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15 Negotiation Tips Freelancers Can Use To Earn More

By 1001shops, Tuesday, August 14, 2012

freelance negotiate1 389x212 15 Negotiation Tips Freelancers Can Use To Earn MoreWhat do you do when a prospective client contacts you? Do you display your enthusiasm and play all your cards at once? Or do you keep your cool and negotiate with a clear head? Clear-headed negotiation is what differentiates successful freelancers from not-so-successful ones.

1. Don’t Accept The First Offer

The negotiation game is a form of entertainment for many professionals. It’s important, therefore, not to accept the client’s first offer. You want to earn the client’s respect and establish yourself as a tough cookie by negotiating.

2. Try To Glean How Much They Can Afford

You can tell if a client can afford your rates or not. If you still don’t have an idea, just ask them to tell you their budget for the project. This will give you an idea of how much they can afford to pay you.

3. Get Them To Name A Figure First

Never mind the figure you have in your head. Just get your prospect to name theirs. Their rate could be higher than what you had in mind, so it’s always good to be silent on your side. If it’s lower than your rate, negotiate, by all means.

4. Don’t Commit Your Rates In A Blind Bid

Don’t try to figure out the figures you should charge in a blind bid without knowing full project details. Just mention your rate per word and rate per hour and indicate that those rates vary based on the situation. Ask for complete project details before you commit to a rate.

5. Object Reasonably

If the client sticks to their low rate, they could be trying to see if you’ll give up. Here’s when you object reasonably without sounding desperate or cheap. Bring up valid reasons for why you should be paid more. Is it a rushed project? Are you expected to do additional research?

6. Delay Your Response

Ask them for more information, their website URL, tentative budget and so on. Then tell them that you’ll study the whole lot and revert with a rate in a day. Your client will respond to your silence by coming closer to your quote.

7. Highlight Your Expertise and Value

Freelancers who have specific subject expertise are worth more and your client knows it. Don’t undervalue yourself by agreeing to be clubbed with the regulars. Sell yourself high for the sake of your topic expertise.

8. Show You’re Interested

Sometimes a client may think you’ve bid too high and just drop you without a by-your-leave. Let the client know that if they’re evaluating you with other providers based on rate alone, you’ll be willing to reconsider. This shows them that you’re interested in the project and would be willing to negotiate.


9. Stand Firm With Your Final Rate

Once you’ve negotiated the best value for the project, make your final bid and stand your ground. They may try to get you for less but by indicating your last and least rate, you’ll be letting them know that if they want your expertise, it cannot be for lower than that.

10. Try To Negotiate An Overall Project Fee

If it’s possible, try to quote a rate for the entire project, and not an hourly or per word rate. In this way you can squeeze in a few additional margins. Plus, if you divide the overall project rate by the number of hours you’re actually going to put in, you’ll find the rate will be higher than your regular hourly rate.

11. Try And Negotiate Payment Terms

If the client is not willing to negotiate on the price but you have to take the project, try and negotiate fair payment terms. Tell the client that since the rate is low, you’ll require some advance payment and payments upon percentile completion of project.

12. Do Deadline Negotiation If The Rate Is Not Good

Again, if the rate is not good enough for you but you want to take up the project, negotiate a relaxed deadline. Set the project on lower priority and try and get better paying work for the interim. This tactic helps you to earn money in the long run.

13. Explain Your Pricing Strategy

List out the tasks you’ll be performing for the rate you’re charging, so that the client appreciates the effort. You can even get the client to move towards your initial quote by walking them through your price break up.

14. Don’t Offer Special One-Time Deals

Your generous offer today might end up becoming your funeral. Clients will hang on to your one-time offer thinking that if you could do it once, you can do it again.

15. Let The Client Know You’re Considering Long-Term

Your prospect may be thinking about this single project but be sure to indicate you’d like to work with them long term. This might make them consider a better rate. No one likes to negotiate with a new freelancer every now and then!

