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The Rise And Fall: Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make In Running Their Enterprise

By Reggie@Xen, Friday, August 30, 2013

Business Mistakes Man Questions The Rise And Fall: Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make In Running Their EnterpriseAny business venture is battered with mishaps, missteps and mistakes. No matter how wise you are into running or owning a business , there will come a time that you will run into problems at some point. The key to success is to quickly know your mistakes, learn from those mistakes and prevent it from happening again. Most enterprise big or small, experience the same pitfalls. It is those business missteps that make the difference between owning and managing a successful and solid business or owning a mini black hole that can leave you in financial ruin for years.

Here are the biggest mistakes business owners when managing their businesses.

1. An unclear purpose. Every organization must know why the venture exists and what it is trying to achieve. Business owners must give ample time and attention in developing mission and vision. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, be it a delivery service, industrial printing service, a restaurant or manufacturing; a business needs to understand its reason for its existence.

2. Trying to get rich quickly. In business an overnight success usually takes 10years up to 20 years to achieve. If you’re expecting to be rich in a short span of time, you will just be discouraged early on your projects and may give up your dreams quickly. Everything takes time, this includes success. With the right attitude, patience, perseverance and a little luck everything will fall into place. Give your business time to grow and mature. It’s just like taking care of your own child. You don’t want to rush things. With proper care and right management decisions, your business will become solid and grow as you expected.

3. Assuming that you don’t have any competition. Business is an ongoing battle to get to the top. There are always battles in the field of business. Even if you have the latest technology and a trend setting approach to business, don’t assume that you have no competition. Competition is not just direct competitors, it also includes all available alternatives in making your business known to customers. Not knowing what the customer wants is a very serious competitive threat to your enterprise. A false sense of leadership or victory can lead to downfall.

4. Weak leadership. The success of your enterprise is a result of your strong leadership. Being a strong leader does not mean you to become a dictator or an authoritarian but you should not also be too complacent and too friendly. There is still should be some professionalism when it comes to work and managing the business. A good leader sets the right course of the organization and inspires the team to be on top and gets to the next level of success.

5. Putting too much business into personal lives. Many business owners put their personal lives as a last priority so that they can focus more on their businesses and in time, both will suffer. You need to balance your personal life and business life. If these are achieved, the success in business and family will surely happen.

6. Setting unrealistic financial targets. Being a billionaire will be common in business if all business plans came into reality. Many owners create new ventures and planning unrealistic returns and most of them never get the business launched. Having unrealistic goals will not only put dirt on your credibility but it can also put an emotional drain on you. You have to set measurable, specific, realistic and accountable targets and goals to ensure the continued growth of the business.

7. No employee accountability. Organizations that fail to hold employee accountability and other job responsibilities are guilty of mismanaging valuable resources. Paying employees that does not render the proper service to the company is giving no value to the company. Make employees responsible and accountable for their projects or they can just look for some other jobs elsewhere.

8. Not anticipating the changes in the market. Business markets changes like the weather. It is very important to keep an eye on shifting trends in customer behavior, technology and customer preference. Knowing the changes are a good foundation in making effective marketing strategies that will appeal to customer and wear out the ever changing markets.

9. Cutting prices on products or services. When business is tough, most owners resort to differentiating on price of goods and services. Customers may interpret cutting prices as lowering your standards. People will pay good money if the products and services are of high quality.

10. Thinking that your business can do everything. The ultimate mistake entrepreneurs make is believing that they can do it everything by themselves. Yes, owners can almost do everything but some of it are poorly executed. As a business owner, it is your job to get the best talents and help them fulfill their potential to the fullest. Have yourself surrounded with people who are strong when your talents are weakest. Great business organizations are built on the foundation of enhancing streets and not be a jack of trades and master of everything.

The success of a business depends on avoiding inevitable pitfalls, never accepting no for an answer and unwavering ambition. A business owner has the responsibility of the business to new height without sacrificing some of the most important factors learned. He is the captain and the king that holds his little kingdom to greatness.

Author bio:

Reggie is a blogger who writes specifically for business owners, IT geek and people who are interested with technology and business. She finds barcode scanning technologies and pcm management to be interesting subjects to discuss in her blogs.

