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Stars That Made Successful Comebacks

By Article Contributor, Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hollywood loves a good comeback story. Actors fall out of the spotlight often, and few make the climb back to their top spot. Fortunately for those who love underdog stories, some Hollywood stars not only make the climb back, but also surpass their previous fame to reach new heights. Here are a few of the most notable:

Neil Patrick Harris

NPH initially gained fame as the memorable boy genius, Doogie Howser, in 1989. The show was a hit and he attained child star status. Following the end of the show in 1993, though, NPH faded out of the spotlight, like most child stars. Aside from a supporting role in the cult-hit Starship Troopers, his career was unremarkable. In 2004, he found himself in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and things began to pick up with his stints on Broadway also becoming more frequent. He regained his household name status in 2005 as Barney on How I Met Your Mother and his stardom has only increased from there.

Betty White

Betty White Star 389x259 Stars That Made Successful ComebacksFor most, it seems impossible that Betty White was ever not the famous Betty White. While she might be one of the most beloved actresses of today, she faded out for a few years following the end of The Golden Girls in 1992. Although her career didn’t stop, the fame fizzled until 2009 when she starred opposite Sandra Bullock in The Proposal. Shortly after, she won the hearts of millions in a Superbowl commercial and roles began pouring in. At 92-years-old, Betty White is busier than ever and has legions of fans at her command.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s comeback story is one of the most well known, and for the right reasons. She gained fame as a child and fell into severe drug and alcohol problems as a teenager. She was in and out of rehab twice before she was even sixteen years old. Nobody had any faith in the young woman, but then the ‘90s happened. Throughout the ‘90s Barrymore starred in various romantic comedies like Never Been Kissed. In 2000, she solidified her comeback when she co-starred in Charlie’s Angels and its sequels. Today she continues to act, but is also an accomplished director and producer.

Marlon Brando

In A Streetcar Named Desire,Brando found his initial fame. He was regarded as hugely talented, and equally as attractive. In 1954 he won an Oscar for his performance in On The Waterfront and his fame seemed to only be rising, culminating in his next Oscar nomination for Sayonara in 1957. The 1960s didn’t bring much for Brando, but this was rectified by his most recognizable role in The Godfather in 1972, for which he won another Oscar. The end of the ‘70s brought forth another tough spell for Brando, though, as his horrible reputation on Apocalypse Now and his sell-out price for Superman tarnished his reputation as a serious actor. A decade later he made a small comeback and received his last Oscar nomination. Although his fame for recent films is debatable, the multiple comebacks for the once-great Marlon Brando earned him a place on this list.

Robert Downey Jr.

Not too long ago Robert Downey Jr. had been written-off as a has-been. In 1985, at the age of twenty he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. Soon after, he starred in the acclaimed Less Than Zero before earning an Academy Award nomination for his portrayal of Charlie Chaplin in Chaplin. That was where the fame-high ended and RDJ turned towards new highs. Between 1996 and 2001 he was frequently arrested for drug-related charges and struggled to find work. After those dark years, he found sobriety and came back with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Soon after, he was cast as Tony Stark in Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes in a Sherlock Holmes reboot. Both roles rocketed him back to fame and renewed his status as a household name for all the right reasons.

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Are you getting the best sound out of your home theater system?

By camerontyler, Thursday, November 29, 2012

hangingtv Are you getting the best sound out of your home theater system?Creating the ultimate home theater system is a chance to cultivate a space where you and your family can enjoy all of the excitement of a night out while staying safely and comfortably at home. Achieve that goal by making some simple but important adjustments to your living room or den.

Assuming you have all of the important components — or at least have them planned — such as a LCD television, stereo equipment, furnishings and lighting, it’s important to know how everything will fit into your room based on its size. Planning your room should ensure you have ample space for you, your family and your guests to watch a movie while also remaining cozy and comforting. Consider items such as cords and cables in your planning process as well.

Once everything is set up, make sure your sound system is properly set up so you can get the most enjoyment out of your movies and music. One of the trickier aspects of setting up speakers is dealing with wiring and cables. Whether you are worried about the space factor, the tangling of wires and cables or you simply don’t want them in your line of sight, take steps to make these necessary items invisible to your family and guests.