Ronald is a freelance writer and specializes in writing about topics related to conversion optimization for e-commerce websites, conversion rate audit and best practices.

How to Identify A Genuine Limoges Box

By 1001shops, Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Authentic Limoges Box How to Identify A Genuine Limoges BoxLimoges boxes are high quality collector’s items that many people enjoy collecting.  People are often willing to pay very high prices for genuine Limoges boxes.  The superior porcelain and crafting of these boxes make them a precious commodity. Unfortunately, their popularity has also brought about imitators.  If you are a collector of genuine Limoges boxes and want to ensure that you are always purchasing true Limoges products, the information below will be helpful for you. Use these tips to identify a genuine Limoges box.

  • Expertly painted decorations.  A true Limoges box will be flawless. If the box has sloppy painting on the applied decorations, you should know right off that it is not a true Limoges box.
  • Shockingly light in weight. One may think that a Limoges box is heavy to the touch but in fact, it is the opposite. If the product seems heavy for its size, know right off that it is more than likely a fake.
  • Well balanced and in proportion.  If you are buying a set, each and every piece of the set should be uniform in design.  You will not see pieces that are off balance or out of scale.
  • Check the spelling of the “Limoges” mark.  When purchasing a Limoges box, it is crucial to carry a magnifying glass along with you to distinguish those tiny imperfections that may not be noticeable to the naked eye.  A genuine Limoges box will have a mark that is spelled correctly on the bottom of the box. It may also have the artist’s signature on the box. Be sure that you are familiar with the artist.
  • Look for the shine.  One of the most beautiful details of a genuine Limoges box is its beautiful shine. If the box appears dulls or faded, you without a doubt have a fake on your hands.
  • Properly working hinges.  The hinges should be flawlessly applied to the Limoges box.  If you have trouble opening or closing the box, then you more than the box may not be native to Limoges.
  • No mass production.  You aren’t likely to see two Limoges boxes that are alike.  Because of the intricacy of the detail, there may be small variations in different representations of the boxes.  Genuine Limoges boxes will not be mass produced. Avoiding buying boxes off of shelves that may have more than a few of the same design.
  • Shopping in the right place.  If you are an avid collector of Limoges boxes, then it can be beneficial visiting Limoges to ensure that you get the quality product that you are searching for.
  • The price can tell you a lot. Genuine boxes are not going to be cheap.  If you think you are paying too little of a price for the box, then it is probably a fake.
  • Know respected companies.  If you are online shopper of Limoges boxes, then you want to shop from respected companies. Respected companies will often guarantee that their products are 100% original so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not you are investing in a fake.
  • It takes talent. Creating the perfect Limoges box takes talent.  Look at the piece and determine how much work actually went into the box. Boxes that have intricate details that seem like they are impossible to create signify a real Limoges box.
  • Know your facts.  The best way to identify whether or not you are purchasing a true Limoges box is to know your facts and let potential dealer be aware that you do. This decreases your chances of investing in a phony box that will not be worth anything in the long run.

Use the tips above to help you identify a genuine Limoges box.  This high quality works or art are second to none. While the details may not be immediately noticeable, there are quite a few things that you can look for to determine whether or not you have a true Limoges box on your hands. Allow these tips to help you make the best investments possible when buying Limoges boxes for your collection.

12 Tips for Choosing the Right Hat Style and Fit for Men

By 1001shops, Sunday, June 17, 2012

Toddler Room 389x272 12 Tips for Choosing the Right Hat Style and Fit for MenWhether it is winter, spring, summer, or fall, hats are an accessory that many men wear all year round.  For this reason, it is important that men choose the right fit and style of hat to wear for many different occasions.  Use the 12 tips for choosing the right fit for men listed below to ensure that you are always in style and on trend with all of your hat purchases.

