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Most Common Car Insurance Mistakes

By Amanda Walters, Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Car insurance is a necessity when owning a vehicle, no matter the usage, the model or your own needs you must be insured. The number of uninsured drivers on the road is on the rise and more people are taking the risk, taking the fine and continuing to drive without the necessary paperwork. Insurance is a cost that no one relishes in having to pay but not only is it a legal requirement, but it serves, as peace of mind should anything happen to your car.

images Most Common Car Insurance MistakesOne of the biggest reasons why so many people neglect to take out insurance is the cost. Premiums can be high and an expense that many cannot meet which is why more people are looking for budget auto insurance to help them afford the luxury of a car and all of the costs that are associated with it.

When taking out an insurance policy you are entering a contract and you need to make sure you are happy with the information and the level of coverage. Mistakes are common when taking out any form of insurance policy and no more so when looking at car insurance.

Not Looking for Competitive Prices

It is easy for us all to accept the first price we are offered with the first insurer we come across. Make sure you shop around and compare the quotes and level of coverage you are offered to make sure it is the best policy for you.

Not Declaring Relevant Information

If the price is too high or too low this could be a result of a lack of information. You need to ensure you are filling in the application form or supplying everything that an insurer needs to know or it could lead your policy to be void if the insurer determines your mistake.

Not Giving the Correct Information

Hiding something, falsifying details or not declaring something, which may affect your policy, is illegal. We all want the cheapest premium but the repercussions are great if the insurer finds out the truth. You could be forced to pay additional fines, fees or may even have to cover accident and repair costs you if the policy is voided.

Not getting Quotes Before you Buy the Vehicle

There are those that are so keen to own a new vehicle they simply purchase the car and worry about the costs of insurance afterwards. The salesman can tell you the fixed price of road tax or the cost of petrol but not the insurance cost as it varies between each person.

Not Being Truthful About Mileage

There is a reason why insurance companies ask for an estimated number of miles travelled a year and quoting too low will affect the claim. Low mileage means a cheaper premium but surpassing the stated mileage can allow the insurer to cite misinformation and significantly increase the policy cost.

Not Updating Necessary Information Throughout the Year

Penalty points, driving convictions and car modifications have a direct impact on the cost of insurance and they must be declared to the insurance company at the earliest opportunity. It will increase the premium cost but will ensure you are not met with additional costs at a later date if the insurer believes you have not declared the conviction or offence. This also applies to any accidents you may have, in the past or in someone else’s vehicle.

Not Being Realistic About the Excess

Having a high excess on your policy will reduce the yearly or monthly payments but it needs to be something that is affordable should you make a claim on your policy. It is often easier to have a higher premium paid monthly then having to pay large excess in one bulk.

Not Being Clear on Coverage

Make sure you understand all the terms of your policy so you are aware of what is and is not covered, the requirements you must fulfil and the areas that will affect your policy.


Process for Renewal of Drivers License in California

By Ana Louis, Sunday, September 1, 2013

To sit behind the wheel and drive in streets of California requires a valid driver’s license. Once you get a driver’s license it can be used for four years before it has to be renewed again. When it expires then according to the state laws of California you have the period of 60 days to have it renewed. You may need to renew your license under the following conditions:

  • In the event that you lose your license
  • In the event that your license is suspended
  • In the event that your license is not a valid one
  • In the event that your license expires

The license can be renewed in person, online or by mail. The method of renewal depends on the specifications given on the renewal notice that you receive. California driver’s license renewal fee is $31.

License can be renewed online if you receive it by mail and for that you need your Renewal Identification Number (RIN) and driver’s license number. Your social security number and correct address must be on record with the DMV. Make the license renewal payment via check or the credit cards that are acceptable.

If your renewal notice says that you can renew it by mail then you can opt for it. This option can be used if you are not older than 69 years or if your license has more than 60 days to expire. It is not applicable if your license was suspended or if you have driving probation license. If you are eligible for California driver license renewal by mail then you can mail the form to the DMV office along with the fee.

To renew your license in person you can visit the nearest local DMV center with your current license. You need to fill the requisite paper which is available from your local DMV office. At the office you would get your picture taken, give a thumbprint and a vision test. If the renewal notice requires then you may need to give a written test as well.

DMV issues a new license within sixty days and for that period an interim license is provided.


Where to Buy Your Next New or Used Car

By vincenthill, Sunday, May 19, 2013

Car on Road Where to Buy Your Next New or Used CarThese days, you have dozens of different options when choosing where to buy your new or used car. You can head to your High Street dealer, buy through a private ad in your local paper or even pick up a used car on eBay.