Here are some other issues to consider when setting up your home theater system:

  • Layout: Map out the layout of your room before you get started. Knowing the configuration and design of your room will help make the set-up process of moving or acquiring furniture, wiring speakers and figuring out optimal seating arrangements. Knowing where you will place your television, stereo system, the video source, lighting fixtures and any other furniture or audiovisual components you may desire will make moving day far less of a hassle.
  • Look at your budget: Know what you can accomplish with the budget you have so you can remain in a financial comfort zone. It will be far easier to enjoy your new home theater set-up if you aren’t worried about the debt you now have to pay off. If you want expensive components, like a flat-screen television instead of the older model you currently have, work your way towards your goal. Remember your theater can easily be a work in progress.
  • Know your limits: Consider whether or not you truly have the skills to do your own wiring. If you believe you can manage things on your own, move forward on the project. However, if you feel hesitant or just plan to “wing it,” you might want to save yourself time and money and hire a professional.
  • Consider using a wireless speaker system: Eliminate the worry of arranging cords and cables while still enjoying high-quality sound and set yourself up with a wireless speaker system. Make your audio experience top notch.
  • Go for surround sound: Position your speaker components around the room for theater-like sound. If you want the full theater experience, be sure to space speakers around the room so you can enjoy surround effect while listening to music or watching movies.

After you have your home theater system in tip-top shape, you, your family and friends can spend hours of enjoyment together in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy new releases and have a great time while saving yourself the cost of taking the entire family to the local cineplex.

15 Outrageous Sex Apps That Made It Into The iPhone App Store

By Chris K, Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sexy iPhone Apps 15 Outrageous Sex Apps That Made It Into The iPhone App StoreIt’s inevitable: when any new communications advancement comes along, it’s a matter of minutes before someone figures out how to use it for sex. So it was with the iPhone. While out-and-out pornography is forbidden by the iPhone App Store, there’s plenty of, shall we say, wiggle room for other sexy apps. Here are some of the wildest sex apps that got into the App Store. Try them out for fun, for laughs, or to see if they can reverse erectile dysfunction.

1) Tight Body Perky Boobs

Pretty much the ultimate “does what it says on the tin” app. It’s a collection of photos of girls with, yes, tight bodies and perky boobs. Study ‘em, trade ‘em, use ‘em for wallpaper, print ‘em out and roll around on ‘em, whatever.

2) Adult Tennis Boobs

If white dresses, tied-back hair, and sun visors get you hot, this is the app for you. Features cleavage shots of your Sharapovas and your Kournikovas and your Wozniackis doing what they do best.

3) Passion

Did you know your iPhone can rate your sexual skills? Start this app up just before you begin the act and lay it on the bed. The iPhone will provide a critique of your performance and stamina based on the amount of noise and vibration it detects.

4) Video Strip Poker

Win poker hands against your iPhone and be treated to the sight of a hot girl removing her clothes bit by bit, although of course she can’t get completely naked.

5) iJiggles Your Mom

No, your mom is probably not in this collection of sexy photos you can make jiggle hypnotically by shaking the phone. You can even adjust the boobs’ springiness and size for your perfect jiggling experience.

6) Puff

For the upskirt lovers among us. Blow into the phone’s mic and watch a cute girl’s skirt fly up.

7) MyVibe

If you’re too cheap to buy a real vibrator, MyVibe allows you to use the iPhone’s vibrate setting for … personal amusement.

8) Russian Brides Gallery

Not a real Russian brides site. If that’s what you want, just check your spam folder. This is a collection of pics of sexy Russian and Ukrainian girls with details on each. It’s even educational — you can find where they live on Google Maps.

9) Strip Simon

A strip version of the sequence-matching game we all played as kids.

10) SlideHer

Another sexified version of a classic game, this time the one where you slide squares around a frame to get them into the right sequence, and in this case reveal a sexy photo.

11) Nude It

If you’re a certain age, you remember those X-Ray Specs that never worked. This is the 21st century version. Use the iPhone camera to scan someone and this app will superimpose a seminude body over them.