  • What’s the occasion? When choosing the right style and fit with hats, you must first consider the occasion. Obviously, you are not going to wear and informal hat to a formal occasion. Weddings and dinner parties provide the perfect opportunity to wear a classy black and white hat.
  • Hats by age.  The younger generation is gearing towards hats with a flat bill.  While flat bill hats are appropriate for all ages, the designs on the hat will often set them apart. When choosing the right hat, consider your age.  Be sure that you aren’t wearing a hat that is designed for a younger generation.
  • Do you have a “hat”itude? When choosing the right style and fit, consider your reason for wearing it. If you are making an effort to look “cool,” you are more than likely to choose a hat that is brand name.
  • Dress for the season.  Hats, like other clothing items, are seasonal.  During the winter months you may want to choose a hat that is made of a heavier material.  During the spring and summer months, lighter material can help you to stay cool while still giving you the look that you want.
  • Hats that match your outfit.  When choosing the right hat, you want to ensure that it matches the outfit you are wearing.  A sports hat will go better with a jeans and a polo than a fancier, dinner party hat.  Choose your outfit and then find a hat that compliments the outfit nicely.
  • Going bold isn’t always the right choice.  There are hats available in endless color choices.  If you want to remain stylish, however, consider hats that are neutral in tones so that you don’t draw attention to your hat.  You want people to be drawn to you, not your hat.
  • Less is more when choosing the right fit.  Patterned hats can be very loud and also draw unwanted attention. When choosing a hat, go with the less is more mentality. The less decoration on the hat, the more appealing it will be on your head.  Choose a pattern that will be easy with the clothing that you own.
  • Consider your face shape.  Be sure to try on hats to be sure that the hat looks well with your face shape.  A flat bill hat may make your face appear rounder.  If you have a round chubby face, avoid wearing these hats.
  • Choose the right angle to wear the hat.  While wearing a hat straight forward is the most popular way to wear it, some people choose to tilt the hat at a slight angle.  If this is your preference, be sure to try this angle before you purchase the hat. Flat bill hats are often hard to wear as an angle.
  • Comfort matters.  When choosing the right hat, always consider the comfort. A hat that is too tight can actually give you a headache.  Comfort is key when buying a hat.
  • Getting in on the vintage style. A newer trend with hats is the vintage style.  Always consider the trend when purchasing a hat. If being in style is your goal, you can’t go wrong with trendy hats.
  • In the end, the choice is yours. While vintage seems to be the style, choose a hat that you like.  Regardless of what other people think, it you like the hat, wear it.

When choosing the perfect hat for men, the 12 tips listed above can be very beneficial. Hats are likely a trend for men that will never disappear.  Choosing classic styles that you can wear time and time again will give the most for your money.

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10 Lighting Theme Ideas For Kids Rooms

By 1001shops, Monday, June 11, 2012

Lighting Theme Kids Room 389x292 10 Lighting Theme Ideas For Kids RoomsDecorating your child’s room can be fun, especially if you have chosen a theme.  Whether you have chosen butterflies, cowboys, or a sports theme for your child, it can be easily incorporated into every aspect of the décor, including the lighting.  Listed below are 10 ways that you can incorporate lighting into the theme that you have chosen for your child’s room. How will you choose to illuminate your child’s space?

