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5 Successful Ways To Boost Metabolism

Does it ever seem to you that your slow metabolism is slowing you down? Your agility and quick stepped pace seems to be replaced by breathless running, and the bodyweight a drag? Do not despair-just attribute it to the body’s metabolism, and work towards improving it.

Metabolism is the process in the body of creating energy out of the food we eat, to sustain the multiple internal processes going on within our system, and external activities like working, walking, exercise etc.

Metabolism and it being painfully slow, is a worry for weight gainers, and overweight adults. Looking for excuses that justify weight gain, metabolism becomes the culprit very often. Though it can be rightfully blamed, sometimes overeating, lack of exercise, and bad eating habits have an equally important role to play in weight gain.

But the body’s metabolism can be made faster and it can fool the body to burn more calories than it wants to. Some people have naturally faster metabolic rates and other have slower rates even during childhood. If age and other factors make it slower, making serious lifestyle changes and improving dietary habits can help improve it.

Research reveals that five surefire ways to boost metabolism include the following:

Diet – Diet is crucial for improving metabolism by changing what you eat, when and how you eat it. Timing is important since the body’s metabolism is fastest in the morning.

Hence having a hearty, filling and nutritious breakfast is most important. Do not allow more than a two-hour gap between small snack meals and main meals like lunch and dinner. So a mid morning snack and an early evening snack can fill the gaps between the three bigger meals. Ideally, dinner must be the smallest of the 3 meals and the earlier the better, that is, it must be eaten at least three hours before sleeping.

The diet content should include essential foods include oats and whole grain cereal, water-rich fruits like melon and grapefruit, fresh vegetables like broccoli, romaine lettuce, beans and carrots, nuts, dairy products like yoghurt and buttermilk that are rich in probiotics. Cutting out refined all refined foods like white sugar, refined flour, processed foods and fast junk foods, improve the metabolic rate significantly. Avoid eating out and carry snack from home, in boxes like the Bento box that preserve the freshness and taste of food.

Liquid intake – Many of us avoid liquids beyond tea and coffee. This contributes to a slower metabolism. It is time to make liquids an important of your daily consumption, including at least 8 glasses of water, green tea, butter milk, and fresh soups. These help to keep the body hydrated and while flushing out sodium and toxins. They suppress the appetite but provide nourishment as well.
Exercise- The need for exercise can never be stressed enough. Exercise helps to burn calories, build muscle, reduce flab and keep weight under control. Exercise requires energy and this increased need has to come from the body’s metabolism. The right exercises are crucial since they must build muscle and go beyond mere fatigue. Hence aerobics and strength training exercises should be preferred.

Stop crash diets – The age-old notion that a crash diet, reducing the intake of food and starvation help in improving metabolism and losing weight, is wrong. This will only lead to loss of muscle and the body will begin to store fat to replace the muscle loss.
Avoid a sedentary lifestyle- Being up and about, alert, active and moving about is much better than sitting all day. Most desk jobs could make you so, and being connected through computers and smart phones remove the need to get up from your seat even. Cut this habit, and get up every few minutes rather than sit for hours on end.
These are tried and tested sure fire ways to boost metabolism, becoming more fit and losing weight over time, so why not try these out?

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4 Steps To Proper Boat Maintenance

The lifestyle of a boat hobbyist can be one of daring adventure and excitement, but also comes with a responsibility to keep their boat maintained properly. It’s not enough to simply buy boat insurance and hope for the best, you need to spend time, money and energy on preventative maintenance on your vessel. Boat repairs are a fact of life for boaters, but with proper caution and care, these come up far less often than they otherwise would.


If your boat is docked in such a way that it can shift and bang against surroundings, it’s far more likely to receive dents, scratches and unsightly abrasions. Not only are these aesthetically displeasing, they also tend to create weaknesses and cause issues on your boat later down the line. If you’re mooring your boat, purchase proper bumpers to prevent these bumps and dents from happening.

Clean and Inspect

One of the main ways to keep your boat in good shape is to continuously check it. Once a season, your boat should be lifted, washed, waxed and cleaned. At this point, you can do a thorough inspection to make sure that everything is in proper working order, and take note of any changes that need to be made. If you’re leaving your boat unattended or unused for any period of time, you’ll want to invest in a quality boat cover, which can lessen the wear and tear you may see from your boat being out in the weather. Leaves, dirt, dust, rain water and composting natural material can cause major problems with the integrity of your boat.