What To Look For In An Accountant

By Article Contributor, Thursday, August 29, 2013

Accountant Big Calculator Math 389x260 What To Look For In An AccountantIf you have a small or medium size business then you might want to consider getting your business an accountant. Having an accountant can really help you focus on the essential part of the business without having to worry about the finances and bookkeeping.

It can be a really cost effective step for your company if you find the right accountant, and can help boost your business. Here are some of the most important things to look for in an accountant.

Good Communication

The most important thing to look for in an accountant is the way they communicate with you. You need to be on the same level and understand each other clearly.

You can usually see how your chemistry works in a few meetings so do have a preliminary interview meeting before you hire an accountant or an accounting company to ensure you get along. Make sure they are able to communicate efficiently and in a friendly manner.

Willingness To Explain

You will most likely have a lot of finance related questions, especially if you are just starting to set up your own business. Therefore your accountant needs to be willing to explain any difficult concepts to you and make sure you understand them.

They also need to be ready to go through the procedures with you so that you are always on top of your financial situation even if you aren’t taking care of it yourself. If there are any issues with them explaining things properly then you need to find yourself a new accountant.

Responsible And Responsive

Your accountant should be responsible and take your business seriously. It is important to make sure they understand the way your business works and follow it the way you want them to. They also need to understand your goals and help you achieve them.

Make sure your accountant is responsive. Small Business UK reminds that you shouldn’t ever have to run around chasing your accountant but they need to be available at the times agreed beforehand. They also need to let you know beforehand when they are on a holiday and introduce you to the person looking after you during this time.

Professionalism And Qualifications

This might seem like an obvious point but it is really important you ensure the accountant and the accounting firm has the right qualifications to work as your accountant. You can usually find this information on their website so check it out when you are looking for an accountant.

You can also ask for paperwork showing their qualifications. If they have a problem doing this then it may be a clear signal that they aren’t the right choice for you.

You want your account and the accounting firm to be professional in their conduction. This means that the relationship between you two should be friendly yet professional. A nice way to ensure professional service is to get references for the firm. One company with a good reputation is Friendly Accountants UK and you should include them onto your list for possible accounting services.

Glen Rayford is always giving up tips and advice to small business owners and freelancers to help them achieve success. He also likes to play console games together with his friends to unwind after a long day.

Things To Consider Before Becoming A Landlord In New Jersey

By Article Contributor, Monday, August 26, 2013

Many people at one time or another ponder the thought of becoming a landlord as a way to generate extra income. They believe that they will find the perfect home for sale in New Jersey, move in the perfect tenants, and be able to earn a few extra hundred to thousands of dollars every month. While this scenario is not incorrect, many wannabe landlords don’t think about all that can complicate your dream of being a landlord. Here are a few things to think about to help you realistically decide if becoming a landlord is for you.

Are you handy?

Having some basic skills in plumbing, landscaping, construction, etc. will put you ahead of the game. When buying a home that you want to rent to others, it’s important to remember that you may buy a home that will need some fixing up. It is also very likely that the home will need repairs while your residents are living there. You may not have the cash needed to hire others to do this work for you. It’s important to learn or build upon the skills you already have so that you can save money by doing these things yourself.

For Rent Lease 389x262 Things To Consider Before Becoming A Landlord In New JerseyWill you be available to your tenants 24 hours a day?

Managing a property in New Jersey means handling tenant inquiries and maintenance requests at any time of the day. This means that you will be doing repairs during early mornings, late at night, and the weekends. For a tenant, there is nothing worse than having to deal with a flooding toilet at 2am, and it’s the only toilet available in the home. Are you willing to get up to make those repairs? If not, you may want to research hiring a property management company who can handle both the customer service inquiries as well as contract the repair services when needed.

Can you buy your rental property with cash and savings?

When looking at homes for sale in New Jersey, you may want to think about using cash to purchase your rental property. The cost of a mortgage can very easily eat away your profits. If you are able to buy it with cash, any money you make from rental income minus maintenance costs and other expenses will be considered a profit. While using a mortgage will make the opportunity of becoming a landlord much quicker for you, you also have to consider if that instant gratification is worth it. Ask your realtor if the property you are considering is expected to increase in value over time. This is not a guarantee for every property so if you have the cash to buy a property outright, you should consider doing so.