  • Themed lamp shades.  A cute way to add in your child’s theme is to get an artist to decorate a lamp shade that will work perfectly in the space.  An inexpensive lamp shade can become a masterpiece. Another advantage to having this done is that the lamp shade will be truly unique and one of a kind.
  • Themed lamps.  If you don’t want to design a lamp shade in the theme of your child’s room, search for a lamp base that will work perfectly in the space.  Lamp bases are available in countless shapes, sizes, colors, and can even boast animals, butterflies, or any other thing that you can imagine. Themed lamps are perhaps the easiest and most convenient way to add a unique touch the lighting and the space.
  • Night lights. Night lights are an easy, inexpensive way to carry the theme throughout the room.  These simple little light fixtures can make a big impression if you choose the right one.  Make sure that it matches the theme!
  • Figurine lighting. Lighted animals, butterflies, and trains are just a few of the many figurine lights that are available for purchase. These lighted figurines can add a touch of light that flow perfectly with the space. Available in nearly every color, it is a great way to add in your child’s favorite elements to the space.  Consider putting one or two figurine lights in the space.
  • Light switch covers. Light switch covers are an easy way to add in a unique touch to the space without spending tons of money.  Choose a personalized light switch place to help complete the décor of your child’s room. It is a small way to make a big impact. Allow your child to help choose the perfect light cover for his room.
  • Projective lighting.  Perhaps monkey’s dancing on the ceiling is what your child desires! There are light fixtures available that can project your child’s favorite image onto the ceiling or wall.  This is perfect for those sleepless nights or time when you child needs just a little bit of light to make it through the night.  Projective lighting makes bringing your child’s décor theme to the next level.
  • Under shelve lighting. Under shelve lighting can help illuminate knick knacks, books, or other memoirs that your child loves.  They are very easy to install and provide the perfect glow to make the room feel comfortable and relaxing.
  • Contemporary fixtures. Many contemporary light fixtures boast geometric shapes that make them perfect for a child’s room. Choosing this type of light fixture will often help you to get more use out of the light over time. You won’t have to worry about changing out the fixtures as the years go own.
  • Sky lighting. Adding a sky light to your child’s room can help bring the natural lighting into the space and is also a great way to make a statement.  Consider painting themed artwork onto the sky light to add a dramatic touch that can represent the theme of your child’s room perfectly.
  • Chandeliers.  A little girl’s room will be perfect with a beautiful pink chandelier to help light the space.   This is a lighting idea that will also grow with your little princess over time.  Choose a beautiful chandelier to match the girly décor of your child’s space.

Listed above are 10 creative ways to add lighting into the theme of your child’s roomWith countless lights available to match almost any theme that you choose, even the lighting in your child’s room can be fun and creative! Use the themes to help you find unique ways to add lighting to your child’s space.

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Decorating Outdoors with Artificial Plants

By 1001shops, Tuesday, June 5, 2012

One of the quickest ways to improve curb appeal is by strategic artificial plant placement. Some artificial plants are created specifically to withstand outdoor temperatures and direct sunlight so are ideal for your landscaping needs. A good quality artificial plant, tree, or flower will create an illusion of natural beauty and fool the best trained eye.

potted trees Decorating Outdoors with Artificial Plants

Potted trees are excellent choices. They need no pruning, fertilizing, watering, or insecticides…All they need is to be placed and admired, which is a real plus for those who are allergic to certain plants or chemicals used to treat them.

Place similar plants on either side of your front door. This beautiful six foot tall Bonsai ficus tree in its handsome brown stoneware planter is sure to be a head turner.

While others who are planning their landscape are poring over garden magazines and instruction books and searching online for the proper soil and care for their desired trees and plants, you can get a jump start on yours by buying artificial plants, trees and flowers. You are not limited to native vegetation, so even if you live in an area with seasonal weather, you have an unlimited range to choose from. You can even go exotic or tropical by choosing for example this 6 foot 5 inch Mango canopy tree. It comes housed in its own cutting edge designed bronze metal planter.

Be sure to buy a pair to keep your design balanced, placing one on each side of your door to enhance your entrance.

Place artificial trees on your porch, deck or patio. You do not have to worry about falling leaves or leaky pots. The beautiful trees will bring peace and tranquility to your outdoor living. Take this beautiful graceful birch tree with its many natural looking offshoots.

white birch Decorating Outdoors with Artificial PlantsOr you can select this white birch which comes with its own antique copper scuttle with handle. This graceful tree stands five feet and five inches tall.  Note how natural these trees look. The limbs are so realistic you might find birds nesting in its branches.

