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The Booming Business of “Divorce Parties”

People spend a great deal of time planning their weddings, and the costs associated with some weddings can rival luxury cars and even small houses. After all that planning, preparing and hope for the future, the failure of the marriage becomes a massive letdown. There was a time when people quietly divorced in seclusion and isolation, but that trend is changing. After the letdown of a failed marriage, more people are choosing a different viewpoint on this change in life. Instead of mourning the loss, they celebrate their re-entry into single life with divorce parties.

It’s a New Beginning with Unique Merchandise

Plan a wedding and you’ll pick out a cake topper at some point. With a divorce party, the cake topper takes an interesting twist. It might be a decapitated groom, a bloody deceased bride or just a sign announcing “Single Again.” Other merchandise geared towards divorce parties include “Just Divorced” sashes in stunning black, buttons, banners and even unique games. The merchandise helps make the parties more memorable, and sales for these goods are up 30 percent in just three years.

The Other Side of Wedding Planning

A lot of effort went into that trip down the aisle, and just as much effort goes into the trip to the NJ family law attorney’s office and courtroom for the divorce. A divorce is very stressful, and it’s not surprising that people want to celebrate when it’s finally done and the legal forms are completed. Part of the evidence lies in the growing demand for divorce planners. From wild parties to laid-back gatherings, professionals are helping the recently divorced put a positive spin on this change with a spectacular party.

The Healing Aspect

The idea of going out and celebrating divorces is nothing new. Started by well-meaning friends who just wanted the newly single to feel better, it was a way of putting a positive spin on something devastating. That it’s grown in recent years should not be surprising. Going out and celebrating helps people feel better. It reminds them to look at the positive side of the situation. Some of the supplies, like the decapitated spouse cake toppers are also cathartic as they help the exes deal with their difficult feelings of anger and even hatred. Planning the party can also help the happily divorced get their mind off the difficult time and give them something to look forward to. It helps both parties start to reclaim their independence and embrace the idea of being single once again.

Divorce parties are thrown after all the documents are signed and the settlements reached. Planned for weeks or even months ahead of time, they can be small gatherings or major events that rival wedding receptions. It’s the first celebration in your post-divorce life, and the growing popularity of these parties show that they can help people make the transition.

Immigration Discrimination Is Another Hurdle Many Same-Sex Couples Face

Currently, immigration policy is favorable toward the spouses of American citizens. Of course, this does not include the spouses of American gays or lesbians. The Defense of Marriage Act has complicated this issue further. If you are gay or lesbian, you need a New Jersey immigration lawyer on your side. Don’t risk deportation due to discrimination. It would be a tragedy if same-sex partners were forced to live apart just as society has finally started to recognize their right to live together.

The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)

Even if your marriage ceremony was performed in a state where gay marriage is legal, this does not extend your rights within the federal government. This is due to DOMA, a law despised by gays, lesbians and those who support their rights. Obviously, DOMA has made it impossible for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) to recognize the rights of an immigrant in a same-sex marriage. That’s the national impact of DOMA: legal discrimination against those immigrants who are in committed gay or lesbian marriages.

A Glimmer of Light

DOMA has been challenged by President Obama. In May 2012, he made public his approval of gay marriage. Just as importantly, he and his administration have refused to fight legal challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act. In addition, the Department of Homeland Security has relaxed its efforts to deport gays or lesbians in marriages, but these individuals still need legal representation to prove their legal standing. Despite his best efforts, the president still cannot unilaterally change marriage laws and immigration laws. This takes time and effort. His efforts are worthy, but this is not enough at this critical moment when you or your spouse is struggling to establish the right to stay in the U.S.

A High-Profile Example

Nathalie Gaulthier runs the renowned circus arts school in Los Angeles. She is a Canadian-born immigrant who has lived in the U.S. for 17 years. Her lesbian spouse, a U.S. Navy veteran, honorably served our country. According to Reason TV, which interviewed the couple, Ms. Gaulthier cannot obtain a green card to run her own business. She, like so many, has sought legal representation to fight for her rights. Those who live in New Jersey face the same almost-insurmountable hurdles. If you are experiencing immigration discrimination, contact a New Jersey immigration lawyer for consultation.

Immigration Equality

According to the group that advocates for legal equity for gay and lesbian immigrants, there are 36,000 individuals in a similar situation to Ms. Gaulthier’s predicament. That’s also 36,000 Americans who want to keep their loved ones in the country. Immigration Equality plans on fighting DOMA all the way to the Supreme Court. The length of this battle is long. In the meantime, the window of opportunity for some immigrants is closing. Don’t wait until you or your loved one is facing deportation. It may be too late. Contact a New Jersey immigration lawyer today.

Be Ready For the Tactics the Defendant Will Employ to Undermine Your Medical Negligence Claim

There are a number of problems that can crop up while filing a medical negligence compensating claim. The main reason behind this is, of course, the fact that the field is so very technical, and not only from the legal point of view.