With so much choice, where do you start when looking? Our guide outlines the main options that are available to you when buying a new or used car.


If you’re looking for the best deal on a new car then there are plenty of bargains to be had by buying online. Dedicated websites can find you the exact make and model of car that you want and give you a significant saving.

The downside of buying on the web is that you don’t deal with a salesperson face to face and you can’t always test drive the car. However, if you’re simply after the cheapest deal then buying online can be a good option.

A local main dealer

Many people looking for a new or used car head to their local dealer. Your local dealer will ordinarily be affiliated with the manufacturer who has built the car, and so you can expect a good level of service with the backup of a big name brand if anything should go wrong.

Main dealers usually have a wide choice of both new and used cars – many of which will be from the manufacturer they are affiliated with. Dealers know their cars well, offer a good level of service and often offer warranty and finance deals. You’ll also benefit from a solid level of consumer protection, although you are likely to pay more than if you bought through an auction or private seller.

A used car dealer

Used car dealers offer a range of different makes and models ranging in price and size. They normally offer a smaller number of cars for sale but you may be able to strike a better deal than you can with a main dealer.

Buying from a Cheap Car Leasing dealer means that you are also protected by a range of laws designed to ensure safe and fair transactions.

An auction

Buying a new or used car at an auction can help you to secure a brilliant deal. However, auctions can be a challenging environment and you can often be bidding against many industry professionals and car dealers.

One option is to hire an auction buyer to bid on your behalf. You will pay some commission but they can use their expertise to secure you an excellent price for the car of your choice.

Increasing numbers of people are also buying their car though an online auction. Sites such as eBay feature hundreds of used cars and you can often find a bargain.

A downside of buying at auction is that you won’t have much chance to test drive the car before you buy and you aren’t offered a lot of protection if the car you buy is a dud.

A private seller

If you’re looking for a car at the cheapest price you should consider buying from a private seller. Thousands of motorists sell their cars privately by advertising them in trade magazines, a local newspaper or online and so there’s a good chance you’ll find your perfect car nearby.

Buying from a private seller requires you to do your homework and to carefully inspect the vehicle and associated documents before handing over any money. You should also bear in mind that you won’t benefit from the same consumer protection as buying through a dealer.

Author Bio:

Vincent Hill is Marketing Executive at First Vehicle Leasing. First Vehicle Leasing provides best car leasing solutions to all over United Kingdom.

Know the DOT standards and requirements for Motocross Helmets

By Kiara, Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Motocross motorcycle helmets7 389x291 Know the DOT standards and requirements for Motocross HelmetsMotocross is very famous and tremendous sport that includes racing and trick competitions on dirt bikes. Different contests are carried out to find out who is the best rider. Motocross is somewhat more vulnerable to accident than other bike riding types. To ensure the safety of riders, Motocross Helmets are particularly designed to be worn by motocross bikers. They are proved to be life savior for many riders in many contests. Choosing a most suitable motocross helmet is most crucial task prior to starting a motocross contest. They are available in many varieties of shapes, designs, sizes, and colors. You can easily find an appropriate helmet which perfectly meets your demands.

Significant Demands for Motocross Helmets

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has demonstrated some significant requirements for motocross helmets for motorcycles. The requirements include that the helmet must give a clear view of minimum 105 degrees on all sides. The brow opening should be minimum one inch over all points in the fundamental plane within the angle of tangential view. Rigid projections are not allowed inside the helmet, and external projections are required to be maximum 0.20 inches. The sign “DOT” must be placed on the helmet’s backside.

DOT Evaluation Process for Helmet

The DOT demands that all helmets for motocross should clear a thorough evaluation procedure in order to get certified or approved. In this regard, an impact attenuation test is carried out in which a helmet is dropped onto both a round and flat anvil. This procedure evaluates the helmets’ resistance to impact on all sides in case of any accident. The monorail test fixes the helmet at particular position and speeds it up to an impact region. A six pound ten oz striker point is dropped onto the helmet from 118.1 inches height. It is called the penetration test. This test is carried out two times by keeping points at minimum three inches apart. Another important test is retention system test in which a helmet is fixed to a motionless test head shape and static tensile is applied at first fifty pounds and then 250 lbs.

Additional Requirements

All Motocross motorcycle helmets are required to go through and clear DOT evaluation processes. As Motocross is a severe and incredibly dangerous sport, there are large numbers of aspects that are required to be considered prior to starting a motocross race. Motocross helmets are usually made from lightweight composite polycarbonate shell and Kevlar composite. Motocross helmets must have proper ventilation, otherwise sweat and overheating can turn out to be very problematic for bikers.