Becoming a landlord is a huge responsibility that deserves the proper thought and consideration. If you already have a full time job and maybe even a family, then adding on the responsibility of a landlord will be like taking on another full time job. The work is likely to wane after some years because you may be able to afford handing off repairs and customer service tasks to others. However being a landlord will require several years of investment of time and money on your end before reaching that point.

James Cash is a landlord and part time writer.

3 strategies for running a successful restaurant

By morganjohnes, Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What do restaurant owners do when they want to take affirmative action regarding the inflation of net profits according to the basic structure of supply and demand? In theory, the goods and services you provide must correspond to the public demand for such goods and services, which is of course directed and controlled by the self-dependent bylaws of your particular commercial enterprise. 4 389x280 3 strategies for running a successful restaurant

Managing a successful restaurant venue is a relatively easy endeavor; at least to the point where the supply and demand ratio in not directly affected by global market politics, recession or indiscriminative taxation. That said, the fundamentals necessary for cutting expenses and ergo increasing profits, depends solely on the way you manage your business; the quality of your labor force, and the overall quality of your products.

We suggest that you look into these 3 practical strategies for increasing revenue, and while they serve only as simple guidelines, their integration and execution rests solely on your efforts.

Know your product.

You cannot simply pay some random clock-puncher to know your products for you. Familiarizing yourself with the essentials behind what you are selling is crucial for any successful business, especially the restaurant business. Learning how to prepare meals may seem like a waste of valuable time at the moment, but in the long run this sort of knowledge can be the difference between expansion and bankruptcy. By knowing your product you can determine its actual fabrication value, and consequentially set its selling price.

Choose your employees wisely

Entrusting your operation to a supposedly trusted official is mandatory for any kind of food preparation enterprise; but it also leaves room for defection and corporate scrutiny. Chefs, Sou-chefs, line cooks, prep cooks, waiters and barkeeps make up this team of trustees, who will be the ones who are actually earning your profits. Selecting only the most reliable and trust-worthy employees is essential for your business to succeed, and there are some additional factors you must also take into account. An honest kitchen manager can go a long way in alleviating much of the responsibilities associated with running a functional kitchen. This person must have deep understanding of the food preparation process; from the various ingredients to the cooking process to adjusting staff hours. Use your best judgment, and always ask for, and thoroughly double check references.

Keep up with the competition

Assuming that yours is not the only restaurant in a 100 mile radius, there will be those who will undermine your operation and try to steal your customers. Your job as a restaurant owner is to keep a close eye on what is happening around you. Stay informed of the latest trends and always be one step in front of your direct competitors. Little corporate espionage can give you upper hand when regulating prices, customer support, working hours and wages. It is a good business strategy to lower your prices, but offer the exact same merchandise as your competitors. Shutting down and renovating your restaurant can seem like a good idea if you wish to gain the upper edge in appealing to the average customer, but this maneuver will leave your business vulnerable to attacks by the competition. What you do here, is you wait for the perfect moment to shut down your restaurant. Assuming that you have done your research before hand, you should be able to calculate which time of the year brings you the least profit.

Busted for DUI – Can I Lose My Job?

By dame, Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting arrested for a DUI is not considered by many to be such a serious offence. Why? Because people feel that it can happen to anyone and that such situations can sometimes be just around the corner. However, the government feels that these offences are something that should not be tolerated anymore, because they can cause serious injuries. This is why the laws for getting arrested for a DUI have been made stricter.

9088392 s Busted for DUI – Can I Lose My Job?

One of the major talking points about the DUI law is whether or not you can lose your job after getting arrested for driving under the influence. The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than it might seem at first. The reason for this is that, while it is not stated anywhere in the law that losing your job may be a consequence of getting arrested for drunk driving, there are many situations where having such an offence on your record can seriously jeopardize your position in a company. So, to answer it from a legal point of view: no, you cannot lose your job directly because of a DUI offence. However…

License suspension

When you get arrested for drunk driving, you will have your license suspended after 60 days. There are ways in which you can fight this suspension, but if you fail, you will have to file a ‘proof of financial responsibility’ for three years. This can cause a problem, because employers usually regard people who have to file this form (also called the SR22 insurance) as risky drivers and will usually not allow those drivers to drive a company car. If your job depends on driving that car, then chances are that you will be forced to leave your job.

