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How to Plan a Great Party for Your Kid?

By dame, Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kid’s parties can be a mess – you have a bunch of energy-fueled little rascals with short attention spans and loud voices running around, they are unpredictable and thus it is very difficult to plan a social gathering that involves a bunch of children. You have to think about the parents as well; they will need to be entertained with some conversation, food and drinks when they are not keeping a watchful eye on the little ones. As you can see there are a number of things you need to take into consideration when planning such a party, so let’s look at some of the most important aspects.15583532 s How to Plan a Great Party for Your Kid?

Provide enough drinks and snacks

Kids are incredibly active and have a huge amount of energy that they don’t know what to do with, so they will eventually get tired and hungry. Having scheduled meal breaks is a good way to make sure that everyone is being fed and that there are no rumbling tummies. A bunch of smaller snacks and sandwiches are great since the kids can just pick them up and put them in their mouth without breaking a stride.  It is also important to have juice and water available so they don’t dehydrate, particularly if the party is outside and in the summer, but this will present yet another problem – they will need to go the bathroom.

Keep an eye on the kids and ask them if they need anything frequently

Children are often quite shy and don’t want to cause a fuss, so they will try to hold it in instead of asking to go to the bathroom, so you will need to make sure that there is someone there who will ask the kids whether they need a bathroom break inn regular intervals. There is always potential for trouble, so stay on top of things by watching out for early warning signs of a fight erupting – the last thing you need is a child crying and screaming, while their parents start blaming you for the whole thing.

Costumes, entertainers and fireworks are great ways to keep the kids engaged

We’ve already mentioned short attention spans and restlessness, but in order to really avoid any undesired side effects of these children’s traits you will need to stimulate their minds and get them to use all that energy and imagination on something creative. A themed party is a great way to get everyone excited and to provide a fantasy adventure that is sure to keep the kids occupied for a few hours. Adults can get in on the fun as well by buying some pirate, medieval or movie costumes and playing along. You can pay a professional entertainer to be the central character and to set the tone for the adventure, and ending with a big bang, not necessarily fireworks, is always well received.

All in all, if you can get the kids to engage in some creative activity or fun game that sparks their imagination, while staying alert and on the lookout for potential problems that should be nipped in the bud, the party is sure to be a success.

Damian has been a writer and a blogger since 2009. This post was created after working on content strategy for Australian costumes website, one of Damian’s favorite business clients. He mostly writes about business, lifestyle and home improvement.

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Busted for DUI – Can I Lose My Job?

By dame, Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Getting arrested for a DUI is not considered by many to be such a serious offence. Why? Because people feel that it can happen to anyone and that such situations can sometimes be just around the corner. However, the government feels that these offences are something that should not be tolerated anymore, because they can cause serious injuries. This is why the laws for getting arrested for a DUI have been made stricter.

9088392 s Busted for DUI – Can I Lose My Job?

One of the major talking points about the DUI law is whether or not you can lose your job after getting arrested for driving under the influence. The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than it might seem at first. The reason for this is that, while it is not stated anywhere in the law that losing your job may be a consequence of getting arrested for drunk driving, there are many situations where having such an offence on your record can seriously jeopardize your position in a company. So, to answer it from a legal point of view: no, you cannot lose your job directly because of a DUI offence. However…

License suspension

When you get arrested for drunk driving, you will have your license suspended after 60 days. There are ways in which you can fight this suspension, but if you fail, you will have to file a ‘proof of financial responsibility’ for three years. This can cause a problem, because employers usually regard people who have to file this form (also called the SR22 insurance) as risky drivers and will usually not allow those drivers to drive a company car. If your job depends on driving that car, then chances are that you will be forced to leave your job.

Renting cars

If you are a business traveler and your job depends on renting cars in various cities, then having your license suspended, or in the process of suspension (those 60 days after which the suspension is in full effect), will greatly influence your work. When car renting companies see a driving license which has a hole in it (when you get arrested for DUI, the officer punches a hole through your license, to mark it for suspension) they usually do not decide to rent the car to the owner of such a license. This could cause you to fail to finish your job and can also cause you some embarrassment.