How to Stop Warranty Companies from Refusing to Cover Engine Repair

By Rebecca, Friday, November 23, 2012

If you’re every tried to make a claim on your warranty, you know it can be a difficult process. And, what many of us don’t realize is that there are things we may have done that have voided our chances of using our warranties at all. Because engine repair is so expensive, you want to make sure to protect your warranty benefits. Here are some ways to do so:

1. Change oil on time.

This is absolutely essential. If you need an engine repair that would normally be covered under your warranty, they will look back at your records to make sure you have followed through with your end of the deal in taking proper care of your engine. If you have not been consistent with oil changes, you could get refused coverage on your engine altogether. Make sure to always take your car in when the oil light comes on and preferably before. Keep track of your miles and go every 3,000.

2. Use the recommended oil type, especially if it’s required by the maker.

When you go to the service station for an oil change, you may get a message that your make requires a particular type of oil. Many newer cars require synthetic oil by the manufacturer. If your oil change records indicate that you have had oil changes using regular oil, your manufacturer could pull out of the warranty and refuse to cover anything repair1 389x291 How to Stop Warranty Companies from Refusing to Cover Engine Repair

3. Always get engine tune ups according to the service manual.

Your service manual will indicate when you need your transmission tuned, when you need your oil changed, when you need your fluids replaced, and pretty much every other car care need to extend the life of your vehicle. Make sure to follow these guidelines if you want to be sure to remain covered under your warranty. If you skip any tune ups, you may not be covered.

4. Take extra care to avoid frontal accidents.

Whenever you get into an accident, you run the risk of damaging major parts of your car. If you get into an accident that damages the front of your car, you run the risk of damaging the entire engine. Make sure your insurance covers your engine and make sure you have a bumper to bumper warranty. But, be careful, most companies will try everything they can to get out of payment, so it’s best to do as much as you can to avoid an accident.

Rebecca Morris is a regular contributor to She has experience writing for a multitude of auto care, car insurance, and safe transportation publications. Rebecca welcomes your comments below!

Why is Limousine Service a Part of Fort Lauderdale’s Culture?

By jhonraymagno, Thursday, November 15, 2012

Limousine 389x290 Why is Limousine Service a Part of Fort Lauderdale’s Culture?The city of Fort Lauderdale has rich and lively culture. Aside from being cited as one of the most popular tourist destination over the past few years, the canal-laced city is also known as one of the official entertainment hubs in U.S wherein fine dining restaurants, night clubs, wild life parks and educational museum are strategically located. If you’re talking about luxury and style, this city is definitely the one to look out for.

Speaking of luxury and style, one of the most popular transport businesses in Fort Lauderdale is a limousine rental. It instantly gained popularity since the early days when it started to transport rich, famous, distinguished and well-known people like movie stars and former Presidents of the United States whenever they required.

Despite the impression that it’s only suited for the upper class men, limousine service providers have seen the need of making this transportation available to the public. From then on, Fort Lauderdale locals accepted the fact that it can be used during special occasions and memorable events.

Here are the reasons why limousine service in Fort Lauderdale was embraced by the people, making it a vital part of their unique culture.

Represent the community’s love for social gathering

The Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District along Las Olas Boulevard is the city’s premier destination for those who are into partying, clubbing and wine tours. On the other hand, there are latest or advanced models of limousines that cater to a large number of people. If you have plans to go there, make sure that you’re going to rent a shuttle service so you won’t miss out each other’s company and you can enjoy the social gatherings all together.

Means for couples’ romantic honeymoon

Fort Lauderdale’s romantic restaurants, luxurious hotels and high-end boutiques are perfect for newlywed couple’s tour itineraries. These moments are made memorable and special with a limousine service. For partners who just want to enjoy the rest of the night without any worries, there are available limousine chauffeurs who can guide both of you. Just make sure that you can reserve earlier than the said date because most of these companies are in demand during the wedding and honeymoon season.

Symbolize hospitable welcome for tourists

Fort Lauderdale’s economy is heavily dependent on tourism. As a matter of fact, the biggest number of tourists amounted to 10.35 million in 2006.  Limousine services are practical transportation for the all the person who wants visit this place because they are located next to the city’s airport. What’s special about their drivers is that; they are very courteous and welcoming as soon as you arrived.

Certainly, your Fort Lauderdale journey is not complete without a limousine ride. Don’t forget to include it on your “to-do list” if you’re planning to visit this wonderful city.

