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How to Write an Opinion Essay?

When writing an opinion essay you need to present your own point of view on a certain subject, supporting it with reasons and examples that justify that position, and also including the opposing viewpoint with arguments why it isn’t convincing enough. To write a great quality essay you can first decide the topic that you’ll discuss in your essay and your opinion about it, and then make a list of arguments you can use that support your point of view. You can start the essay with a rhetorical or thought provoking question and write it as you are speaking directly to your reader.

This type of essay has its own structure that you should follow when deciding your topic and gathering data that backs up the stated opinion. Here are its three main elements together with tips on how to write better:

  • Introduction. This is the part where you introduce your reader to the topic discussed in your essay and the opinion you have on that topic. Use generic terms and clearly define your argumentation from the very beginning, so that the reader can immediately understand your concept. If your opinion essay topic is formulated as a question, answer it in the introduction part, and leave the elaborations for the main body of the essay.
  • Main Body. The main body of the opinion essay should include arguments and examples that support the conviction you have expressed in the introduction of your paper. Your readers should know why you have that opinion on the particular subject and what is it based on. Aside this, the main body of the essay should also present viewpoints that are opposed to your expressed opinion, together with the reasons why they are proved to be unconvincing.
  • Conclusion. At the end of the essay restate and summarize your point of view to conclude the whole writing.The structure of the argumentation of your views on your opinion essay topic should first be related to your own age, family status, cultural background and personal experiences, so the reader can understand the context in which you are discussing the particular problem. Then you can use different sources of information from multiple disciplines, to further back up and validate your opinions, manifest fluency in the subject, and make your essay sound authoritative, well-thought and justified. You can support, but also challenge each remark with different scientific, historical or axiological references.

An opinion type of essay should be written in a formal style, and the language should not be too personal, meaning you shouldn’t include examples of your personal life, or expose such details, and you should avoid short forms, colloquial expressions and emotive vocabulary. Use clear sentences to introduce the topic and express your opinion, connect them with linking words and phrases, write in well-developed paragraphs, and stay away from over-generalizations. Each paragraph should start with a topic sentence that summarizes what that paragraph is about. Don’t go off-topic with your writing. Instead follow your thesis statement and guide your arguments accordingly. You shouldn’t provide additional information on the arguments themselves, like what is their origin, or definition, etc. Also, if you are using statistics to support your viewpoints, make sure that you properly reference the sources you use.

Guide your readers and show them how you’ve developed your opinion on the subject and avoid attacking and disqualifying the opposing arguments or using aggressive tone to judge their standards. No matter how strong your opinion is on the subject, it would be better if you aren’t too excessively vocal about it.

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4 Article Marketing Strategies For Generating Website Traffic

four strategies

Four Strategies To Follow

Article marketing is still alive and well as a method of website promotion regardless of what you have heard in the SEO world.   There is more than one way to use it for generating traffic.  Use whatever approach is the best fit for you.  They all work depending on how well you execute them.  Usually it is best to implement different strategies in order to test what is working best for you.  Here are some sample strategies that you could implement.


Article Marketing Strategy One

Publish articles that are written to target high volume keyword search phrases in an effort to get as much organic search engine traffic to the article as possible.  Make sure the articles get published on websites where they are more likely to rank well.  You will probably also have to engage in some kind of effort to promote the articles and get them to rank better.  You will get better results publishing on those articles on blogs instead of public article directories.

An Example of SEO targeting article title – How To Get Website Traffic


Article Marketing Strategy Two

Publish articles with titles written to attract attention instead of titles written to purposely target high volume search phrases.  These articles are written with the intention of siphoning existing traffic from wherever they are published.  Therefore, you must publish these articles at places where your target audience is already congregating in large numbers.