 The Personnel Involved

Since the claims are completely based on highly technical grounds, the claimant should always engage the services of medical negligence solicitors instead of a general personal injury attorney. Besides, a medical professional also needs to be consulted in order to ensure that your claim does not have any loopholes. Do keep in mind that passing a claim in the court is extremely difficult, especially when it deals with clinical callousness. As a layman, you might not be able to understand the various nuances that are completely exclusive to the medical profession, and filing the claim on your own without consulting a professional in the field is practically legal suicide; the defence counsel will be able to undermine your claim in a matter of minutes.

 The Disarming Techniques

There are various methods that the defence counsel will be using to convince the judge and the jury that your medical negligence claim does not really stand in court. Surprisingly enough, in many cases this might actually be true, which happens when you have not been able to research your findings properly.

1. Assumption of Risk

The commonest technique that is used by the defence counsel in such situations is the assumption of risk method. Through this technique, the defendant tries to prove that you had been aware of the risks involved when you agreed to the treatment. This can be rather difficult to disprove during the trial, and even more so if you had already signed an agreement on similar lines. In such cases, it is best to ensure that you procure a copy of the document, known as the fiduciary bond and have the medical negligence solicitors go through it carefully. It will serve as testimony that the injury you received through clinical negligence was not covered in the agreement.

2. Disclosure of Risk

The other method used by the defence counsel to undermine your case is by stating the disclosure of risk clause that forms part of the medical code of ethics. According to the law, the doctor responsible for the surgery or the treatment is not required to discuss every single element in the surgery with the patient. On the other hand, however, there are certain loopholes here too. The doctor is actually required to discuss certain aspects of the illness and treatment with the patient, at least to a certain degree. The discussion and disclosure is completely the doctor’s discretion, but the decision must be made within the strict ethical boundaries.

3. Emergencies

The excuse of emergency situations is also quoted by the defence counsel to weaken the claim. This tactic consist of the argument that doctors often have to take spur-of-the-moment decision to save a patient, and that in such situations it is not always possible to undertake a thorough risk assessment.

4. Emotional Weakness

The emotional condition of the patient might also be quoted as a reason for not disclosing of the risks involved in the treatment. However, although a pretty valid claim, it does not really stand in court as it is still a gross act of medical negligence if the family or friends of the patient are not informed either of the risks.

What Is The Evil Eye, And Why Is It So Evil?

Traced back to Sumerian clay tablets as early as 3,000BC, the Evil Eye is one of the most longstanding superstitions in the world. With Middle Eastern origins, it was spread globally through colonisation. But what’s so fascinating about it is that it’s prevalent in so many different cultures and religions; from Greek Orthodox to Mexican Catholic, and Israeli Judaism to Turkish Muslim. And it’s unquestionably one of the most widely accepted and believed superstitions in the world.

Many people would recognise the Nazar Boncuk, the special charm which is thought to repel the Evil Eye. If you have ever visited countries such as Turkey, Greece or Mexico you have probably seen it in its various forms in the markets. It is most commonly found above doorways or worn as jewellery.

What is the Evil Eye?

The legend of the Evil Eye is centred round envious gazes and praise. It advises that if you look too enviously or praise too highly – you will bring bad luck to the object of your attention. Without realising it, you have cursed them with evil spirits, who piggyback on your words or look and bring them bad luck.

The effects of the Evil Eye are genuinely believed to be real, and are feared by many people across the world. However, Italy is the only country where it is widely believed that you can intentionally put the Evil Eye on others.

What does it do?

The Evil Eye has strong connotations with water. Water is often associated with nourishment, prosperity and life, and the curse of the eye is believed to dehydrate the victim.

It’s believed that it can only affect certain people within society; nursing infants and mothers, young children, adult men, milking cattle and fruit trees.

The effect of the curse most commonly seen is severe vomiting or diarrhoea. But they can also include a mother who is unable to nurse her child, cattle that no longer produce milk, an impotent male, or the withering of a fruit tree.

Fish and other marine life are believed to be immune to the Evil Eye as they are always surrounded by water.

It is thought that the form the curse takes is determined by the envious eye. It always results in the dehydration of the victim, and death can be the ultimate consequence. However there are ways to defend against it, and repel the curse once it is in place.

How do you protect against it?

Many people who believe in the Evil Eye wear or carry the Nazar Boncuk charm, which stares back at the world to ward off evil spirits, and keep you safe.

However sometimes this is not enough to protect you, so you must be aware of any potential perpetrators. These can be envious people, those who give out praise too easily, or the greatest perpetrator of all is people with blue eyes.

Blue eyed people are believed to have a predisposition to cursing people with the Evil Eye, unintentionally. This is most commonly believed in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Europe where there a few blue-eyed locals, but lots of blue-eyed tourists. If you travel to these areas and you have blue eyes, you may find that you are treated with suspicion by the locals, who may fear that you will inadvertently curse them.