How to Get Cheaper Rates on Car Insurance for Teens

By WriterEvan, Tuesday, November 6, 2012

carexpense How to Get Cheaper Rates on Car Insurance for TeensThere may be no more exciting rite of passage than the day you receive your driver’s license. Sure, being able to legally vote or drink in a bar in this country are both fantastic rights, and true benchmarks on the path to adulthood. But as with every generation since the first cars rolled off of the assembly line, the driver’s license is the key to real freedom. You can now get yourself from point A to point B without a ride from your parents, which will certainly help your dating life. But while driving is an incredible experience, affording the exorbitant rates insurance companies charge teen drivers leaves quite a lot to be desired. Teenagers are considered ‘high risk’ drivers, as they do get into more car accidents than any other demographic. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for ridiculous monthly payments. Here are a few ways to help lock down cheaper rates on car insurance for teenagers. Continue reading

Insuring Your Teen Driver for Auto Insurance

By markmccrell, Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How did it happen?  Your sweet little son, the very one who picked you handfuls of dandelions and smeared your face with chocolate ice cream kisses is suddenly standing before you demanding the car keys, donned with a flat-billed hat and a rather petulant look on his acne-strewn face.  “Mom, the movie starts in twenty minutes!” his teenage voice cracks with impatience.

Teenage Driver 389x258 Insuring Your Teen Driver for Auto InsuranceYep, driving is no doubt a rite of passage for most American teenagers.  Unfortunately, it also happens to coincide with a lot of other teen strife; hormones, namely.  So what emerges from this dangerous brew of angst, bodily changes and authoritative rebellion can sometimes be some unrecognizable creature, not the angelic infant you sweated over and borne into this world.  Be prepared for this inevitable change, but be smart, too.

Teen Drivers.  Ahhhh!

Are there two more incongruous words in the English dictionary that could be strewn together and create more terror in a parent’s trembling heart? Probably not.  Well, maybe a couple others, but let’s not go there. But if you’re the type of parent who plans early and often, you too can manage through the teen driving experience, including getting the proper insurance to cover those precious teens.

When speaking with your insurance agent, be prepared to face the facts that your insurance will automatically increase, a lot. A little sobering tidbit that you might want to sit down and discuss with your new driver is that statistically speaking, driving-related accidents are the number one cause of death among teens.

Number one; Death by disease or random accidents pale in comparison to the risk of that ten minute drive to school or the movies, or wherever else they seem to always need to go.  That is the sole reason that insurance rates climb so drastically when a teenager is put on a policy.  But there are some steps you and your teen can make to help keep the costs down and the driving privileges up.

  • Keep up the good grades: Insurance companies will use your student’s report card as a basis for insurance discounts.  If your son or daughter can maintain at least a B average, the savings will be much greater than a C or lower.  Being a good student has its benefits.
  • Fast Car: No doubt about it, your son won’t look as cool in the dusty, faux wood-paneled Suburban as he envisioned himself looking in that brand new, bright yellow Mustang.  But the old family car is of sturdy-construction, reliable and best of all, won’t raise those already skyrocketing insurance rates.
  • Put in a little extra effort: Some insurance companies will give your teen a little extra discount if they complete a safe-driving program or watch a video on safe driving and take a test afterwards.  Make sure that you are also using a reputable driving school for the novice driver.  The safer your new driver, the less the risk and the better the driving record.  All these add up to bigger savings with your premiums.
  • Get the largest deductible:  This change will help lower your monthly premiums.  While talking to your agent make sure to increase your collision and comprehensive coverage.  As we know, teens constitute the highest risk group.  So accidents, big or small, are a distinct possibility.

It’s near the end of the day, you’re exhausted. After opening the refrigerator door you mourn aloud that there’s no milk.  Your teenage daughter practically jumps out of her skin and announces that she will go and get that necessary gallon of milk. All by herself. After all, it’s been almost sixteen minutes since she passed her driver’s test and can officially drive on her own.

You tell her to take the route through the neighborhood and to avoid highways at all costs (it doesn’t matter that the nearest freeway is a good fifteen miles away) you’re taking no risks. You tell her to call you when you get to the store and right before she leaves—but not while she’s driving! Despite her frequent eye-rolls and huffs of exasperation, you hand over those keys hesitatingly, feeling the transfer of weight from your hand to your daughter’s.  Your stomach clenches when she grabs her purse and dashes out the door.

After a brief silent prayer you watch the car disappear down the driveway. Take a deep breath. This too, is all a part of parenting. Don’t forget your daughter is smart, savvy and above all, safe. Remember, you raised her to be that way.