Protect Your Pump

The bilge is the lowest part of your vessel, an area where water can gather from rough seas, rain, or small holes in the boat. If this area fills, it can be extremely dangerous. A bilge pump is a special pump which is designed to rid this section in your boat of water. Electric bilge pumps do so without creating a spark, as gasoline can often be present in instances where a bilge is needed. These pumps are extremely important, and should be regularly checked. They should also be backed up with another pump just in case.

Safety First

Whether it’s a matter of consistently staying up to date on recalls or issues with your particular boat, or ensuring that your equipment on board is fully loaded and stocked, as a boater you need to make safety a priority. Create a checklist of things that you should watch out for such as corroded wires or mechanical aspects you should look into. Oil and grease moving parts regularly, and occasionally employ a boat mechanic to check out all your machinery to be on the safe side.

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Top Five Luxury Hotels In Santorini

When considering island hopping holidays in the Mediterranean, Santorini is almost always the first place to come to mind.  The mixture of the colors of volcanic rock, blue sea and blue skies make this location one of the most relaxing and beautiful sights in the Mediterranean.  In order to take advantage of all the sights and sounds here in a luxurious fashion, you should consider booking a luxury hotel while on the island.  The following guide outlines the best luxury hotels in Santorini so you can make the right decision when considering your accommodations.

Tholos Resort

Situated in the town of Imerovigli, this hotel combines beauty and atmosphere to give it a luxurious charm like no other.  The overlook of the sea across the cliffs as you rise from bed each morning gives you renewed energy to start the day and enjoy your vacation time here. Terraces and balconies connect the apartments and studios of the hotel, which are embedded into the side of a mountain.  A friendly staff awaits you and will cater to your every need.

Mystique Santorini

This hotel is actually a complex of eighteen suites and villas on the side of the well-known Oia Cliffs, giving you unparalleled access to views and scenery in the area.  The entire hotel and its furnishings are hand-crafted: the stone carved suites, the wooden furniture and the aged textiles all go together to give this hotel a rustic look.  At the bottom of it all, you will find a large pool with plenty of sun beds laying around, giving you great views while receiving ample relaxation in the sun.

On The Rocks

For an extremely unique experience, consider staying here; this hotel is built inside the world’s only inhabited volcano crater.  Still, you will enjoy pristine views of the Aegean Sea as you sit on your patio, directly on the top edge of the crater.  While sipping on crafted beverages, you can bask in a beautiful Santorini sunset or take a trip down to the pool and request some live music from the on-site band.  Here, you can also receive massages, spa services and visit the archaeological ruins nearby.


The architecture of this hotel is amazing and resembles the traditional Santorini style: loopy, zig-zag staircases, bridges, cubed walls and beautiful views of the sea.  This hotel has some of the largest rooms of any in the area and offers amazing views of the sky and sea from your own private balcony.  Bleached white by the sun and salt, Katikies is a spectacle to behold and clearly stands out on the cliffs of the Oia.  Lay back and let the staff here pamper you while you relax in the Mediterranean sun.

Vedema Resort

This isolated luxury hotel is actually in the middle of everything, but you would never know it.  Surrounding the entire complex is a wall, keeping its sovereignty in the town of Megalohori.  Some of the suites here even have their own pool, and there are townhouses also available for those needing to downscale their budget a bit.  Themed Renaissance restaurants serve authentic food as eaten in the 15th century and modern Greek cuisine. check links .  The bar also features a fine selection of wines, liquors and beers and the best Cuban cigars.

If you fancy going on Santorini holidays you are sure to have a great time.  If you can, try and book your week away during the Easter holidays – you have never seen an Easter celebration as big as the one in Greece!

Before You Write Your Grant Proposal

If you are new to the grant writing field or if you work in another field and are called upon to assist in the development of a grant proposal, there are some things you need to know before you begin. Knowing these four things will help facilitate the whole grant proposal process. Before you ever turn on the computer, here are some of the things you should know and be able to address.


This is the opportunity for you to become fully aware of the capacity of your organization and just what you have to offer. You should know the mission and vision of the organization and be fully able to discuss the programs and services provided. You should have access to copies of all important documents. These documents include the organizational tax exemption letter from the IRS, your Dunn and Bradstreet Number, your tax id number, the article of incorporation, the organizational chart, the bylaws, the policy and procedure manual and any other document that illustrates the impact of the services you provide. It is best to have digital copies of these as many of these will have to be attached to each grant proposal you submit.

You will need to understand the structure of the organization and where the programs you are seeking funding fall within that structure. You should be able to address staff and responsibilities and be able to identify any gaps in capacity.

