If you have a commercial driver’s license, you may think you are stuck with a boring, mundane job that offers very little in the way of excitement. You’ll be pleased to know that there are a variety of companies that consider those with a CDL to be a hot commodity. Here are five of the best companies to work for if you hold a CDL:

1. Heartland Express

Heartland Express offers drivers a variety of positions within the company: System OTR, regional, team and salaried positions are all available as is a refresher position if you’ve been off of the road for a bit. Heartland believes its customers are number one and its drivers are the key; a philosophy that benefits every driver. Benefits include: safety bonus, GREEN MILE$ program, health, dental and life insurance and paid vacation.

2. TransAm

TransAm was founded in 1987 and has since become a premier trucking company. Having started in Kansas City, Missouri, TransAm quickly spread its wings and has expanded throughout the nation. The company’s philosophy is simple: do the right thing and treat people fairly. As a driver with TransAm, you can expect to be treated with respect and have instructors and supervisors help you attain success.

3. USA Truck

This medium haul company operates in 48 states and two Canadian provinces. If you’re looking for a great salary and fantastic benefits package, this is the company you want to work for. The Independent National Transportation Institute named USA Truck a top pay carrier and the company is also ranked in the top 20 percent of all carriers when it comes to health and retirement benefits.

4. System Transport

This company knows that in order to please their customers, they’ve got to have happy, effective drivers. The family-like culture of System Transport ensures that the most experienced and talented drivers stay with the company for years. A competitive pay scale and benefits package helps to keep drivers with the company satisfied. With terminals across the nation, you can be assured that you will stick as close to home as possible.

5. Western Express

Who wouldn’t love to work with a company who has written “To have fun!” into their company’s mission statement? Western Express is all about the culture and they strive to allow their associates to achieve personal and professional satisfaction. With an annual revenue of over $400 million, you can feel secure in signing on with this profitable company.

If you have recently earned your CDL, finding a company to drive for can be overwhelming. When just starting out, look to one of these five as a starting point. You may find that once you’ve got your foot in the door, you never want to leave.