Good job, mom and dad!

Mark McCrell is an auto aficionado who loves to drive his 1974 Buick LaSabre around town and write about all things auto. He currently blogs for the website AutoInsuranceQuotes, which specializes in auto insurance tips.

Tips for Successfully Transferring a Leased Car

By WriterEvan, Wednesday, October 24, 2012

car Tips for Successfully Transferring a Leased CarOne you sign a car lease agreement, you generally expect to see it through to completion. After all, you spent all that time shopping for the perfect car and haggling with the salesperson, you’re not going to waste that on just a few months of driving contentment. However, bad luck or unforeseen circumstances can intervene, and put you in a situation where you really need to get rid of that car. What can you do? Luckily, most lease financing companies will allow you to transfer your car lease to another individual, as long as they pass a credit check and agree to take over the payments. You’ll avoid the stiff early termination penalties you could face, and the new lessee gets to reap the benefits of your haggling. So how do you go about successfully transferring a leased car?

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The Risks of Cosigning for a Car Loan

By WriterEvan,

car2 The Risks of Cosigning for a Car LoanIf a friend or family member comes to you for help, your first instinct is probably to do whatever you can. After all, this person means something to you and you don’t want to see them in trouble. But if that person comes to you asking you to cosign for a car loan, you must take the time to consider it from all angles without letting your emotions get involved. Cosigning for a car loan is a way you could help that person deal with financial hardships without having to actually put out any cash. That alone make it seems like a win-win, but cosigning a car loan comes with some very serious risks. Consider each of these factors before you agree, and save yourself some real problems down the road.

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How to Save Money on Common Car Expenses

By WriterEvan,

car22 How to Save Money on Common Car ExpensesWe may not all have the colossal garages and beautiful automobile collections of some of our favorite celebrities, but we love our cars all the same. The car is our modern day horse; our trusted mode of transportation with which we develop unspoken bonds out on the road. Of course, our cars can end up costing us quite a bit as well. Everything from maintenance to gas to insurance depletes our bank accounts every month. If we’re not careful, auto repair bills can start to pile up quicker than we can pay them. Luckily, there are a few great ways to save money on common car expenses.

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Tips to Keep your Car Well – Avoid Fluid Leakage

By ArunMalhotra, Wednesday, October 10, 2012

fluid leak 389x583 Tips to Keep your Car Well   Avoid Fluid LeakageWe sometimes tend to take things lightly and our “doesn’t matter” approach makes things complicated in the long run. Most of us suffer from car fluid leakage issues but we hardly take note of this. But if immediate action is not taken, sooner or later a huge bill of repair awaits you.

Leaking of fluid in cars is a recurrent problem and needs to be identified and tackled at the earliest to avoid damage to the vehicle. If you mostly park your car in the same place then you can view the spot of oils otherwise the leaks go undetected. Don’t assume that until your car is working, no need to worry about the leakage as this will haunt you in unexpected time.

There are few basic fluids that keep your vehicle fit and strong. Oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and radiant coolant are some of those fluids with which a car is equipped. You can identify the liquid from its color.

Radiant coolant is bright green in color but if unchanged for 5600 kms it might transform into light or medium brown color which is tough to identify.

Power steering and transmission fluid is red in appearance and if too much is pour out it is sure to affect handling of the car and the leaking is an alarm to lookout for a mechanic soon before car becomes non-operable.

If the holding tank is filled too much, then windshield wiper fluid might leak which may be of any color from green, pink, yellow to orange.

Brake oil can be easily detected as it is clear oily fluid or it can be of yellow or brown color. The wheels are the best indicators of brake oil, if found on them. A problem in the master cylinder, most probably, might be the cause of the leakage. If ignored for long, brake oil leakage can cause severe damage to the vehicle.

Out of these oils, only the windshield fluid is the one that can be overlooked while every other fluid has the potential to harm your car drive. So, next time you see a leakage, try to identify it and consult a professional to avoid huge repair cost.

Ignoring the leakage of fluids from your vehicle may prove really damaging as these are essential for the sound health of your car. If you don’t check them on a regular basis, your car may even stop working some day and you’ll then be spending hefty amounts on getting your beloved vehicle back to work.

Now, this shouldn’t be a very difficult task for you to undergo, simply keep checking how the fluids of your car are doing on a regular basis and keep it working well for really long!

Irfan has worked in the Automobile industry. He uses his knowledge to tell readers about cars and all related things. He has written various articles on car, several of them are on car maintenance tips.