While decorating your out of doors, don’t forget your patio, deck or porch. Adding silk flowers, trees and plants here will help to make your deck look like a tropical paradise. Life can be very stressful, and homes can and should provide you with valuable rest and relaxation time. This precious time will be enhanced by improving the beauty of your out of doors. The greener your outdoor living space is the more it will look like an addition to your enchanted garden. This deck becomes a wonderful place for an intimate dinner for two or a relaxing meal for family and friends. What a wonderful place to unwind, and the wonderful foliage placed in the planters make all the difference in the world.

hanging plants Decorating Outdoors with Artificial PlantsArtificial flowers and plants can be hung from shepherds hooks, bannisters, door posts, from the porch or patio ceiling in addition to placing them in window boxes and pots. “Plant” them in pots and anchor with sand or rice if needed, then cover with moss or simply place a row of already arranged artificial plants inside the window box. The beautiful foliage will be all that they see. This versatile plant will work for hanging as well as potted seating on the floor, or ground.

With artificial plants you have the versatility of choosing any type of container and not being concerned with whether it can hold water or not. Beautifully hand woven baskets or your own ceramic pot will work equally well and add interest to the look. You would not get away with this with a real plant, but with an artificial flower or plant the decorating flexibility just adds to the appeal. Add your plants wherever you need some color and watch your humble abode turn into an oasis.



12 Things You Need To Build An Audience Around Your Blog

By 1001shops, Friday, June 1, 2012

Blog Metal Logo 389x258 12 Things You Need To Build An Audience Around Your BlogYou could be great at writing authoritative, inspirational posts. You could also be a fantastic researcher and a subject matter authority. Still, if you don’t have an audience around your blog, not one of your talents will be of any use. Here are 12 things you need to build an audience around your blog.

1. Do Something To Stand Out In Your Niche

Almost all niches are heavy with competition. What makes your niche so special that readers should be loyal to you? Study your competition and find out where they lack. Identify at least one unique, attention-provoking area where you can excel.

2. Avoid Common Pitfalls

Don’t wait too long to create your email list. Identify your target market and don’t waste time pandering to the wrong crowd. Tone up your research and stand out as an authority; don’t try to blend in along with the crowd. Learn from other people’s mistakes and avoid them.

3. Focus On Your Content

Write for your audience. Listen to what they have to say and gear your content strategy towards getting more eyeballs. Make sure your content is of high quality – this means excellently researched, backed by facts, of the right length and well-written.

4, Promote Your Blog Via Social Media

Create an account in all the major social media networks. Connect with your current reader base and leverage their social media networks. Share links, content, tips, promotions and valuable information freely and promote your blog.

5. Connect With Key Players

Find out who the key players are and follow them on Twitter. Promote their posts and promotions freely. Then write a special post and ask a key player to promote it on his or her blog. When you promote others and let people see your sincerity, you can reap the benefits of their favor.

6. Build A Relationship With Your Audience

It doesn’t matter how many readers you have. Even if it’s just 10 readers, go all out and build 1:1 connections with them. Engage your readers by responding to their comments. Help them find solutions to niche-related issues. Your reader base will grow from word of mouth.

7. Write Guest Posts

Connecting with key players has another advantage. You will be able to leverage their favor to submit guest posts. Guest posts are a great way to attract traffic. Keep pitching your posts to relevant blogs and enjoy the backlinks. Participate in the reader comments on those blogs and increase your audience.

8. Stick To A Posting Schedule

Make a content posting schedule and stick to it. Once you start building a loyal fan following, you have to live up to its expectations. Satisfy your reader’s anticipation and show your dependability by posting content regularly.

9. Join A Discussion Group

Find a great group in your niche and join it – try Facebook groups. At first, watch and learn Then start participating and showing your leadership skills and subject matter authority. Soon you will have fresh readers for your blog.

10. Offer Substantial Freebies

Get creative here – offer something for free to the most loyal commenter, the winner of a contest and so on. Free stuff is a great way to attract new readers and build loyalty with existing ones.