Renting cars

If you are a business traveler and your job depends on renting cars in various cities, then having your license suspended, or in the process of suspension (those 60 days after which the suspension is in full effect), will greatly influence your work. When car renting companies see a driving license which has a hole in it (when you get arrested for DUI, the officer punches a hole through your license, to mark it for suspension) they usually do not decide to rent the car to the owner of such a license. This could cause you to fail to finish your job and can also cause you some embarrassment.

Ignition Interlock Device

It is possible to retain your driving privileges once arrested for DUI by applying for an ignition interlock license. This means that you can continue to drive cars as long as they have the ignition interlock device installed. However, once you get this ‘license’, it does not look like a license at all. It is a whole sheet of paper which explains what this license enables you to do. When you go to rent a car, you may encounter problems, because providing the company with such a license will surely raise a few eyebrows.

So, in the end, all I can say is that, while, technically, you cannot lose your job due to getting arrested for drunk driving, it is possible that other events that are set in motion by your arrest lead to you getting fired. Once you get arrested, the best possible thing to do would be to immediately contact a DUI attorney who will certainly be able to provide you with some advice regarding your future actions. In the end, the attorney might keep you your job.

Damian has been a writer and an online entrepreneur since 2009. He mostly writes about business, finance and lifestyle. This article was created after visiting to LY Lawyers Sydney website, one of the best criminal attorneys in Australia.

Property in Demand in Navalur

By zara, Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The real estate of the city of Chennai has rapidly changed its face. The developments of new centers of infrastructural growth are majorly the reason behind it. The city was always known for its service class and as an auto hub, but over the period of time the others sectors have also being doing well. Navalur, a nondescript village in Chennai has now arisen into a development hub. So much so, that a 2 bhk flat in Navalur is considered a good investment option.

The City has changed drastically in terms of infrastructural development. New roads have been built, flyover constructed and new kinds of housing and residential properties are now being created across the city. The establishment of IT campuses and creation of jobs by them has been a major booster in the overall economy of the State. As is the case with any big change because of a new economic policy implementation, the coming up of IT companies and MNCs and the boost provided to the private sector companies; created an atmosphere of increased opportunities and growing consumerism. This further led to more spending and hence revenue generation for the local government.

Navalur, a small village in South Chennai, also experienced something similar and the rapid infrastructural growth on the Old Mahabalipuram Road, propped up this quiet village into limelight. Massive projects were launched, which led to the development of local infrastructure too, which means that roads, water supply, electricity etc. like basic infrastructure got a lift and Navalur, became a developing township. Now, even a 2 bhk flat in Navalur can cost around Rs 70 to 90 lakhs and there is a regular demand for the same.  

Property prices

Property in Navalur is presents a picture of how a newly developed residential area can become the center of attraction in a short frame of time. The current property prices range between Rs 3500 per square feet to Rs 8500 per square feet (March to June 2013 figures). As the pricing indicates, all kinds of properties are available and a 2 bhk flat in Navalur remains the favourite among both buyers and renters. Also, the location, size, facilities and builder reputation remain price regulating factors.

Property Trends

Property trends indicate at the growth of the real estate sector and the reasons are obvious. The township offers opportunities and good residing options, in terms of the quality of houses constructed here, hence the prices are moving upwards and are more likely to continue their upward climb. The average percentile growth is hovering around 3 to 5 per cent per quarter (January to June 2013 estimates) and experts believe that the growth is likely to maintain its trajectory due to favorable circumstances.

Some experts believe that the property prices in Navalur are not justified and should be a little less, as sudden spurt in prices is not considered stable by realtors, but many other experts believe that the prices are right and the property here is a good investment and hot proposition.

Future prospects

Experts believe that today a 2 bhk flat bought in Navalur for Rs 75 lakhs can soon become worth 1 Crores in three to four years and looking at a regular stream of demand from buyers the situation is most probable. Hence, an investment in Navalur is advised by the experts and they see a minimal 5 per annum growth as a given for Navalur. This kind of faith by realtors is derived from the development of the area, opportunities available there, nearby connecting areas and roads and the overall buyer interest generated so far.

