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5 Natural Remedies For Insomnia

Some people experience insomnia some time in their life. Insomnia tends to occur in all people especially those who have risk factors for a disrupted sleep. These may include anxiety, thinking of a lot of things, and those undergoing emotional and mental problems. Having a physical condition may also lead to insomnia. Some people are able to sleep better without any management, but some with chronic insomnia may require medications for sleep in order to achieve undisrupted and normal sleep patterns. However, these medications usually lead to various side effects that may add additional discomforts to patients. In addition, some of these medications may lead to tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.

In this regard, home remedies may be a better option for people experiencing insomnia. These are not only effective, but also do not lead to serious side effects. The following are the top 5 natural remedies for insomnia:


Running is the most effective way of treating insomnia naturally. Running improves the circulation to the different parts of the body, especially in the brain; thereby enhancing the neurotransmitter release. Running also is a good form of exercise that helps people has adequate and sound sleep because at the end of the day, your body would require rest after your running activity. Consider running three to five times a week. Start slow and gradually increase your speed as well as the distance of your run. When you don’t have opportunity for outdoor running, you can use the treadmill instead.


Meditation is another remedy to improve sleep. Up to 75% of cases have responded to meditation in improving the sleeping pattern. Meditation improves the sleeping pattern by relaxing the mind during meditation. Meditation allows the body and mind to connect. Once your mind is relaxed, your body also assumes a relaxed state, which is essential in normal sleep. Consider meditating daily for 30 minutes. Zen meditation and So Hum Mantra Meditation are the two most effective meditation techniques for insomnia.


Aside from meditation, yoga is also one of the best measures to manage insomnia naturally. Yoga is even better than doing similar physical exercises because not only the body is relaxed, but the mind and spirit as well. The extending and stretching techniques in yoga helps release the tension and stress on the muscles deep in the body. It also relieves tension on the joints and other tissues ion the body. Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, it also allows the person to assume a generally peaceful state that aids in managing insomnia. Engage in yoga for at least 3 times a week to maximize its benefits.

Guided Imagery and Deep Breathing exercises

These two techniques are used hand in hand in reliving insomnia. While you are in your bed, try to focus your attention in peaceful and restful environment by listening to an audio recording that helps you imagine things that can lead you to a restful state. Also, while practicing guided imagery, practice deep breathing exercises to help you relax more.

Establish a sleeping pattern

Most people who have insomnia have not established sleeping pattern leading to difficulty in sleeping when they need to. A key to establishing sleeping pattern is to lie on the bed at the same time every night to allow the body to assume that time to be time for sleep. In addition, never use your bed for other purposes than sleeping. Those who study or do things on their bed usually eliminate the feeling of the body to sleep when in bed.

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5 Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Be Using

When you’re an entrepreneur, you need to have the right tools of the trade. While there isn’t any kind of official entrepreneur’s tool kit, some entrepreneur somewhere is probably working on something like that. If you want to grow your business in this day and age, there are some things that just aren’t optional anymore. The following are five of those things, if only because entrepreneurs rarely have more than one hand free at a time.

Reliable Web Browser

If your web browser doesn’t work well and keep track of downloads and apps easily, you need to junk it. There are simply too many options on the market right now to accept anything less than an awesome browser. You just don’t have the time to devote your day to messing with slow browsers that don’t give you plenty of time saving options and convenient apps to work with.

Online Faxing Tool

When you can fax documents online, you open up a lot of options that haven’t existed since the land line was a popular option. With a good online faxing utility, you can send and receive faxes immediately, without having to mess with opening potentially corrupted email attachments. A process that used to take half an hour can now take two minutes, and the other 28 are needed on another project, stat.

Smart Phone

While there are plenty of people who think smart phones detract from an entrepreneur’s mission, the counter argument is very compelling. These days, a smart phone is the personal assistant you can fit in your pocket. When you have thirty meetings on a fairly boring day, you need to keep things streamlined or you’re going to fall behind. A smart phone can always be set to not ping every time an unimportant message comes through, but it’s impossible to use what you aren’t carrying.