11. Post Comments On Other Blogs

Schedule some ‘commenting time’; target the top blogs in your niche, read their post and become a regular commenter. The bloggers will visit your blog and return the favor. Plus, it gives you a chance to network with the other blogs’ audience.

12. Work On Your SEO

You can increase your traffic volume to a large extent through good SEO. Consult an SEO expert and implement all the recommended measures. Becoming Google’s darling is definitely the way to go if you want to grow your audience.

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Get Into The Pulse Of V8 Supercar Racing!

By 1001shops, Monday, May 28, 2012

V8 super cars Get Into The Pulse Of V8 Supercar Racing!Visit any Australian state, and you’ll find a V8 Supercar event there. In fact, V8 Supercar Racing is the only professional sport that boasts of being conducted in every state in Australia. Close to a quarter million visitors line up to each V8 Supercar race event.

V8 Supercar Racing Formats

Each racing series follows either a sprint race or an endurance race format; each format includes rounds for race qualification, practice and racing.

1. Race Type: Endurance Races

During endurance races (500 to 1000 kilometers), cars with fuel capacity of 120 liters are used. Pit stops are compulsory for tire, fuel and driver changes.

  • 500 Kilometer Endurance Races:  These were held at Sandown but were moved to Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. However, the race will be shifted back to Melbourne’s Sandown Raceway in 2012.
  • 1000 Kilometer Endurance Race: These are conducted at Bathurst, NSW. They comprise 161 laps of the Mount Panorama circuit, driving through two long straights which contract with fast blind corners on the mountain top. The same rules of compulsory pit stops apply here too. 24 tires per car are granted for the weekend race format. The Bathurst 1000 is known as the “Great Race”. This race has been the standard for domestic motor racing in Australia for several years, even before the V8 Supercar category was developed.

2. Race Type: Sprint Races

For sprint races, pit stops are not compulsory anymore. However, all teams must spend at least 50 liters of fuel per race.  Racing teams are granted 12 car tires for changes for the weekend sprint races.

Warm Up And Qualifying Rounds

  • Warm Up: There’s usually a warm up session that takes 20 minutes before the start of an endurance race.
  • Practice: Two 1 hour sessions of practice are the norm for sprint races. The practice sessions are shorter but many more for endurance races –two or four sessions of varying lengths.
  • Qualification:  Drivers have to complete two legs. The first leg takes 20 minutes, in which all 30 drives compete. The second leg takes 15 minutes and only 20 of the drivers compete. The top 10 drivers are identified, and are made to a lap each, where each driver sets his fastest time.

Weekend V8 Racing Australian Specials

Weekends see V8 Supercar sprints of 100 to 200 kilometers conducted on purpose-built racetracks and street circuits. In Sydney, two 250 kilometer sprint races are held over the weekend. On the Gold Coast, weekend races include two 300 kilometer sprints. Long distance endurance races ranging from 500 kilometers to 1000 kilometers are held at Philip Island and at Bathurst.

Adelaide is also home to the Clipsal 500, which is a shortened version of the Grand Prix Circuit that used to be held here formerly. The race takes on a carnival-like feeling, with stalls, banners, enthusiastic clothing, tattoos and a coming together of socialites, celebrities and screaming fans 200,000 strong.

Every Saturday and Sunday, two 250 kilometer races are conducted. The Clipsal 500 has made it to the V8 Supercar Hall of Fame, having won several awards.

The Australian International V8 Supercars Championship

This motor racing competition, open to Australia’s Touring Car category awards titles for Driver, Teams and Manufacturers. The 1000 kilometer endurance race at Bathurst has contributed to this championship’s results since 1999.

The Caterpillar Grand Finale

This race is held in late November at the Eastern Creek Raceway near Sydney. It is considered the crowning glory of the year’s races; it’s the final round of the entire season. It’s usually staged over a three day weekend, Friday to Sunday. The practice race is held on Friday, and after a qualifying race of 40 minutes on Saturday, three 120 kilometer races are held. The final race takes place on Sunday, and the winner is adjudged based on points accumulated in all three races.