Ignition Interlock Device

It is possible to retain your driving privileges once arrested for DUI by applying for an ignition interlock license. This means that you can continue to drive cars as long as they have the ignition interlock device installed. However, once you get this ‘license’, it does not look like a license at all. It is a whole sheet of paper which explains what this license enables you to do. When you go to rent a car, you may encounter problems, because providing the company with such a license will surely raise a few eyebrows.

So, in the end, all I can say is that, while, technically, you cannot lose your job due to getting arrested for drunk driving, it is possible that other events that are set in motion by your arrest lead to you getting fired. Once you get arrested, the best possible thing to do would be to immediately contact a DUI attorney who will certainly be able to provide you with some advice regarding your future actions. In the end, the attorney might keep you your job.

Damian has been a writer and an online entrepreneur since 2009. He mostly writes about business, finance and lifestyle. This article was created after visiting to LY Lawyers Sydney website, one of the best criminal attorneys in Australia.

Is It Smart To Start With Patent Protection Without A Patent Attorney?

By dame, Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The human society has progressed miraculously in the 20th century, thanks to many major inventions that were designed by the great minds of the past. However, there were often mistakes about the identity of the inventor, because no one registered these inventions. It was not possible at the time, since ideas were not regarded as valuable property.

7439355 s Is It Smart To Start With Patent Protection Without A Patent Attorney?

Today, there is a very thorough system that is designed to protect people’s ideas and give credit where credit is due. This means that anyone who has managed to put an idea to work can be considered the owner of that particular invention. The requirement is to apply the idea in the real world and the idea has to fulfill a purpose and/or make life easier in any way.

This process can be very tough to navigate if you are not skilled with bureaucracy. It can end up costing a lot, and is not for anyone who has weak nerves. This is why it might be smart to hire a patent lawyer who has all the necessary knowledge about the process of acquiring a patent for an invention. Here are some reasons how a patent attorney can help you, and, in the end, you will be able to see whether it would be a smart move to start the patenting process without a patent attorney.

The attorneys have the know how

To be able to register as a patent attorney, a lawyer must be also skilled in the technical details that may be of concern for an invention. This is why every patent attorney is skilled in technical stuff and will be able to understand the sketches and notes that you give to him for examination. Once he has received and understood the details of your invention, he will tell you what your further options are.

Patent database access

While your invention is spending time with the attorney, he will be able to check the Patent Register and look for anything that is similar to your invention. Attorneys have easier, if not better, access to the Patent Register, and will know exactly where to look and what to look for. Once he has checked for anything similar, he will advise you on what you should do next. If he finds that there is something similar, he will advise you against proceeding, because you will waste your money.

Checking the register is something that you can do yourself, as well. Anyone can access the register and check the patents, but the thing is that the patent lawyers know where to look and they get around easily in the bureaucratic waters.

Invaluable advice

When you have an invention that you think should be patented, there are many paths that you can choose, in order to follow through with your plan. However, most of these paths will usually cost a lot of money. Since it is presumed that you want to earn money off your invention, it is only natural that you want your investment into patenting to be worth your while. This is where an attorney can help you a great deal.

There is a myth that says that the attorney will demand $5,000 just to file the application, but that is usually not true. Being an attorney is all about clients, and scamming the clients is not in their best interest, since their reputation will be at stake. When you go to an attorney for advice, he will charge you for it, of course, but the advice that he can give you can prove to be very invaluable later on. For example, he can advise you not to follow through with the patent, in order to save you money, if he deems that the patent will not be accepted. Since obtaining a patent costs a lot of money, it would be a shame to let that money go to waste. And this is why the attorneys have such high prices for filing an application. Most of it goes for paying various fees and taxes that are required by law. In the case that the invention cannot be patented, the attorney will charge you only for the advice, and not the full price.


A patent attorney is probably the best person that you can show your invention to. They are bound by law to guarantee that whatever you relate to them regarding your patent will not leave that room. If they do, their license will be at stake and they will risk not being able to work as attorneys ever again. Even if you do not hire the lawyer to conduct the patenting process in your stead, he will have to keep your invention a secret.

All of the things mentioned here can be done yourself. For example, you might not need the technical expertise of the attorney, or you may think that you are skilled enough to take bureaucracy on. If you think that that is the case, feel free to apply for a patent without any help. However, there are many people who prefer not to deal with a lot of paperwork and to have others tell them exactly what to do. Patent attorneys are the best solution for this kind of people, since they will have significantly less work to do with registering the patent and will be more focused to make the invention even better, which will, in the end, result in more money gained. So, it is up to you to decide whether it is smart to start without an attorney or not. Of course, if you find it to difficult along the way, you can always ask for help.

