in a different house each month, you need to discuss what would be best for people. This would probably be an ideal way of getting people together, but make sure that it’s not too much out of their way. If they have to travel a long way to get there, then it defeats the object of the whole book club.

The next thing you need to think about is what sort of books people would like to read. At your first book club meeting, you should discuss the kind of genres of books which you’re most interested in. You should not automatically believe that everybody’s into books, they may have not read enough books and this is why they want to be part of the book club.

One great way of making sure that you have all of your books at your fingertips is by buying an E reader. An electronic reader is something which you could buy in a shop or if you’re lucky you could enter competitions to win an e-reader like an Amazon Kindle. Entering technology and gadgets competitions to win one of these would be a great talking point for any book club!

15 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself for a Hike

By 1001shops, Sunday, May 6, 2012

hiking 389x311 15 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself for a HikeHiking is a favorite pass time for many.  If you are thinking of taking up hiking as hobby, there are a few things that you need to know to ensure your safety.  Listed below are 15 things that you should do to prepare yourself for a hike.  Will you be thoroughly prepared for the adventure?

  • Choose a hiking trail to according to your experience.  Don’t just venture out on a trail. Find out how strenuous the trail will be. Many hiking trails have information at the trail head warning hikers of how easy or hard the hike will be. Pay attention to the signs and don’t hike strenuous trails until you get enough experience.
  • If you are new at hiking, choose a popular trail that is paved. Choosing a paved trail will allow easier access and increase your chances for meeting other hikers along the way.  There are fewer risks on these trails and people to help if you get into a bind.
  • Obtain a map of the area. Before you venture out on a hike, obtain a hiker’s map. Map’s at usually available at the trailhead and will include tips on how to have a successful hike.
  • Find a hiking partner. Hiking along can be dangerous. Find a hiking partner who shares the same interests as you do and schedule a day of the week to do the hike. If you choose to hike on the weekends you are likely to have more company along the trails.
  • Let others know that you will be hiking a general timeframe of when you will return. Don’t just leave for a hike. Let others know where you will be and when you will return.
  • Carry along an emergency backpack. A small first aid kit can be very helpful if accidents occur along the trail.  You may not be the only person who needs it. Carry it along for those “just in case” accidents.
  • A walking stick is a must. A walking stick will help you ensure that the ground you are about to walk on is firm.  It can also be beneficial in making the trip easier on you.  Don’t leave home without a good walking stick for the trip.
  • A whistle is mandatory if there are bears in the location you are hiking in. Whistles alert bears and other wildlife that you are in the area.  They usually won’t bother you unless you scare them.  A whistle lessens the chances that you will spook a bear.
  • Bring plenty of liquids. Hiking in extreme heat can cause dehydration.  Be sure to bring plenty of liquids on the trip.
  • Realize that if the hike will be strenuous, you will need to take breaks. Don’t push yourself over the limit. Take breaks when you need to.
  • Wear the right shoes. There are shoes that are made just for hiking.  This will make the trip easier on your feet.
  • Wear bug repellent and check you self for ticks upon returning. Bugs are a part of hiking. Do what you can to repel them by spraying yourself before you begin the hike.  
  • If you are hiking up a mountain, don’t stay close to the edge.  Staying close to the edge will increase your risk of falling.  Once your become tired, you could easily step off the mountain without meaning to.  Stay away from the edge to be on the safe side.
  • Consider bringing along a small tent for shelter from storms. The weather can quickly change. You want to be sure that you have shelter from a storm if you run into a problem.  A small tent in your backpack will help you keep out of the weather.
  • Get advice from experienced hikers about the trail you are going on.  If you know of people who have hiked the trail, get advice from them.  What things do you need to look out for?  Information can be useful in preparing.

Hiking is a generally safe hobby if you are always prepared for the adventure.  Use the 15 tips above to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared.