V8 Supercar Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame was instituted in 1999 to conduct the end-of-year prize-giving ceremony.  Drivers who have won various races over the year are awarded prizes based on points won.  The V8 Supercar Hall of Fame was instituted in order to recognize and award past champions and prominent racing figures in the history of supercar racing in Australia.

Alicia has been writing about Adrenalin gift ideas for the past three years. Her favourite topics include V8 race experience, skydiving, hot air ballooning, and other adventures she has experienced for herself.

15 Tips To Quit Your Job Gracefully

By 1001shops, Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It’s human nature to remember the end of things, rather than the beginning. That’s probably the reason why a movie’s climax makes a greater impression on watchers than a fine entry line. Quitting gracefully and in a way that leaves the right impression and memory behind is probably even more important than how you start the job. Here’s how.

1. Quit Before You’re Forced To Quit

Quit before your lack of energy is noted, or affects your performance. If you wait too long, your emotions may also get out of hand and you’ll regret some of the things you’re forced to do.

2. Speak Only To Your Boss

Of course, nobody’s boss wants to hear their team member is quitting. What they’ll hate more is to hear about the imminent resignation through a third party! You be the one to tell your boss, and tell no one except your boss.

3. Allow Your Boss To Discuss And Negotiate

If your boss makes counter offers, consider them respectfully and objectively. Ask for them in writing; you can use them as leverage if you ever want to work there again. However, best not to accept any counter offer, as you’ll be considered unethical for threatening to quit just to get a raise.

4. Get Your Story Right

People tend to do this; there’s one story for the boss, and then there’s the real reason behind your need to quit – boss is a jackass and you hate working for him. Get your story straight and use the same story with everyone to prevent loss of credibility.

5. Never Close The Door Fully

Someday, you might want to come back; things change. Make sure you don’t vent your true feelings to anyone; that’ll make sure the door is closed forever.

6. Don’t Trash The Company During The Exit Interview

Unless you absolutely disagree with everything the company does or stands for, don’t trash it during the exit. Control your emotions and let them know you had a good time. Better still, avoid the exit interview.

7. Write A Gracious Resignation Letter

Keep your resignation letter gracious and formal. Don’t state your reasons for leaving, don’t list your aspirations, don’t put in emotional sentences about how much so and so means to you. Just thank the company and everyone for making your stay great.

8. Remember You Are Not Indispensable

Yes, you will be missed and it’ll be hard to 100% replace you, but replace you they can and they will. Don’t get tied up in knots thinking someone’s going to come in and ruin everything you’ve done. It’s really not your problem once you quit. The more you obsess, the more people are going to think you’re too big for your boots

9. Leave A Positive Trail Behind

If you leave a negative trail behind, your present company can ruin it for you with future employers, no matter what the law says. That jackass of a boss you hate today might become your boss or co-worker elsewhere. The important thing is that you’re remembered as a positive person.

10. Take Control Of The Shift In Power

When you quit, you’re no longer beholden to your boss; rather, you become your boss’s equal. Use this shift in power to show some more of your assertiveness. If your boss tries to extract more, do what you reasonably but with firm graciousness.

11. Help Graciously But Don’t Extend Notice

Some companies will try to make you extend your notice period just because they want to get more out of you. Once you have committed a last date, be firm about leaving. They cannot hold you back. Offer to help them via email or phone in your free hours.

12. Don’t Hang On To Company Property

Follow the protocol for returning company property; avoid potential lawsuits and bad feedback. Make a list of all company property that you hold weeks in advance. Ensure you get a signed receipt for each one to avoid confusion later.