An Example of traffic siphoning article title – How John Barleycorn Generated 26,974 Website Visitors With One Article from an Article Directory


Article Marketing Strategy Three

Publish articles with the intended purpose of improving search engine ranking of the website that you are linking out to from within the article.  You would want to publish articles at many different places.  The more website you publish on the better.  Make sure you are linking back to the most relevant pages according to the topic of the article.  Make sure you are using a wide variety of different anchor text to create the links.  If you build too many links using the same anchor text, then Google Penguin is sure to get you.

If you want this method to be effective over the long run, then you want to make sure you do it regularly.  You will need to replace some of the links as the old ones decay and disappear.  Some people do monthly article marketing to compensate for link decay.


Article Marketing Strategy Four

Most article marketing strategies use article directories as the places where your articles get published.  This strategy is a bit different though.  In this strategy, you use public blogging websites.

Publish articles in batches at various web 2.0 blogs in order to create mini-sites that will drive traffic to your primary website.  To accomplish this you will be publishing anywhere from 5-20 articles per website.  Take care to publish articles that educate your target audience about the most common questions they are asking about.  Then funnel that traffic to your primary website.  These websites can be very powerful.


Article Marketing is Still Very Effective Even After Panda and Penguin

A lot of people thought that article marketing died when Google first came out with its Panda algorithm update back in 2011.   Yet, if you test it for yourself, you will find that it still does work very well.  In fact there is even an article marketing case study published publicly online if you search for it in Google.

Article marketing is not something you can do once and then forget about though.  If you want to maintain rankings long term, then you will want to keep doing it over a period of time if not indefinitely.  If you stop promoting your website with links then eventually your rankings will drop.  You can maintain your rankings with article marketing by strategically placing your articles and links in the right places.

Top 60 Branding Experts on Twitter

Social media is very popular nowadays. You can meet new people, update your status, or even make more money through social media. There are several ways to endorse your products and services. But the most popular and most efficient way is through the Internet with social media being found everywhere around the World Wide Web.

One of the most popular and a great platform of social media is Twitter. Twitter is a free social networking site which allows you to post character messages up to 140 characters called tweets. And, anyone can read them as long as your profile is not private. You can say the it is a combination of the features which is the same as instant messaging and microblogging. Today, social media sites like Twitter is being used in marketing and advertising a business. Not only those giant companies are using this platform to promote their products and services, but even those small businesses are also utilizing Twitter as a tool to advertise their businesses. Here’s why Twitter is a great social media platform for advertising and business:

  • You can build a relationship with your customers.
  • You can connect with the right people to avoid scams.
  • You can post questions to be answered by customers instantly or you can provide instant answers for your customers’ inquiries
  • You can make direct links to your website.
  • You can include keywords or business keywords called hashtags in your tweets

Branding or brand building is a new label for a compilation of functions which are always needed to make a successful business. Its goals are to increase the awareness of the public about a business name and logo, and to build a strong essence of the company which can inspire the loyalty to current customers and makes a familiarity to draw new customers.

Since most of you have Twitter accounts, you can now utilize this to make more money. If you are interested in marketing a business, surely you would like to follow the best of them all. Here’s the list of the top branding consultants to follow to make that happen:

  • Andy Robinson, @AndyInNaples
  • Beverly Macy, @BeverlyMacy
  • Catherine Kaputa, @CatherineKaputa
  • Chad A. Levitt, @ChadALevitt
  • Char Brown, @charbrown
  • Cindy Kraft, @CFOCoach
  • Dan Schawbel, @danschawbel
  • Dave Saunders, @davesaunders
  • David Sandusky, @DavidSandusky who runs the @YourBrand forum
  • Deb Dib, @CEOCoach
  • Emilie Ogez (in French), @eogez
  • Fadhila Brahimi (in French), @fbrahimi
  • Gayle Howard, @GayleHoward
  • Gillian Kelly, @Gillian_Kelly
  • Hajj Flemings, @HajjFlemings who runs @BrandCampU
  • Harp Arora, @harparora
  • Jacob Share, @jacobshare
  • Jan Melnik, @janmelnik
  • Jann Watt, @jannwatt
  • Jason Alba, @jasonalba
  • Jeffrey Blake, @jeffrey_blake
  • Jun Loayza, @junloayza
  • Karsten Füllhaas, @kfuellhaas (Switzerland – mostly in German)
  • Katie Konrath, @katiekonrath
  • Kim Batson, @CIO_Coach
  • Kirsten Dixson, @kirstendixson
  • Krishna De, @krishnade
  • Lauren Still, @laurenstill
  • Lesley Everett, @LesleyEverett
  • Lida Citroen, @LIDA360
  • Liz Lynch, @liz_lynch
  • Louise Kursmark, @LouiseKursmark
  • Louise Mowbray, @louisemowbray
  • Maria Elena Duron, @mariaduron
  • Mario Grobholz, @mariogrobholz (Germany – tweets in German)
  • Mark Montoya, @markmontoya
  • Martin Lindstrom, @MartinLindstrom
  • Megan Fitzgerald, @ExpatCoach
  • Michael Loban, @ideserveajob
  • Mike Myatt, @mikemyatt
  • Mohammed Al-Taee, @maltaee
  • Monica O’Brien, @monicaobrien
  • Nance Rosen, @nancerosen
  • Ola Rynge, @Rynge
  • Paul Copcutt, @paulcopcutt
  • Phyllis Shabad, @phyllisshabad
  • Rachel Gogos, @RachelGogos
  • Randi Bussin, @myreinventure
  • Rob Cuesta, @RobCuesta
  • Ryan Rancatore, @RyanRancatore
  • Susan Guarneri, @susanguarneri
  • Tajdar O. Chaudry, @TajdarOC
  • Tessa Faber (in German), @MakingSense
  • Tom Scholte (in Dutch), @TomScholte
  • Trace Cohen & Pete Kistler’s Brand-Yourself, @Brandyourself
  • Ulrike Berlenbach, @Nussknackerin (Germany – German & English tweets)
  • Walter Akana, @WalterAkana
  • Wendy Marx, @wendymarx
  • William Arruda, @williamarruda
  • Yinka Olaito, @pathfindernig

It may seem a little hassle to search each and every one of them. But now, you can follow multiple accounts in one sitting. Some of the best Twitter tools for a bulk follow are Socialoomph, SocialToo, friendorfollow, Twitter Karma, UnTweeps, FlashTweet, and Buzzom. You can utilize any of these tools to follow the presented list easily and hassle-free.

Paternity Testing is the Only Way to Know if You’re the Father

Many men spend their child’s entire life believing that they are the father, only to find out that they have been raising someone else’s child. It may seem heartless to suggest paternity tests UK for every child of divorce, but testing children for paternity before support is ordered will go a long way to ensure that fathers are only required to support children who are biologically theirs. It is devastating for fathers and their children to learn that they are not biologically related, but it’s best to learn the truth as soon as possible.

Being Married Doesn’t Guarantee Paternity

Mike Yates experienced one of the best days of his life when his son was born. He had always wanted to be a father and doted on the son he believed was his. He taught his son important things like how to ride a bike. He married Michael’s mum when she was just 18 and they were overjoyed to learn that she was pregnant a year later. He had no idea that the son she was carrying actually belonged to another man. They raised the baby together for a couple of years until his wife began to spend more time with friends. Not long before Michael’s third birthday his mother announced that she didn’t love his father any longer. He moved out of the home, still believing that Michael was his son.

DNA Test Results Can Be Shocking

Mike heard rumours from his friends that Michael was not his son when the boy was 17 years old. He suggested a paternity test to dispel the rumors and was shocked when the results came back negative, only two days before Michael turned 18. They sent the test in firmly believing that it would come back positive and were sickened by the results. Michael confronted his mother and she said that the results had to be a mistake, however she failed to contest the DNA test results in court. She refuses to talk to Michael about the identity of his biological father.