White Board

White boards are a pretty low tech tool, but they’re so useful it isn’t funny. When you have a big white board ready and waiting for you in the office and at home, you can plan a lot of things as the brain storm hits. Forget about trying to scratch down ideas on cocktail napkins. A very simple, fairly cheap white board will see so much use for your next great idea, if not the next thousand great ideas, that it will pay for itself more times than a great pair of walking shoes.

Online Backup Utility

The worst thing that can happen to your great ideas is having them be lost forever. With a good backup utility, this will never happen. Backing up things automatically is worth whatever you have to pay for it, because every idea is loaded with gold.

Entrepreneurs have a lot of stuff these days. But when all is said and done, there are only a few really precious tools. The above are many of those tools, and being without them is being unprepared.

About the Author: Marlin Blackham is a business consultant who often mentors young business owners. He always recmomends a good Smart Phone, an online fax service, and reliable database backups – no matter what the line of business.

Spice Up Any Party With A Sexy Outfit

No matter the reason why you and your friends are getting together for a night of partying, there is one way to make sure that your group has the most fun and that is by making it a costume party.

Let you and your friends unleash their flirtatious sides and celebrate looking sexy.

Any Occasion can be Sexy

Whether your party is for Christmas, Halloween, or just simply a celebration for someone you know, costumes can make it all the more interesting.  The right fancy dress can easily be found online and can make a woman feel her best.  This year unleash your devilish side and have some fun in a naughty nurse or dangerous gangster outfit and celebrate in a way you have never celebrated before.

Sexy uniforms are perfect for Halloween and Christmas parties.

Naughty uniforms can bring out your more adventurous side and range from police woman to Santa’s helper to cheerleaders.  It is not every day that a woman can dress up in an outfit, so why no take advantage of the holidays and make things a little more festive.

Even Birthdays can be Fun and Flirty

Celebrating a friends’ birthday is a great excuse to create a costume themed party.  Birthdays can sometimes be dull and hard to plan, but throwing a costume party and letting everybody there feel amazing can make the fun level go way up.  Bachelorette parties, girls’ night out, and Valentine’s Day bashes are perfect times to dress up with a sexy fancy dress. No matter what celebration you decide to spice up by wearing fancy dress, there are plenty of sexy party dresses to choose from.  Flirty animal costumes, superheroes, French maids, or belly dancer outfits can be perfect for absolutely any occasion that you need to dress for.

Not Just Once a Year

Fancy dress does not have to wait for Halloween, but instead can make other holidays and occasions more exciting.

This year plan a party for a friend or Christmas or just because you want to and have all your guests come wearing a costume.  No matter if it is a small gathering with your closest friends or a large party with hundreds of people, a costume party is a great way to break the ice for anyone and transform a dull and ordinary party into a wild and memorable time for all who attend.

Try Something out of the Ordinary

This year add a little excitement in your life and plan a few costume parties for your friends, but just remember one thing, be sure that your fancy dress is the best one at the party.

If you need some creative ideas, there are plenty of sites online that offer fabulous fancy dress in all sizes. No matter what size you are or how many curves you have, there is an outfit perfect for you.

Take on a new persona and wear a fancy dress costume that will wow everyone who sees you.

There are millions of looks to choose from, whether you choose to be just a little flirty, very enticing, or as naughty as you can be, there is a perfect fancy dress just waiting for you.

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So Much Music, So Many Formats For The Pop Fan To Enjoy

Many people feel that CD recordings and digital downloads are not as good as the old-fashioned ones that used to come on those vinyl platters you’d find in every music store around the world. Back in the day there were lots of record shops found in just about every city in the world, and they were a good place for music lovers to while away the hours as they shuffled through bins filled with recordings. Better still, used record shops were also quite popular in many cities, especially those that had high college and university student populations.