Want to Get Your First Credit Card? Read on

By lbetteny, Sunday, July 7, 2013

Revolving credit card Card Bank Want to Get Your First Credit Card? Read onA credit card is a prominent financial tool, which can prove to be very handy  during urgencies with the least amount of financial management. Some individuals like students want to own a credit card for trivial reasons such as to fulfill the need for liquid cash, your friends own one or because you want a lavish life and so on. While there are many people who are under the impression that by having a credit card they will raise the debt burden or it can lead to bankruptcy but the fact is that there can be some legitimated reasons to have your first credit card and some of these are discussed below:

The first and the foremost reason to have a credit card is for the obvious reason to meet any kind of  emergency situation. This is for the rationale that you can use your credit card for almost everything from paying off unpaid power bills or hospital bills. Thus, they prove to be a boon for those who don’t have a habit of carrying cash or when you are out of money. For this all you need to do is get your credit card swiped and you can get the amount you called for, provided it is within your permissible limit.

Apart from this, a lot of individuals are hesitant to hold a credit card for they think it gives them a bad credit score but the fact is that this does not happen all the time. With proper management you can make use of your credit card to increase your credit history, which we all know plays a vital role in getting loans and all sorts of financial support. You need to choose a credit card that has a low interest rate, pay off  your outstanding dues on the assigned date of every month. Now this will definitively aid in improving your credit score.

Additionally, credit card also helps in giving you flexible shipping options. There are many stores that offer you discounts or reduced EMIs when you pay via your credit card like for example when purchasing a mobile phone, expensive watches and so on . Thus, with such a financial tool you are sure to get not only get multiple shopping options but also make great savings. Many a times, the credit card issuers offer rewards points, free gasoline, airline miles or some or the other kind of incentive to the users, which makes it all the more useful to own credit card.

Also, you get increased consumer protection when you pay through your credit card. There can be times when you buy items on the Internet and  you don’t receive it  or the merchant refuses to give your money back. Well then you can just make a simple call to your credit card company to ensure no payment is made for such a product.

If you are careful and financially disciplined, owning a credit card will definitely work in your favor.

Getting bad credit-loans  has become easier currently as a result of many instituted who provide such loans at low interest rates. badcredit-loans facility is additionally being employed by lots of individuals.

How to Turn That Placement into a Full-Time Job

By Estelle Page, Saturday, June 22, 2013

Entry level job 2 389x259 How to Turn That Placement into a Full Time JobUnemployment in Britain is at a tremendously high level and employers are not only looking at the qualifications of prospective candidates, but their levels of relevant experience. Applicants are now frequently looking into unpaid work experience placements in order to gain relevant experience and to get a foot onto their chosen professional ladder. For some such lucky interns, they are fortunate enough to be offered a full time job at the end of their placement.

Following these tips will help you increase your chances of getting your dream job when the placement draws to an end:

1. Meet and greet. By talking to everyone in your work place you will increase the number of people who know who you are. Not only will you be kept in the loop about future employment possibilities but you will be able to gain a broader understanding of all the departments your company is involved in.

2. Keep busy. Don’t waste the short time that you’re on placement. By giving yourself short goals to complete you will be proving that you’re of a professional nature as well as hard working. Ask for more tasks when you’ve completed your original goals – nobody forgets an efficient worker.

3. Read trade journals. Not only will this show that you have a keen interest in your chosen profession but you will also be able to understand your company’s position within its field. You will gain a better understanding of what is expected of people within your position, and can adapt accordingly.

4. Ask questions. Work placements are short and are often very competitive so make the most of the time you’re there.  Don’t be afraid of asking too many questions or asking to sit in on certain meetings, as employers are often keen to hire employees who show a genuine interest in the field they have chosen to work in.

5. Learn SEO. Unpaid work experience doesn’t always have to be gained by sitting in an office; some placements can be done from home. The majority of companies now have websites so the internet is a huge marketing tool for all employers, and the content they place within their website has a vital role in attracting new clientele and placing their company at the top of a search engine. Any prospective writers can gain vital work experience from home by creating a blog and proving they have the ability to post an article that gets read.

6. Be prepared to start from the bottom. Everyone wants to be the managing director but not everyone can be. By accepting any jobs you’re given, whether they’re as mundane as directing the mail or affixing stamps, you’ll show that you possess a good work ethic and are prepared to work for your dream career. Nobody wants to hire an arrogant employee!