12) Dirty Fingers

Touch your screen, leaving “fingerprints,” and then watch a cute girl come out to wipe them away from inside the phone.

13) Sex Drive

This app produces a special tone that supposedly will supercharge your sex drive if you listen to it for 10-15 minutes. Still safer than most herbal supplements.

14) Pocket Girlfriend

This video girlfriend will show off for you, send you affectionate messages, and never get upset if you forget her birthday.

15) Truth or Dare

The iPhone version of the classic party game, with sexy questions and dares to try out on your friends.

Image Credit: THEMACGIRL*

Five Tips for DIY Home Theatre Installation

By WriterEvan, Friday, September 14, 2012

home theatre Five Tips for DIY Home Theatre InstallationA home theatre is the ideal addition to any man cave. In true man cave fashion, however, the finished product isn’t quite as rewarding unless you do it yourself. In most homes, this can mean a fair amount investment, carpentry and electrical wiring. If that sounds complicated to you, join the club.

Home theatre installation is not for the weak-willed. There are several tips, however, that will improve your chances of success. Take these five pointers to heart, and you’ll be enjoying the fruits of your labor in no time – on a 72″ screen with surround sound! Continue reading

How to Save Money on Tickets to Major Sporting Events

By WriterEvan,

Broncos How to Save Money on Tickets to Major Sporting EventsProfessional sports in the U.S. are big ticket items. Any fan who has tried to score a last minute pair of seats to an MLB playoff game or any NFL game knows how hard – and expensive – it can be. That doesn’t stop us from trying.

Next time your favorite team has a big game approaching, don’t be one of those chumps shelling out a small fortune for nosebleed seats. You don’t need to be a hedge fund manager to attend the big game – you just have to be savvy. Try these time-tested strategies for saving money on tickets to major sporting events.

In a perfect world, you would have time to plan ahead. To some extent, proper prior planning can be your best defense against inflated ticket prices. In the case of the NFL, for example, full season schedules are posted months ahead of the season opener. There are NFL tickets on sale now for dates all the way through January. You can find that big game that fits into your schedule well ahead of time and snatch a hot deal right off the rack.

Once the date begins to creep up on you, don’t get antsy and jump at a raw deal. I know you don’t want to miss that big game, but have a little faith. Right before game day, the ticket prices online will begin to drop precipitously. This happens because scalpers get nervous about moving all of their stubs. A ticket to a sporting event is unlike other investments. That ticket is only valuable before the event actually happens. Once game day passes, unsold tickets are dead weight loss.

If you can hold out until the day before or the day of event, most scalpers will reduce their ticket prices to face or below-face value. For scalpers, any money is better than no money. Rather than eat the loss, most scalpers will behave like any intelligent businessman and hold a fire sale.

Baseball stadiums famously offer “bleacher seat” deals at attractive rates to serve their fans on a budget. The bleachers are generally located at the back of the outfield and offer a great view of the game. It’s where all the real fans sit.

What about out-of-town games? Just because your team is playing in another time zone, doesn’t mean you’re going to miss the big game. You can find amazing ticket and travel packages if you’re willing to book with groups of fans. There are several organizations that exist solely to bring a fan presence to away games throughout the year. If you buy a travel package you generally get plane tickets, hotel rooms, shuttle rides to the stadium, great seats and some kind of VIP tailgate party. It’s a premium value at a reasonable price.

The Big Blue Road Crew is one of those businesses. They organize trips to New York Giants’ road games at very reasonable prices. You can likely find a similar business serving fans of your favorite team.

How to Save Money at the Movie Theater

By WriterEvan, Thursday, September 13, 2012

popcorn movie How to Save Money at the Movie TheaterGoing to see the movies in a theater is something of a luxury these days, what with many families hit hard by the recession and budgetary extras like entertainment often the first to get the axe when it comes time to tighten the belt. When you add on top of that the rising costs of every aspect of the movie-going experience (including tickets, parking, and concessions) it’s easy to see how the film industry is losing money on big-budget blockbusters that would have earned a lot more even a few short years ago. And then, of course, there is the latest trend to contend with: movies that aren’t expected to do well are released for on-demand viewing on the day of theatrical release (or even before they’re slated to hit theaters). But if you happen to be in favor of the traditional viewing experience, whereby strangers gather in a dark theater to view a motion picture in all of its big-screen glory, then perhaps you’re looking for ways to save some scratch and still see the latest flicks in the theater. Here are just a few tips that will give you the experience for less. Continue reading

Why Are Animated Movies so Popular with Kids and Adults?