Much like another vanishing retail species, the bookshop, record stores often had a specialty that would attract a certain segment of the population. Fans of a particular style of music, be it opera, jazz, rock or country, knew where the hottest records shops were located, and they would often congregate there to buy records, or just socialize with others who like the same sort of music that they did.

The Rise Of Digital Music

With the rise of the digitally formatted sound recording, and then the Internet the days of the neighborhood record store were numbered. Once music was transformed into a digital format, and a means of transporting the music became ubiquitous – the Internet – it wasn’t long before engineers developed compression technologies that allowed the average user to compress an entire album’s worth of music and post it on a public server where other could download it, and have a free copy of just about any music on the planet.

Despite the digital revolution and its impact on the record industry, the demand for vinyl record albums is returning at an increasingly fast pace. Perhaps music lovers have finally gotten over their flirtation with digitally formatted music, and have concluded that music on vinyl sounds better than do CDs or digital downloads.

Used Recording Shops And Vinyl Albums

Shops that specialize in used recording are once again stocking vinyl albums, but the vinyl recordings are oftentimes newly pressed versions of albums that had originally been released on vinyl years ago, were later released on CD, and perhaps made available on digital download, and are again making their appearance on the market as vinyl platters. If such an album was released at a certain time in music history you can also expect that the same record may have also been released on cassette or eight-track tape, as well.

Fans of certain musical acts might want to own recordings in all available formats, if  that singer or band happens to be a particular favorite. Perhaps you’ll want to own some Radiohead vinyl albums, and keep copies o the same titles on CD and in digital format for your MP3 music player, as well.

Whichever format you choose, you’ll likely still enjoy hearing your favorite music on vinyl – why not go and buy a turntable today?

High quality VPI 16.5 turntables as well as factory-sealed albums such as Bob Dylan vinyl are just some of the things Sound Stage Direct offers. You can find music in many genres – soul, rap & hip hop, jazz, rock, funk, and Latin. Well over thirty thousand albums!

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Facts You Didn’t Know About Reptiles’ Eyesight

Our cold-blooded friends have many impressive characteristics, from the Nile Crocodile being able to adapt to life in caves to the chameleon changing colour to match its surroundings. But as a whole, how impressive the vision capabilities of reptiles?

Reptiles’ activity during the day and their sleeping at night categorises them as diurnal animals. That said, their vision has evolved over thousands of years to be adapted to daylight conditions (as it’s this time of day they need their eyesight most).

Colour vision

The reptiles’ ability to see colour is far better than in amphibians and other common mammals. This is most likely due to their daytime activity and their changing surroundings.

Lizards: an impressive reptile

Lizards have incredibly deep colour perception, which is down to the importance for it to locate and catch prey and also for communication, particularly for chameleons. Many lizards rely a great deal on body language, and will often adopt particular positions to give off specific messages.

Anoles, a lizard with an extended dewlap (or beck area), also have patterns on their backs which are only visible under UV light, another impressive characteristic of their appearance.

Turtles, tortoises and terrapins

When casually swimming in shallow waters, turtles submerge their whole body underwater – all except for their eyes and ears. Snapping turtles have eyes on the top of their heads which are closer together than those of other turtles. Sea turtles have tear ducts next to their eyes which can rid the body of excess salt that is taken in when they swim in the ocean.

Turtles have exceptional night vision which is due to the vast amount of rod cells that are housed in their retinas. Their colour vision is also impressive, and they can see anything from near UV to red.

Land turtles don’t have overly impressive ability to focus on moving prey, but this generally isn’t needed as they are slow moving animals. Sea turtles however have better movement pursuit abilities and can snap their beaks quickly to catch prey.


Our slippery friends don’t have overly good vision, and often rely on heat sensing to catch their prey. In particular, pit vipers, boa constrictors and pythons have well developed heat sensitive pads next to their eyes. This allows the snake to completely engulf prey in complete darkness, just by sensing body heat.

Amy writes about eyesight and eye conditions for Direct Sight, a leading online provider of glasses and sunglasses including varifocals.