Do you have any placement horror stories or have any more advice? Please feel free to share your comments below.

Liam Thomas is a 21 year old student in need of a future full time job currently applying for any work experience wherever possible. He writes for Strategy Internet Marketing

You Don’t Need a 1st to Get a Job

By Estelle Page, Thursday, June 20, 2013

Any situation has the potential to give you valuable experience and skills. If you make sure it’s known that you’re interested in trying new things and working on diverse projects, you will find yourself given the opportunity to collect great experience to talk about on your CV. And that’s a lot more valuable than that one line saying ‘1st class’.

But it’s not enough to have loads of brilliant skills if you don’t tell anyone about them! You are your own lifetime achievement, your work in progress until the day you die. Never stop making yourself better, and never let anyone forget just how good you are.

1. Volunteer

Get visible

In most companies there are new projects going on all the time, whether you see them or not. Contact agencies, charities or even clubs and let them know you’d like to be considered for any trials or intern positions. I’ve actually done this and one of my wild shots in the dark came good. REAL good.

Even something that seems arduous is valuable experience that you can talk about in future interviews in or outside of the company. Get involved and make the most of every opportunity to learn new programs and processes. Be keen for everything and prove that you’re a safe bet for employment.

Exchange your time for great experience

Take a look outside: what do you want to do with your future? Find voluntary work that gives you skills in exchange for your time. For instance, GKBC blogging academy is a writing collective that sets guest blog titles which are then published on many sites across the net. Not only do you get to build up a respectable portfolio of published work, you also get feedback, training, awards and even the possibility of an interview with their parent company. If you want to become a writer, there’s no better experience.

If you want to pursue a career in website design but you’re lacking a diverse portfolio, why not approach some small local businesses and offer them some web help? You get to practise your skills and add voluntary work to your CV. If you do a great job, your name will get around and you may find yourself with a healthy amount of freelance in no time.

honor clement hayes 640x228 You Dont Need a 1st to Get a Job

Image: Honor Clement-Hayes

2. Build yourself a portfolio

Use multimedia platforms to show off

If you hope to have a creative career path, a black and white CV is not enough. Creating an online portfolio is a brilliant showcase that promotes your work in the way that you want. Most people have enough web experience to build a basic web portfolio using WordPress, Moonfruit or Pinterest.

If you want to show off your writing or art, start a blog featuring work you’ve done. If you’re a designer, using a platform like Pinterest is perfect because you not only get an attractive and organised portfolio, your work could also be quickly shared all over the world.


3. Look good online

Give a great Google

We all know that potential employers will look you up. Rather than your old MySpace and a photo of you doing ballet in the 90s, wouldn’t it be better to take up the entire first page of their search with awesomeness? Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, portfolio, Pinterest, professional forums… do it all! You get to show off your entire character and value through all these mediums without even having to try – beyond keeping them all up to date, that is.

Just don’t forget: you can’t try to please everyone and you should never gear all this stuff towards being a model employee. If they don’t like who you actually are, do you really think you’re going to be suitable for their role? With this in mind, don’t say you have that 1st when you actually don’t. Believe you’re good enough for the truth to be better.

Ask for feedback

Request a recommendation on LinkedIn. Ask your followers to retweet an article you’ve written. If you’re using your skills to help someone then you’re in a great position to ask them to write you a short piece of feedback. These can be displayed on your blog or LinkedIn profile, and also add to your list of strong references.

Leave your mark

Usually if you comment on an article online, you’re asked for your name and website. This is a BRILLIANT backlink to your work and a great opportunity to leave little calling cards all over the internet. The writer of the piece will most likely read your comment as will other people who are interested in the subject, which can lead to great contacts. So steer clear of ‘JustinBeiberFanBoy206’ and ‘OMG, this is such a load of BS, seriously the government sucks’ and start making your impression on the world.

It all starts with just one person believing in you: you. Put time and effort into your most important life project and you will do well. You never know what a chance meeting will lead to, or who’s reading your seemingly one-sided blog. You can do it.

If you’ve got any words of wisdom for us, do leave a comment. We’re all out here in the cold alone together after all!

