We certainly find ourselves in some interesting economic times.  Jobs are scarce, gas prices are rising, and people are becoming more and more conservative with their spending.  As a result, more and more Americans are starting to look at ways of saving money in the areas that take up most of their paycheck.  The biggest expense for most families is their mortgage payment, and to save money in this area would be a blessing to anyone despite the economic forecast.

When it comes to lowering your mortgage payment, many people automatically assume that that means lowering their standard of living by moving into a smaller home.  Well, I’ve got some great news for you.  If you are willing to relocate, chances are you can lower your costs and possibly even increase your standard of living.  You may very well be able to accomplish this by moving to Texas, and here is why:

Great Real Estate Prices

Texas, for a long time, has had some of the best real estate prices in the country.  As more and more people realize this, people from all over the world are selling their homes, and buying property in Texas.  More often than not, you can get much more for your money than you are used to.

No State Income Tax

Another way you save money by moving to Texas is simply because Texas has no state income tax.  In fact, when my family and I moved to Texas last year we instantly saved around $300 due to this very reason.

Better Job Opportunities

The Texas economy is booming, and this is creating more and more job opportunities.  Being able to find better employment could mean an increase in pay, and, of course, more money in your pocket.

In conclusion, Texas is certainly worth considering.  In addition to the reasons I just mentioned, Texas also has some of the most highly rated schools in the country, people are nicer, and life just moves a little bit slower.  Do some research, and see for yourself.

Author Bio:

Brandon Jones is a husband, father of two boys, and an SEO copywriter.  He writes for the site www.pecanplantion.com