The Different Dress Up Games For Girls On The Web

By Jeric Perlas, Sunday, April 29, 2012

dress up games for girls 250x250 The Different Dress Up Games For Girls On The Web

Kids can choose from a variety of dress up games for girls on the internet. A lot of sites have these games already because most of the children nowadays spend a lot of their time not in front of the TV but in front of their computer. They go online not just to research on their assignments but to play their most-loved games on the internet. To give you an idea on the various games that little girls can play, I will list down some of the most popular games that they normally play with.

Living In The Capital Dress Up

Anastasia is the name of the particular girl in the game and she just moved to the capital. So, the objective of the game is to dress her up in order for her to fit in the city. Clothes, accessories and shoes are located at the left hand side of the monitor so players can just choose the outfit that they like, click on it and the dress or accessory that they have chosen will instantly show in the monitor. It is just that simple. No wonder, little girls want this dress up games so much.

Best Friends Dress Up

There is nothing more exciting that dressing up with your best friend. The scenario in this dress up games for girls is that the two girls who happen to be best friends are finding the right outfit that they can wear. The girl with the blond hair has her dresses on the upper left corner of the screen and the girl with the pink hair has her dresses on the lower right corner of the screen. You just have to point your mouse to the various icons on the screen and the dress or accessory will show up on the bed. After choosing the outfit that you like, just click the mouse to that particular outfit and when you are done dressing up the two girls, you just have to hit done and they are now ready to rock.

Rock and Roll Dress Up

Little girls who want to be a rocker chic for a day will surely love this game. They can choose the guitar that they want for their avatar as well as the outfit that they like. They just have to click on the arrows in order to see the other outfits that are available. After you are done selecting the outfit, just click on the show button and it would seem as if your avatar is on a rock concert already. Cool isn’t it? It’s really a fun way of getting out the rocker side of a little girl by being creative in mixing and matching outfits until they get to find the one that they really like.

This dress up games for girls that are listed above will definitely keep your little tot busy. Girls ages 3 and up will be entertained by these games because of the colorful dresses and the fashionable accessories and shoes that goes with it. The game is very simple so little supervision is needed. This makes it work to the mom’s advantage because they can do the other chores in the house while their kids are playing on the computer. So, to sum it all up it is not just the kids who will benefit from this game but their parents too.

Sowing the Seeds – Sharing Hobbies with the Kids

By Melissa Cameron, Monday, April 16, 2012

Did I mention that I wanted to have hobbies because I felt I needed to incorporate some me time into my life?  That almost everything I did was for someone else?  Well it would appear that at least initially, my hobbies are a hit not just with myself, but also with my kids!

Green Fingers Everywhere

My gardening hobby has been met with complete enthusiasm from the entire household.  Hubby of course is overjoyed that revamping the garden isn’t falling on his shoulders.  The kids however are falling over themselves trying to help.  I did manage to get a plan and layout done by myself, but the trip to the garden center was a family affair.

Taking a leaf from some garden books (pun absolutely intended) I watched where the sun hit the garden and at what time of day.  With this knowledge we now know where to plant seeds.  The kids and I planted out a small fruit and veggie garden with some carrots, potatoes, and strawberries.  I know it’s not very ambitious, but it’s a start right?  At the bottom of the yard I’m creating a flower garden.  I’m hoping that there will be color all year around down there, at least if the things grow in the months that the packets say they will.  I’m sharing the fruit and vegetable patch with the kids because I’m hoping it will encourage them to eat more veggies if they have grown them themselves, but the flower garden is all mine.  I’m even contemplating the idea of creating a small meditation area down there.

There’s a Music Gene

Although the gardening has created material for my scrapbooking hobby, it’s the piano playing that has made the most impact on the house.  I hadn’t really thought about it but perhaps music is something that’s passed on in the genes.  Despite my own love of music, it isn’t something that I had really thought to encourage with the kids, well not above the usual age appropriate songs or singing along with the radio.  It turns out that without my help, my kids both have a good appreciation for music, and not just because I’m the one playing it.