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Top 8 Investing Tips For Any Market

By dame, Monday, January 21, 2013

After years of uncertainty and turmoil it seems as if the global economy might finally be showing small signs of recovery, and when that inevitable upturn starts to strengthen you’ll want to be in the best place to benefit from it. Following the malaise of the last few years there will soon be a period of growth that will leave a lot of money to be made by canny investors, and you’ll want to claim your slice.

10412147 s Top 8 Investing Tips For Any Market

The question is this: how the heck can you hope to pick the winners in such an uncertain market? Unless you’re a Warren Buffet type with decades of experience in investment, what chance do you have of taking advantage of the global recovery?

Well, let’s take a look at the top 8 investing tips for any market.

Invest early

At the top of the bill comes the most important point: start young. The point of any investment strategy is to increase your savings for later life, and the earlier you start the more time you’ll have to build a real nest egg.

The important factor here is compound interest. A steady, long term investment will accrue interest on both the capital and the interest accrued in previous years, so an investment started at the age of 25 that offers even a 1% annual return will add up to serious money by the time you retire.

Don’t invest money you’ll need soon

One of the biggest mistakes you can make (and one that most of us have made at some point) is investing money that you can’t spare long-term. If you’re investing in the stock market you should be wary of locking up funds that you might need in a few months (or even a few years). When the need arises you might find your only option is to cash out your stocks at a loss to free up immediate capital.

Look for matching contributions

Many employers offer to match your investment in retirement plans dollar for dollar, a gesture that can have an enormous impact on your final pension. It isn’t glamorous and you’ll wait years to reap the benefits, but you should never overlook generous opportunities such as these.

Review your portfolio regularly

With a large and diversified portfolio it can be easy to lose track of exactly where your money is, and how it’s performing over the long term. You should review your portfolio at least once a month to make sure your investments are performing as expected. Don’t panic sell a sinking stock, but be aware of long term negative trends if you’re investing over the long term.

Stay informed

Perhaps the most effective way to get a grip on any market is to keep on top of the latest news. If you’re investing in property you should pay attention to legislation and purchasing trends that could affect the value of your investment. For the stock market, pay attention to quarterly reports and sit in on (or at least read the summary of) shareholders’ meetings.

There’s no excuse not to keep up to date with the news if you have money riding on it, and slacking off in this respect will do nothing to help your long term gains.

Don’t take short term risks

In general, most people are more attracted to the excitement of short term gains through day trading and Forex markets than long term investments, and it’s easy to understand why. Gambling is a heck of a lot of fun, and we all love a little shot of adrenaline.

If you’re looking to make money, though, it’s easier to do it over the mid- to long-term. Most day traders lose money, and you rarely meet a gambler who makes a living from it. Resist the urge to take short term risks if you don’t want to expose yourself to big losses.


They say you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket, and that maxim holds true in the world of investment. A focused portfolio can offer great gains if you get lucky, but if you throw everything into a single investment you may lose it all with just one piece of bad luck.

The safest portfolio is broad and diverse. If one investment begins to flag you’ll have many more making gains, and as the economy grows as a whole a diverse portfolio will usually grow at a similar pace.

Don’t act on impulse

Finally, you should never make a split-second decision on an investment. Going with your gut is a terrible long term strategy, and very few successful investors make a living without reams of data to back up their decisions.
The key to successful investing is to learn about the market. Study past performance until you feel you can make an educated guess about future trends. It ain’t perfect, but it’s the safest way to keep your investments growing.

Damian Wolf is a blogger and online entrepreneur. He currently works on investment property advice project. Damian specialized creation of advanced online marketing tactics & visibility improvement tips.

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Simple and Efficient Tips to Find a Job that Pays Well

By dame, Monday, November 26, 2012

8995714 s 250x250 Simple and Efficient Tips to Find a Job that Pays WellIf you are not a successful businessman or your entrepreuneurship genius has not had its breakthrough yet, you will definitely want a job that both pays well and allows you to do what you like. Here are some simple tips that can help you find the job you want.