By Scholarly Writer, Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Animated movies are almost always successful, even when they do not have the best storyline or marketing campaign. The reason is that people are attracted to the art of animation. This is because animation provides a physical manifestation of the imagination. It allows people to escape their normal lives and to explore a world where anything and everything is possible.

Bart Simpson Animation Cartoon Movie Why Are Animated Movies so Popular with Kids and Adults?

Animated Movies for Kids

Animated movies that are designed for kids are big earners. Even lower budget animated films and animated features that are produced specifically for DVD releases, rake in huge profits. This is because parents spend money on these films because their kids love to watch them.

Kids are often attracted to a specific animated character. This character is usually introduced in either a television show or an original animated feature. The animation company then develops products and additional animated programs and movies around the popular character. As a result discount movie posters, dolls, toys and other memorabilia items are sold.

Kids can also be attracted to an animated serial or franchise, such as the Ice Age franchise or the Aladdin franchise. In this case kids become fans of a group of characters or a specific storyline. Companies that make animated films take advantage of this and produce more components, or films, in the franchise. This is a cost effective way to make animated films because the characters and storylines have already been developed and the animation artists have already worked out the kinks for making the characters come to life on the screen.

Animated Movies for Teens and Adults

While animated movies are generally made for kids, there are some animated films and franchises that are developed with an older audience in mind. Many animation companies try to include elements that will entertain older viewers so that they can expand their market. Some, on the other hand, focus solely on audiences that are older than 13.

Animated movies that are attractive to older audiences are going to have specific characteristics. First of all they can feature nostalgic cartoon characters, such as Scooby Doo, Transformers or Looney Tunes characters. Secondly they feature more adult themes, such as romance or hard core action.

Marketing animated films to teens and adults is different from marketing these films to kids. Adults need to know that the film is going to be interesting and that it is not going to be a nursery school lesson. Usually this is done by producing animated movie posters that are suggestive or more adult themes. These posters are fun, they feature characters that the adults can identify with and they include hints to what the animated film is all about.


Animated films are very expensive to make because they are so labor intensive. To make them profitable animation studios need to create storylines and characters that speak to a wide variety of demographics. Regardless of if the film is made for kids, teens or adults, the animated feature is enjoyable because it is a moving work of art that makes the inanimate animate and the impossible possible.

Browse over 1000 discounted movie posters here…

Valeria Lukyanova Real Life Barbie Doll and Model Biography

By Scholarly Writer, Thursday, April 26, 2012

Valeria Lukyanova Profile Valeria Lukyanova Real Life Barbie Doll and Model BiographyValeria Lukyanova is the world’s living Barbie doll. She has big blue glassy eyes, tiny waist, straight platinum blonde hair and huge breast, dresses, looks and acts like the plastic doll.

Who is Valeria Lukyanova?

Valeria is a 21 year old Russian model and she has admitted to have undergone plastic surgery to achieve her living Barbie doll look. This accompanied with a few hours of makeup time each photo shoot made her the closest to a breathing Barbie this world currently has.

Valeria Lukyanova is currently “the most famous Russian woman on the Russian-language Internet.” Her page which hosts more than ten thousand images is a favorite page for both fans and critics. Her YouTube channel has millions of views while her Facebook page has tens of thousands of likes which should reach to a million pretty soon due to the attention she is getting.

Her quest is met with mixed reactions including applause, admiration and criticisms, netizens expressed different opinions about Valeria Lukyanova’s quest on becoming a real life Barbie, which as many would agree she already achieved. Some would say that Valeria has a psychological disorder called body dysmorphic disorder while others got nothing but plain admiration of her beauty and ideology.

One look at her pictures and skeptics might argue that her images are photoshopped, so here’s a video of her for all of you to see.