Piano playing, as I’ve said in other posts, was something that always helped my spiritual well-being.  I stopped playing once my first baby was born because I didn’t want to risk waking him up from a nap – and if he wasn’t asleep, then there wasn’t time for piano playing.  Not playing the piano became a habit.  I was scared to return to the piano because I was afraid of not being able to hit the right notes anymore.  I now know that I wasted a lot of time because it doesn’t matter if I hit a few odd chords, who cares?  What’s important is that I’m playing.  What’s even more thrilling – well OK, almost as thrilling – is how much the kids appreciate the music.

Mistake Corrected

Both of the kids enjoy sitting and listening to me play, but they are very active listeners and tap their feet along with the rhythm of the piece.  That surprised me.  Some of the pieces I play are complicated and have time changes in the different sections, but the kids quickly adjust their foot tapping so that they are almost always keeping in time with the music.  I love the quote from Friedrich Nietzsche, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”  Having ignored music in my life for so long has been a mistake, but now it’s back and I’ve discovered that my kids are musically minded – and that delights me!

Initially I was going to lock the piano lid down when I wasn’t using it.  My thought was that this is “my thing”.  The little ones have shown so much enthusiasm to learn to play piano that I’ve had to lock it open instead (put some secure fasteners on the lid so that it can’t fall on their fingers while they play.  It’s a good job it’s not an expensive piano!  There is plenty of easy to learn piano music so I’ll be able to teach them some simple tunes that will keep them motivated to learn.

My hobbies are still about my creating “me time”, but what I’m discovering is that sharing my interests with my kids is showing me different aspects of their individual personalities, and that’s just as fulfilling as exploring my hobbies on my own.


10 Websites to Play Online Games

By Scholarly Writer, Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kid Playing Laptop Online Game 10 Websites to Play Online GamesIf you’re looking for a website that allows you to play free online games, you’re in luck, as the Internet is full of such sites; however, not all of them are created equal. While many free gaming sites promise truly free gaming, many of them actually require you to make a purchase in order to use their games. To help you sift through the clutter and find the best sites that allow you to play free online games, here’s a list of the top 10 best on the web.

1.) allows visitors to see a list of its most played games, right on its homepage. In addition, carries a limited amount of advertising when compared to other online gaming sites.


As one of the world’s most popular online gaming sites, offers hundreds of games for experienced gamers and newcomers alike. The site features a great organization system for its games, allowing visitors to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

3.) lives up to its name, as it offers hundreds of addicting games that are sure to keep you busy for hours. The site releases new games on a weekly basis, and it even partners with movie studios and media companies to allow visitors to take part in special promotions.


Visitors to are able to play a variety of games, ranging from RPGs and shooters to action and adventure games. also allows users to vote on their favorite games, and gamers can also integrate social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter into their gaming experience.

5.) is another great site for those seeking to play free online games. One of the unique elements of is that it allows visitors to register for an account and share their overall stats with other users. This feature is great for users who want to have fun competitions with others and chat with friends.

6.) offers thousands of great Flash games which visitors can play online, and the site also offers the ability to sign up for an account. This user account feature means users can share their stats, favorite games and more with their friends, both on the site and off.


Aside from offering many great Flash games that can be played on the web, also offers the latest in gaming news and gaming events. This feature is great if you’re a hardcore gamer, or if you’re simply interested in the world of online gaming.

8.) carries a number of excellent online games for both beginners and pros, but it also allows users to enter contests to win gift cards and more. These gift cards can be redeemed at places such as GameStop, iTunes and Walmart.


One of the best things about play free online games is that it has something for everyone, all for free. The site offers a variety of Flash games in almost every available genre, including slot machines and card games, shooting games, sports games and more. also offers a number of classic arcade games, including Tetris, The Legend of Zelda and more.


One of the things that sets apart from other online gaming sites is that it also offers visitors the chance to purchase games in addition to playing free ones. Users can also check out a number of premium games using free trial periods.

4 Steps To Proper Boat Maintenance

By Anne Smart, Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fishing Yacht Boat 4 Steps To Proper Boat MaintenanceThe lifestyle of a boat hobbyist can be one of daring adventure and excitement, but also comes with a responsibility to keep their boat maintained properly. It’s not enough to simply buy boat insurance and hope for the best, you need to spend time, money and energy on preventative maintenance on your vessel. Boat repairs are a fact of life for boaters, but with proper caution and care, these come up far less often than they otherwise would.