What do you do if you think you’re cursed?

When an illness is brought on very suddenly and doesn’t seem able to be remedied by a doctor, many believers of the Evil Eye will call in a healer. The healing process consists of a complex set of rituals which vary by culture and country.

If you witness the inception of the curse, you can act to repel it immediately. This can be done by touching the subject of the curse to ‘take off the eye’, by spitting on them (believed to act as a rejection of the eyes dehydration of them) or by rubbing dirt on their face and speaking ill of them to counteract the damage caused by the praise or envy.

If you think you may be victim to the Evil Eye there are many different ways that you can test it.

In many parts of Eastern Europe they drop a piece of coal into water, and if it floats you’re under the Evil Eye.

In Ukraine, wax is dripped into a bowl of holy water, and if it sticks to the side of the bowl you’re under the curse. To treat, secret prayers are given by the women of the family and the holy water is used to bathe the victim.

In both Greece and Mexico the same ritual is undertaken, and the victim must just drink holy water. However, the ceremony is more effective if the perpetrator spits into the water before it is drunk. And to save shame by revealing their identity, it is common for everyone attending the ritual to spit into the holy water before the victim has to drink it.

Finally in Italy, they drip oil into a basin of water, drop by drop. If the beads of oil form an eye shape, they’re under the curse of the Evil Eye. The female members of the family recite secret prayers and continue to drip oil into the water drop by drop until the eye image has gone – a process which can sometimes take hours.

Are you a believer?

The legend of the Evil Eye is not only fascinating because it has managed to survive for thousands and thousands of years, but because it is so deeply engrained into such a diverse set of cultures and religions.

The great irony of the eye is that you’re subjected to bad luck because of your own beauty and other’s admiration of you. Many believers have attributed the misfortunes of many famous celebrities to the Evil Eye, as they are looked at, spoken of and admired on a much larger scale than most people. And it is not uncommon to see a celebrity suffering bad luck.

So are you a believer? The thing about superstition is that you may not believe…but you’ll probably avoid envious gazing and praises just in the off chance that you’re wrong.

Steph McLean writes for, a retailer from where you can buy contact lenses online. She is greatly interested in social history and the ways that folklore and superstition have impacted different cultures today. 

5 Quick Homeowners Insurance Tips That Can Save You Money and Your Home

Homeowners are constantly looking for new ways to save money and keep up with necessary payments. In many cases, that means finding a way to cut back on costs. When it is not possible to remove items from the budget, it might be time to look for alternatives to save money on insurance and take measures to protect a home from potentially devastating damage.

Look Over the Policy:

Reading through the policy on a regular basis is a key part of ensuring that the homeowners insurance is able to manage every necessity a homeowner might face. Policies vary and needs change. Sometimes it is necessary to look for a new policy or make adjustments to the current policy to keep up with changing needs.

Beyond looking through the policy to ensure all necessary elements are covered, such as expensive jewelry or new items, it is also important to consider methods of saving. Bundling insurance or looking for special rates can help reduce the current policy expense.

Consider Additional Coverage:

Homeowners need to consider the possible problems that might arise. Common issues that can take out a home and might result in expensive damage include floods, fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. Look through the policy to determine whether any additional coverage is necessary in the area. If the company does not provide coverage, then it is important to look for an additional policy for the required element of insurance.

Consider Current Coverage:

Coverage for homeowners insurance provides funds to manage the replacement cost of items under the policy. Evaluate whether the coverage is enough for the current value of the home, renovations, additions and valuables.

The current coverage should always factor in changes as they are made to keep up with the changing needs of the homeowner and the possible additions that increase the value of a home. If it does not cover everything, then it is time to make a few changes to ensure the whole house is covered in the policy.

Shop Around:

When it is time to replace or adjust the coverage policy or for new homeowners who are looking for a new policy, it is important to take the time to comparison shop. Taking time to shop around and find out different quotes for the necessary coverage will help reduce the expense of insuring a new home.

Shopping around takes time and effort, but it is not a hard task. In most cases, it is possible to use comparison websites or simply call the companies to obtain a quote based on the amount of coverage needed for the home and personal belongings. In many cases, looking into bundling packages for auto and home coverage can also help reduce the expense.

Get Referrals:

Shopping around is a key part of obtaining appropriate insurance, but it is not always enough to make a decision. Asking friends, relatives and co-workers for referrals or information about possible insurance providers will make it easier to make a final decision.

Referrals and reviews make the decision easier because it provides a better idea of the services available through the provider. Referrals make it possible to differentiate the good from the bad while reviews offer detailed information about why others feel negative or positive about their experiences with the company.

Homeowners insurances does not need to become a complicated experience. By taking the time to shop around and learn more about the coverage options, it is possible to save money and ensure that the home is protected against the worst case scenarios. Insurance is a measure of protection that requires updating, reviewing and sometimes changing.

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