Being Deceived Leads to Regrets

Mike had been needlessly paying maintenance to his ex-wife for many years. Mike and Michael still treat each other as father and son because it is the only relationship they have known. After his divorce, Mike remarried and decided not to start a family with his new wife because he believed that they both had children. He now regrets this decision, knowing that Michael is not his son. Now he will have no biological grandchildren and there will be nobody to carry on the family bloodline. He doted on his son for 18 years and is now emotionally devastated. Mike is now considering a lawsuit against his ex, but insists that it is about the betrayal and not the money.

Image Credit: jurvetson

Top Towns to Live in for Retirees Moving to the Phoenix Area

As the sixth most populous city in the United States, Phoenix’s major cities include Scottsdale, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Peoria, and Surprise. The towns of Cave Creek, Paradise Valley, Carefree, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Sun City, Tolleson, Youngtown, and Buckeye are among the many surrounding smaller communities that make up the Valley of the Sun. Because Phoenix is a sprawling epicenter in Arizona that is divided up into more than 20 cities, towns and communities, you may be overwhelmed with the extensive list of options for where to live. Whether you’re a retired couple looking for a winter home or a single retiree who’s looking forward to the next stage in life, the Phoenix area offers something for everyone.


Youngtown is recognized as a small, peaceful and safe town with more than 6,000 residents. Established in 1954, Youngtown is an affordable place to live that is mostly comprised of residents around 65 years of age. The town is neighbored between El Mirage and the retirement community of Sun City. Are you ready to settle down somewhere new and have a fresh start? Are you looking for a one-bedroom condo and a new car by shopping at trustworthy used car dealerships in Phoenix, AZ? Youngtown is a premier location for seniors who prefer a quaint town that’s dedicated to community, safety, family and recreation.

Sun City

Located in Maricopa County, Sun City is an unincorporated town where retirees and snowbirds exclusively settle and socialize. Sun City adult communities, such as Royal Oaks, The Montecito, El Dorado of Sun City and Palos Verdes Senior Living, are beautiful homes that cater to an older demographic seeking active and social lifestyles. Seniors are drawn to Sun City for its communal friendliness, modern facilities and myriad of recreational activities. With low property taxes and annual fees, Sun City helps its residents live cost-effectively.


According to U.S. News on Money and Retirement, Scottsdale is rated as one of the 10 cities in the United States that has the oldest population; the median age is 45.4 years. During the sunny and mild winter season, retirees flock to Scottsdale for dining, hiking, golfing, biking and outdoor leisure. Residents enjoy the break of summer and warm winters traversing on the Scottsdale Greenbelt Trail and teeing off at golf courses such as Grayhawk, Silverado and The Phoenician Golf Club. Old Town Scottsdale, also known as Downtown Scottsdale, is also a tourist destination full of art galleries, specialty shops, gourmet restaurants, museums and theaters.

Paradise Valley

For active seniors who prefer beauty and luxury in their surroundings, Paradise Valley has the real estate for you. Paradise Valley is a small area populated with an average of 12,820 residents. It’s an attractive destination for tourists because of its affluent real estate and lavish 12 resorts, including Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain, Montelucia Resort & Spa and Smoketree Resort. Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve mountains are also natural and popular destinations in the area for hiking, recreation and panoramic city views.

Cave Creek

Cave Creek is a small town nestled in the Arizonan Sonoran Desert that stays true to the wild west with its western dancing, rodeos and horseback riding. From nature preserves and hiking to old mining tours and cowboy cookouts, residents are entertained with an array of activities for the true westerner at heart. Residents, who are on average 45 years old, can explore archaeology sites and wildlife at the Spur Cross Ranch Conversation Area in Cave Creek. With a variety of monthly events, such as Friday Fitness Series, Take Your Walk to the Desert and Moonlight Hike, Spur Cross Ranch keeps its local residents active and social.