If your boat is docked in such a way that it can shift and bang against surroundings, it’s far more likely to receive dents, scratches and unsightly abrasions. Not only are these aesthetically displeasing, they also tend to create weaknesses and cause issues on your boat later down the line. If you’re mooring your boat, purchase proper bumpers to prevent these bumps and dents from happening.

Clean and Inspect

One of the main ways to keep your boat in good shape is to continuously check it. Once a season, your boat should be lifted, washed, waxed and cleaned. At this point, you can do a thorough inspection to make sure that everything is in proper working order, and take note of any changes that need to be made. If you’re leaving your boat unattended or unused for any period of time, you’ll want to invest in a quality boat cover, which can lessen the wear and tear you may see from your boat being out in the weather. Leaves, dirt, dust, rain water and composting natural material can cause major problems with the integrity of your boat.

Protect Your Pump

The bilge is the lowest part of your vessel, an area where water can gather from rough seas, rain, or small holes in the boat. If this area fills, it can be extremely dangerous. A bilge pump is a special pump which is designed to rid this section in your boat of water. Electric bilge pumps do so without creating a spark, as gasoline can often be present in instances where a bilge is needed. These pumps are extremely important, and should be regularly checked. They should also be backed up with another pump just in case.

Safety First

Whether it’s a matter of consistently staying up to date on recalls or issues with your particular boat, or ensuring that your equipment on board is fully loaded and stocked, as a boater you need to make safety a priority. Create a checklist of things that you should watch out for such as corroded wires or mechanical aspects you should look into. Oil and grease moving parts regularly, and occasionally employ a boat mechanic to check out all your machinery to be on the safe side.

Allison writes with, where you can learn more about getting a policy for your new boat.

Cromimi: Top Cutest Game On the Internet

By Scholarly Writer, Monday, March 26, 2012

Cromimi Mice Game 250x250 Cromimi: Top Cutest Game On the InternetCromimi is a rodent breeding game where you get to breed and raise mice, hamsters, or both. Feed them, take them for a walk, play games, do challenges, even dress them up. The game does have a story line that you follow by completing objectives, though doing so isn’t necessarily required. Places you can visit include the game room, vet, park, store, and your pet’s cage. Your pet’s cage is very customizable; keep it simple, or add rugs, sound systems, candles, curtains, balloons, etc.

This makes the game truly your own from the moment you begin playing. Keep your pet healthy by feeding and watering it regularly, and healing it if necessary. Healing can be done at the vet, if the need arises in the form of an illness or injury to you hamster or mouse. Taking care of your pets is far from the only aspect of the game, however; have fun with it by walking it, playing games, or dressing it up in numerous combinations of outfits. Going on walks not only exercises your pet but also allows you to meet other trainers that help you by giving tips on breeding and training. Training is fun, and it makes your pet faster, and overall better trained. You can increase experience by frequently visiting the game room and vet.

Cromimi also regularly has themed days, where the game is decorated and unique items are available for the corresponding day, such as for Valentines Day.

The best aspect of the game is the team working behind it. They monitor conversations for topics that are hateful, inappropriate, or vulgar. It is a very safe, friendly atmosphere where young ones can have fun without any worry of unsafe or immoral exposure to the internet. That being said, it makes sense that Cromimi is so widely popular; just the French version alone has over two million players.

To help your Cromimis celebrate, visit the Fashion Shop and discover all the exclusive costumes! You can disguise your Cromimi as a sweet Strawberry, a little Lady Bug, Snow White, a ‘famous’ Plumber, a strong Wrestler and a magical Fairy!

Come join Cromimi, registration is easy, as are the game play and rules. Registration does require an e-mail address, but it is not used for commercial use and will not be sold or rented to companies under any condition. Your e-mail address is used solely to send e-mails about the game and about upcoming game events. Come join the fun, friendly, game environment that is Cromimi!

Written by Anna Game, a mice Games fan and pet game developer from London.