Choose your career

Simply wanting a high paid job isn’t actually going to be enough. In fact, the first step you need to take is to choose the right profession for you. Think about your talents and skills – what is it exactly that you are best at?
However, keep in mind that not all jobs are well paid. Try to avoid a profession if you know for sure that it will not fill your pockets at the end of the month.

Proper education

Well paid jobs are not given to people that do not have superior education – that’s a fact nobody can deny and yes, college is the right answer! Getting a college degree that is relevant to the field you want to work in will definitely boost your income possibilities.

Job competition

Nevertheless, you should be aware of the fact that finding a job you will like and that pays really well involves some hard competition. Let’s see what can turn you from the average job applicant into the winner who ends up getting the job so many have been striving to obtain.

As you should already know, employers compare candidates and they only choose one after the interview period has ended. The way in which you present yourself must, in fact, be an outstanding performance. An interview may well be compared to a show in which you have to be the star – that way, you will make sure the employer notices you in a positive manner.

Make sure your physical appearance matches the requirements of the position you’re after. After all, it is the very first thing an employer will notice when he or she sees you. Get a haircut a couple of days before the interview and choose your clothes and shoes carefully. You will be much more likely to get the job if the employers see you as a tidy, well organized person.

When it comes to finding a job that actually pays for a decent lifestyle, another aspect of great importance is your resume. Although your looks may impress a potential employer during the interview, avoid attaching a personal picture to your resume. Next, keep your resume short and objective. If the employer asks for more detailed information about you and your work experience, then give him your CV. Remember that there are quite a few differences between a resume and a CV.

Same goal – alternative paths

Last, but certainly not least, keep an open mind. Accept an entry-level position, if you are offered one. This may well mean that the employer liked you. Furthermore, such a position stands for a chance given by the employer, in order for you to improve your skills and advance on the career ladder.

Damian is a blogger and online marketing expert. His latest project was to create a strategy for online visibility improvements for mining jobs no experience website.

Should I Hire A Professional Resume Writer?

By dame, Monday, October 29, 2012

8775616 s 389x259 Should I Hire A Professional Resume Writer?Finding a job can seem like a long and daunting process, especially if you are getting few or no responses. Unfortunately, as the job market becomes more and more competitive, simply having a list of past jobs and degrees on your resume is no longer enough. If you feel like your resume is holding you back, hiring a professional resume writer to revamp and restyle the document could be the answer. Here are a few important things to think about when deciding whether a professional writing service is right for you:

What Quality Can You Expect?

A well written resume is one that is able to highlight your skills and experience, while explaining any flaws, such as gaps in employment or low grades. Unfortunately, if writing isn’t one of your strongest skills, you may struggle to show off your key talents and abilities to their fullest. In this case, a professional resume writer will be able to help.
A good writer can produce work that not only presents a positive image and appeals to employers but is also grammatically correct, perfectly spelled, and well formatted. Most have previous experience in dealing with human resource personnel and hiring managers, so they can make sure that your resume never gets overlooked.

Industry Specialization

A common concern among job hunters who are considering hiring a writer is whether or not they will have the necessary industry knowledge. Though most CVs are quite similar in appearance, each area of business has its own jargon, knowledge requirements, and style. Knowing which key skills to emphasize and which areas to cover in less detail is important and could be a challenge for someone with no understanding of your industry.
Fortunately, most writing services hire professionals from a range of backgrounds who have different areas of expertise. When choosing a writer, ask whether they have any past experience or knowledge of your specific industry.

Is It Worth The Cost?

The cost of hiring a professional resume writer will vary depending on factors like subject matter, document length, and writer experience, but in general the service is quite expensive. This however, is often a small price compared to the financial gains of finding a good job. Whether or not the service is worth the money should be looked at in terms of long term income improvement as well as initial expenses.

How Easy Is The Process?

Getting your resume professionally written is not completely without effort on your part. To ensure that it is accurate and to the standards you expect, a good writer will take time to discuss your experience. Some writers will spend up to an hour talking to you, either by phone or email, before they begin. Many professional resume writers will also create cover letters and other supporting documents if you require them.
Before hiring a professional resume writer, take time to look over their credentials and if necessary ask to see previous samples of their work. Independent review websites and forums are ideal places to find unbiased opinions of a writer from previous clients.

Damian is an online enthusiast with great passion for search engine optimization. Currently, he is dedicated to creating new innovative marketing concepts for