How often have you heard of someone starting off with barely a few dollars in their pocket, only to go on to become a hugely successful entrepreneur? Yes, there are hundreds on such stories of different people becoming successful with different ideas. But if you were to analyze successful entrepreneurs, you would notice that all of them have some common characteristics that have helped them to make their dreams come true.

Top 5 characteristics of successful entrepreneurs

Here are the top 5 character traits that will help you to become a successful entrepreneur:

  • Being a dreamer: Every businessperson who went on to have a thriving business will tell you that it all started with a dream. An idea that they had, which was so powerful that it was all they could think of. Most people are uncomfortable with the term ‘dreamer’ and hence like to call these people visionaries. But regardless of the term you use, being a visionary and having the self confidence to follow your dreams is one of the top most characteristics of entrepreneurs.
  • Risk taking ability: Their risk taking ability is what usually sets apart successful entrepreneurs from failed businessmen. Having a high risk tolerance is very important as entrepreneurship is inherent with all kinds of risk. People who cannot handle big risks with a certain amount of comfort and confidence will find it extremely difficult to become good entrepreneurs.
  • Discipline: This is a common trait in all successful business people. Without determination and a high degree of discipline, success would be very difficult to achieve. Being an entrepreneur means you have no boss looking over your shoulder. Hence, you have to possess a lot of discipline to keep slogging away at your idea until you make a success of it.
  • Being good leaders: As an entrepreneur, you may start off on your own but to be successful you will have to work with different types of people. If you possess good leadership qualities, you will be able to inspire your employees to work as hard as you do, and only then can you establish a thriving business.
  • Passion: Being passionate about your work and your idea is the only way to make a success of it. Without passion, it would be all too easy to quit when the going gets tough, and believe me it will get tough before it gets easy. Therefore, passion for what you do and an intense ambition to succeed is an important characteristic of successful entrepreneurs.

Esther is a business blogger and writer, who writes about everything from investing in stocks to contractor taxes to how to set up an umbrella company.