Define Need

Above all else, you will need to be able to articulate the needs within your community and your ability to address and meet those needs. Many new grant writers confuse the need for dollars with the need for your programs. When a funder asks you to describe your needs, your answer must include statistics that represent the community problem you are solving. That might include poverty statistics, income guidelines and area median income, unemployment rates, children living below the poverty level, high school drop out rates, children receiving free or reduced lunches. Information like this is what illustrates to the funder that there is an issue in your community that needs addressing. If you cannot describe and define your need, you will never be able to reach potential funders.

If you can accurately address the constraints of your community then you can relate your plans to solve those problems. That is a separate section in most applications and is often called program approach, services to the community or something similar. That is your way to address and solve those needs you have demonstrated. Find your data and check your sources. Be prepared to share both in an effort to prove that you have the pulse of your community.

Identify Collaborators

The majority of funders these days are looking to see if you can leverage the award money they may give you. This is frequently called a match and some grants require a one to one match.This means for every dollar you ask for you must be able to show another dollar from another source. what is DNS . With respect to the federal government, if there is a match requirement, your match must be from non federal sources.

What this means for you is that you have to have partners or other funders. More and more funding sources are looking for organizations who are working with other providers to meet community needs at a grass roots level. With more sources dedicated to the solution to a problem the better the chances for the success of the program. Be able to identify your partners and, if possible, have signed partnership agreements in place.

Determine Cost

You need to know what the program is going to cost. You need to know where that program budget fits into the overall agency budget. While some agencies may not want grant proposal writers to have access to certain delicate financial information, most will realize that in the age of transparency and as a IRS approved non profit, most of that information is public information. There are ways to work with your Executive Director to keep certain information private while still providing the funder with all the required information. Be able to fully explain all of your program expenses and be able to justify each of them in relation to funding guidelines.

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Chicken Nuggets Barbecue Style

Chicken nuggets are delicious treat that kids drool over. They are easy to prepare and work with a wide variety of sauces. For many families, they are perfect snack or a wonderful main dish for a quick dinner. Unfortunately, chicken nuggets as we traditionally know them are not famous for being healthy. And if you take a closer look at their ingredients, it’s debatable whether you’re eating chicken at all. So while picking up a bag of frozen chicken nuggets at your grocery store might be more convenient, it might not be the best choice when you’re looking for something healthy or wholesome.

With a bit of creativity and an eye for fresh ingredients, you can use your outdoor grill to prepare a wonderful alternative. It won’t be as fast or easy to prepare these BBQ chicken nuggets, but the overall taste will more than make up for it. Please enjoy this recipe for chicken nuggets done barbecue style!

The Sauce

1 cup ketchup

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp powdered onion

2 tsp chili powder (leave out if you don’t want spicy)

1/4 cup maple syrup

1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

The Nuggets

2 cups flour

1/2 tsp salt and pepper

Chicken Breasts (or thighs if you prefer a more tender nugget)

1/4 cup olive oil

1. The first step is to prepare the barbecue glaze or sauce. Of course you can use a standard bottled product if you’re short on time. But if you’ve never made a real sauce before, this is the perfect place to start. The great thing about making your own sauce is being able to control each and every ingredient and adjusting to your personal taste.

2. In a small saucepan, whisk together your Apple cider vinegar and then pour in your dried powders all at the same time. Bring to a boil and continue to whisk in the rest of your wet ingredients (Worcestershire sauce, Maple syrup, and ketchup) instead of Maple syrup, you can also use something else sweet like honey, or even molasses. Lower the overall heat to medium allowing to bubble and thicken.

Congratulations! You’ve just made your first barbecue sauce. Remember, this is more of a glaze so be careful not to have your food coated in it in the beginning of the cooking process. Otherwise you might experience a bit of burning.

3. Preheat your barbecue grill to 400-425 degrees F.

4. While your barbecue is reaching optimal oven temperatures, you’re going to shake and bake your chicken together with the flour and spices. You can play around with other dried herbs and seasonings as well, but simple salt-and-pepper works just fine. Remember, you’ll be getting plenty of flavor from the sauce as well.

5. Place your chicken nuggets on a baking sheet and drizzle olive oil over them. Leave them in your barbecue for about 15 minutes, then coat each piece with your sauce. Continue baking for another 7 minutes.

6. Let your nuggets it for about 3 minutes. You can add another coat of sauce or simply leave it on the side as a dipping sauce.

And there you have it, a much healthier all-natural chicken nugget that isn’t made of mystery parts. Serve alongside a simple garden salad for a great low cholesterol meal the whole family will enjoy.

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