Honor Clement-Hayes is an avid believer in making yourself your own most important project. Her motto is ‘chuck yourself at life’ and she wants to help other ambitious types to adopt the attitude she’s used to get past dropping out of uni.

How to Effectively Choose a Lawyer

By dinglidingli, Thursday, May 16, 2013

952313 79933908 389x260 How to Effectively Choose a Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer could be one of the most important decisions you ever make. If you’ve never needed legal services before then the decision can also be daunting, especially with so many lawyers practicing so many different branches of the law. The first step is to know what category your particular problem falls under; do you need a lawyer who specialises in real estate, tax, or business? Do you need an insurance lawyer, a personal injury lawyer, or one who specialises in maritime law? Specialities also include divorce, environment, intellectual property, and criminal defence; the list goes on.

Begin your search by asking for recommendations; ask friends and family for the name of someone they trust; if that lawyer doesn’t have experience with your type of case, he or she will more than likely be able to recommend a lawyer who has a proven track record in the right specialty. When you have a list of names, the next step is to interview each potential candidate in order to find out if they are the right lawyer for you. Prepare for this first interview thoroughly, gather together all the information pertaining to your case and organise it so that it can be presented clearly and expeditiously. Time is a factor here because most lawyers will only be able to spare an hour or so for this first meeting, and they will need to get a good grasp on the fundamentals of the case so as to be able to give you an educated opinion on where you stand, and how they will be able to help you. It’s advisable to have a list of questions on hand so that you can make a fair assessment of this lawyer and decide if you want to hire them.

Questions to ask:

  • Do they find the case interesting?
  • Is your case within the scope of their expertise?
  • Are they available to start working on your case immediately?
  • How will they proceed with your case, and how long will each step take?
  • Can they give an estimate on how long the case will take?
  • How much do they charge and what expenses will be included?

If you choose a lawyer from a large firm it’s a good idea to establish how much of the work on your case will be delegated to a paralegal and how much time the lawyer will personally spend working on your case. It’s also advisable to request that the lawyer automatically forwards any updates to you regarding the case, this will save you having to chase information; remember that every time you get your lawyer on the phone you will be charged for the time so establishing regular updates could save you a small fortune. Finding someone you trust is perhaps the most important factor when choosing legal representation. Explain their reasoning, and don’t settle for vague promises that may be misleading, and ultimately expensive and disappointing. Find a lawyer that is willing to tell you what you might not want to hear, if you have no chance of winning your case it’s better to know the truth before you spend your lifesavings fighting for a lost cause. Obviously get a second, a third and a fourth opinion, and don’t give up without a fight, just make sure the lawyer standing by your side is working for you and not just for your money.

The right lawyer can make or break a case. The right lawyer can be a trusted confidante for a lifetime. Take the time to choose wisely.

Dingli & Dingli Law Firm is a well-respected law firm in Malta; highly regarded for efficiency and effectiveness; a top class team catering to a multi-lingual clientele.

Efficient Job Search Tips for Fresh Graduates

By CDunya, Wednesday, May 1, 2013

With the recent developments in the global economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for recent graduates to find a good entry-level job. Here are some tips that will help you land that job you want, even though you don’t have a lot of work experience under your belt.

Entry level job 389x299 Efficient Job Search Tips for Fresh GraduatesWiden Your Search

Many graduates have their sight set on one business and watch diligently for an opening. Some people seek only the best jobs and ignore entry-level openings. In both cases, the recent graduates should broaden their job search. Look at companies that are similar to your dream employer. You can use the work experience on your resume for the better job. Most employers want applicants with education and work experience. If you are seeking only the top-level jobs, you should realise that most employees start in entry-level positions.

Narrow Your Search

Fresh graduates also tend to look at the whole industry instead of narrowing their search to niches in which they may excel. Look at your minors or industry-related talents that you may have. For example, Sharon graduated with a degree in graphic design. Instead of seeking generic design jobs, she promoted her skills as a watercolour artist in conjunction with her degree. She found an employer who wanted her watercolour techniques and her graphic art skills.

The time to start narrowing your job market is while you are in school. Plan your minors and elective courses to enhance your degree. An accountant could specialise in small business’ needs or in payroll.