13. Don’t Slack Off

You probably hate where you work; the moment you resigned, you felt pounds lighter. It’s human nature to slack off a bit in such circumstances. Don’t – people will be watching you and they will view any slacking off as highly unethical and unprofessional on your part.

14. Say Goodbye Graciously

If you cannot find the time to meet everyone and shake their hands, at least write personal emails to the people that count. Then send out a company-wide email thanking everyone for being great guys. Mention how much you’ve learnt and how much you take forward from there.

15. Help Hire, Train And Mentor Your Replacement

Create a transition document detailing all your projects, processes, methods, key SMEs and task procedures. Offer to help the company hire your replacement. Do what you can to train and mentor your replacement (if one is available) before you leave.

Dean writes for Invesp a conversion rate and landing page optimization company helping businesses in improving the conversion rate online marketing campaigns

15 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself for a Hike

By 1001shops, Sunday, May 6, 2012

hiking 389x311 15 Things You Should Do to Prepare Yourself for a HikeHiking is a favorite pass time for many.  If you are thinking of taking up hiking as hobby, there are a few things that you need to know to ensure your safety.  Listed below are 15 things that you should do to prepare yourself for a hike.  Will you be thoroughly prepared for the adventure?

  • Choose a hiking trail to according to your experience.  Don’t just venture out on a trail. Find out how strenuous the trail will be. Many hiking trails have information at the trail head warning hikers of how easy or hard the hike will be. Pay attention to the signs and don’t hike strenuous trails until you get enough experience.
  • If you are new at hiking, choose a popular trail that is paved. Choosing a paved trail will allow easier access and increase your chances for meeting other hikers along the way.  There are fewer risks on these trails and people to help if you get into a bind.
  • Obtain a map of the area. Before you venture out on a hike, obtain a hiker’s map. Map’s at usually available at the trailhead and will include tips on how to have a successful hike.
  • Find a hiking partner. Hiking along can be dangerous. Find a hiking partner who shares the same interests as you do and schedule a day of the week to do the hike. If you choose to hike on the weekends you are likely to have more company along the trails.
  • Let others know that you will be hiking a general timeframe of when you will return. Don’t just leave for a hike. Let others know where you will be and when you will return.
  • Carry along an emergency backpack. A small first aid kit can be very helpful if accidents occur along the trail.  You may not be the only person who needs it. Carry it along for those “just in case” accidents.
  • A walking stick is a must. A walking stick will help you ensure that the ground you are about to walk on is firm.  It can also be beneficial in making the trip easier on you.  Don’t leave home without a good walking stick for the trip.
  • A whistle is mandatory if there are bears in the location you are hiking in. Whistles alert bears and other wildlife that you are in the area.  They usually won’t bother you unless you scare them.  A whistle lessens the chances that you will spook a bear.
  • Bring plenty of liquids. Hiking in extreme heat can cause dehydration.  Be sure to bring plenty of liquids on the trip.
  • Realize that if the hike will be strenuous, you will need to take breaks. Don’t push yourself over the limit. Take breaks when you need to.
  • Wear the right shoes. There are shoes that are made just for hiking.  This will make the trip easier on your feet.
  • Wear bug repellent and check you self for ticks upon returning. Bugs are a part of hiking. Do what you can to repel them by spraying yourself before you begin the hike.  
  • If you are hiking up a mountain, don’t stay close to the edge.  Staying close to the edge will increase your risk of falling.  Once your become tired, you could easily step off the mountain without meaning to.  Stay away from the edge to be on the safe side.
  • Consider bringing along a small tent for shelter from storms. The weather can quickly change. You want to be sure that you have shelter from a storm if you run into a problem.  A small tent in your backpack will help you keep out of the weather.
  • Get advice from experienced hikers about the trail you are going on.  If you know of people who have hiked the trail, get advice from them.  What things do you need to look out for?  Information can be useful in preparing.

Hiking is a generally safe hobby if you are always prepared for the adventure.  Use the 15 tips above to make sure that you are thoroughly prepared.