Valeria Lukyanova on the Web

Valeria Lukyanova Sofa Valeria Lukyanova Real Life Barbie Doll and Model Biography

She is also known with handle or username “amatue” throughout the Internet.

Her About Me page (written in Russian language) roughly translates to this:

“A warrior can not cry anymore, and the only expression of pain is the thrill that comes from somewhere from the depths of the universe, as if one of the emanations of the Eagle was a pain, and when it reaches the Warrior, the Warrior is infinite shivers.

People’s actions do not affect the soldier, because he no longer has any expectations. A strange calm becomes the guiding force in his life. He took one of the concepts of life of the warrior-detachment.”

Valeria Lukyanova White Valeria Lukyanova Real Life Barbie Doll and Model Biography

If you want to stalk, know more about her, or follow her, here are her websites and social media information for you: – Valeria Lukyanova’s Official Website – Valeria Lukyanova’s Official Facebook Page – Valeria Lukyanova’s Official YouTube Channel – VK is a Social Networking site in Russia similar to Facebook

Valeria Lukyanova’s Twitter Account

Learn These Things from The Hunger Games Books

By Scholarly Writer, Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hunger Games Logo Emblem Learn These Things from The Hunger Games BooksAs The Hunger Games movie looms around the corner, people are already buying their midnight showing tickets and re-reading all of the books in preparation. The Hunger Games was a great three part book series that took America by storm. I hardly know anyone who hasn’t read them all. These books spread like wildfire and became loved by so many. Now that the movies are coming out, people are really getting excited for them. The Hunger Games is a futuristic book about a society with an all-powerful Capitol. In order to ensure their power, every year The Capitol holds a hunger games where two kids from each district have to compete in a tournament to the death. There are many lessons to be learned from The Hunger Games. College students should read these books because they could gain many of the insights from them. Here are some of those lessons to be learned from The Hunger Games.

1. Know your strengths
The main character, Katniss, is extremely skilled with a bow and arrow. She knows this and so she constantly uses it to her advantage. In the books, all of the kids competing must show the Capitol their special skills. Katniss impresses them all with her archery. Just like Katniss, you should know what your strengths are. Whether it’s being a good listener, a good test taker, or a very focused person, play off of these strengths. Develop them so they are second nature. Whatever your strengths are, make sure to highlight them in school. The more you develop your strengths so that they are different from everyone else’s, the better. You will be luckier at landing a job after graduation.

2. Have a mentor
In The Hunger Games, all of the tributes that compete have a mentor who won many years ago. Katniss’ mentor won the hunger games a long time ago and he is know required to mentor her. Her mentor is a washed up old man named Haymitch. At first, he seems like he is just a drunken old man who is not going to help but when he saves her in the arena, Katness knows she can depend on him. Find someone like that while you are in school. Find a mentor who you trust and who has plenty of experience. You can really learn a lot from a person who has already been where you are. Having a mentor is also a great start to networking.

3. Stay true
Katniss is a great example of someone who stayed true to herself throughout a difficult situation. Sometimes when people go through tough times, they do things that they wouldn’t normally do. College students may major in something that they don’t really love. Pressure from parents or teachers can make students not really do what they want but what others want them to do. Throughout the hunger games, Katniss stays true to herself. When she is presented with an opportunity to kill a young girl, she instead becomes allies with her. She never falters and always does the right thing. Remember Katniss as you get yourself into stressful situations. Stay true to yourself and don’t let others tell you what to do.

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Meagan Hollman is a writer for My Colleges and Careers is one of the best sites for you to choose a school to get your online education.

Five Fairytale Celebrity Weddings to Look Forward to in 2012

By Scholarly Writer, Thursday, March 15, 2012

We may only be a few weeks into 2012 but it already promises to be a spectacular year for celebrity nuptials. With loved up celebrities the world over declaring their love with big dresses and even bigger engagement rings, we’re set to be watching in awe all year round. Here are five of the biggest weddings of the year, best dust off that hat:

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Notoriously one of Hollywood’s most on again-off again couples, Trousersnake’s Nan let slip that the pair are finally due to settle down. Actress Jessica and the singer-turned-actor Justin reportedly got engaged over the festive period whilst snowboarding.
The private pair are yet to release any details about their big day but it is guaranteed to be a star-studded bash. The couple are regularly seen taking part in sporting activities, so an outdoors wedding is certainly a possibility.