Use Recruitment Agencies Wisely

Most job seekers wait until after graduation to contact a recruitment agency, but you should contact them early. While planning your school courses, consider asking the recruiting staff what employers want. Often, these experts can recommend ways to improve your chances of finding good employment. Establishing an early relationship with a recruitment agency frequently puts you on their “hot” list. Be sure to keep them abreast of accomplishments, such as good grades, commendations and other achievements.

Work For Free

Gain valuable work experience, either during school or after graduation, by volunteering your services. For example, a graphic designer may create pamphlets for his or her church or an accountant may work for a non-profit organisation, a medical student can help organise free CPR training at a local hospital, etc. Sometimes people find that networking through volunteer work helps them gain employment.

Some businesses offer unpaid internships in exchange for work experience. If this interests you, check with a recruitment agency. The recruiters may know of companies that offer this valuable experience.


Although most people think of networking as only social media, students should start networking while in school. Often, schools host job fairs or career days. This is an excellent time to give the human resource agent your name, contact information and school information. For example, Sharon can impress her future employer at a job fair by showing him pictures of her watercolour paintings and her computer-created art.

It’s Never Too Late

If you are in your last semester or have graduated, you can still increase your chances of finding employment. Polish your resume or hire a professional to write one. Consult with your local recruitment agency to see if they offer this service. Recruiters sometimes can help you tailor your resume to a specific employer.

Although creating a generic resume is the common practice, you can enhance your chances of impressing the job recruiters by having at least two different resumes. Check with the event hosts to get a list of the participating businesses. Tailor your resumes to the ones that may hire you. For Sharon, she could have a resume that emphasised her watercolour talents and another that highlighted her outstanding grades in computer-aided artwork.

Final Thoughts

In the current economy, the job market is tight and graduates have considerable competition. Consulting with personnel at a local recruitment agency is one of the best ways to find employment, but starting your search early is important. By combining several techniques, you can get an edge on your competition and land a job in your desired industry.

Dunya Carter is a blogger and marketing specialist from Australia. She is currently working for Ochre Recruitment, a healthcare recruitment company offering hospital jobs across Australia and New Zealand.

Use a Conference to Help Build Business

By Jack Jameson, Monday, April 22, 2013

Conference Bird 389x155 Use a Conference to Help Build BusinessIf you think that a conference is a group of people dressed as Borgs walking around some fake spacecraft and quoting lines from a series that you have never seen then think again. This type of event is for fans and fanatics and has very little to do with meetings; unless your business is selling comics. A business conference is a whole different kettle of fish and if it is properly researched it can really give you and your company a boost.

However, the key word here is research because to attend a conference you need to leave the office and actually travel to where it is being held and this can work out expensive and time consuming.

When you go to a conference you are taking time out from your daily routine and you will lose what you usually make in a day. On top of this there are travel expenses to think about, which means that the cost is considerable to your company. So before you head to every conference that has the slightest connection to your industry you need to weigh up the pros and cons of the event and whether or not it will be a successful venture to make.

But the difficulty lies in determining what makes a business event a success. Do you judge it by how many new contacts you have made, the size of the pile of new contact business cards that you bring back or the amount of cards that you have handed out? Can you say that a conference has been successful because you have learned something new or because you have met up with old acquaintances? What should you do to maximize the effectiveness of an event and make the most of the cost that is coming your way?

First off we all want to learn something from a conference experience. To do this we need to take notes and make sure that we take plenty. However, because there are so many we need to have a system in place to make us aware of which notes are the most important and need attention the soonest. You might use asterisks or even a different color ink, but make sure you highlight the action you intend to use first, because once the conference is over you are back to the grind and nobody reads every note they take.

After each presentation take some time to ask yourself what you learned and what, for you, was the message behind the speech. Then write this down and try to use it when you are back in the office. Not everything that is presented to you is important so only take onboard what has made you think.

Always try to make the most of your time and that doesn’t mean seeing everything and listening to everybody. Sometimes a chance meeting with a fellow conference visitor can turn into something very important. If this seems to be happening then go with the flow and don’t end the conversation just because you don’t want to miss some opening comments.

Conferences are not for everybody and they will not work if you are determined that they shouldn’t, however, the right attitude at the right conference (in Danish the term is konference) can go a long way to helping your company and for this reason you should always think long and hard about attending them.