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

Unlucky-in-love Britney Spears has had her fair share of marriages – remember her 50 hour marriage back in 2004? – but it looks like she’s finally found happiness. The starlet’s agent popped the question on his birthday after two years of dating.
The princess of pop and her prince charming are set to tie the knot in a traditional, Southern-style country wedding. Britney and Jason’s wedding is set to be a fabulous, family affair; wonder if her ex-boyfriend Justin and his new fiancé will make the guest list?!

Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Hume

The Saturday’s Rochelle and JLS star Marvin got engaged on New Years Eve. The couple were holidaying in the Caribbean where Marvin proposed with a £45,000 heart shaped ring. The happy singers announced the news on Twitter and are set to be planning a March wedding.
Rochelle’s band mate Una Healy is also due to marry Rugby player Ben Foden in 2012. Una and Ben are also expecting their first child this spring. 2012 certainly looks like a big year for the girl band then.

Christine Bleakley and Frank Lampard

Chelsea and England footballer Frank Lampard popped the question to his TV presentee girlfriend last summer, after dating since 2009. Christine is worlds away from many other WAGs and the private couple are said to be planning a ‘low-key and relaxed’ wedding.

Aretha Franklin and William Wilkerson

Aretha and long-time friend William are planning to marry on Miami Beach with a truly spectacular reception on a private yacht. The Queen of soul has already announced she is looking at dresses by Vera Wang, Donna Karen and Valentino. It is certainly set to be star-studded bash.

Planning your own wedding in 2012? Wedding Favours Delight has a whole host of wedding favours ideas for every budget. Including printed favour boxes, and wedding favours for men.

5 Really Hot Couples in Hollywood

By Scholarly Writer, Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot couples in Hollywood are among the most talked about pairs of individuals in the world. Their stories, the photos of them together and all the gossip that surround them are probably the most interesting to dwell on especially by the media. Here are five of the hottest couples in Tinsel Town:

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

brad pitt and angelina jolie 5 Really Hot Couples in Hollywood

Their romance almost certainly developed when they filmed that action flick Mr. and Mrs. Smith back in 2004. Although many tabloids called Angelina “the other woman” since Brad was married to Jennifer Aniston at that time, the couple is a perfect picture of a happy pair along with their six children.

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z

beyonce knowles jay z 5 Really Hot Couples in Hollywood

These two millionaires have just celebrated being new parents to Blue Ivy Carter. They have been surrounded by rumors left and right ever since their relationship started but still they remained quiet. Even Beyonce’s pregnancy was contained by gossip especially when she revealed the news during the VMAs. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that Jay-Z and Beyonce are among the hot couples in Hollywood.

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Johnny Depp Vanessa Paradis 5 Really Hot Couples in Hollywood

They first met in 1994 but only remained friends until they met again in 1998 in France. Vanessa could not remember him when he asked her if she did but for her that night was love at first sight. One of the hot couples in Hollywood, Depp and Paradis have two children and a sizzling lifestyle that people envy.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

ben affleck jennifer garner 5 Really Hot Couples in Hollywood

Although they have not been too busy on films and on TV in the last years, the two are still happily married and are devoted parents to two cute daughters. Their relationship was a secret at first but they surprised the world with their luxurious wedding in 2005. Before that, Ben was engaged to Jennifer Lopez but they called off the impending wedding after the “lap dance” reports.

Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem

penelope cruz javier barden 5 Really Hot Couples in Hollywood

The pair met in 1992 during Jamon, the Spanish film that introduced Penelope Cruz into stardom. However, they did not date until Vicky Christina Barcelona, which was another film that they starred in together. The chemistry was undeniable but they remained out of the spotlight until they stepped out in the red carpet in 2010 at the Goya Awards as an official couple. The two secretly got married in the Bahamas.

Hollywood stars glow bright but these hot couples in Hollywood offer a double-dazzling spectacle to behold.