They say that home is where the heart is but when you’re in the midst of a DIY renovation, it’s where your blood, sweat, and tears are, too. The stress can take a toll on even the best relationships. You are both tired, frustrated, and usually dirty, covered in drywall dust and speckled with paint. Not exactly your sexiest look. Believe it or not, though, renovations can be romantic if you use a little imagination and add your special touch. Here are five simple ways to keep the love light burning when your home turns into a construction zone.

The Magic of Massage

After a long day of swinging hammers and pushing power saws, take time to wind down and relax. Indulge in a long, hot bath, then surprise your partner with sensuous massage lotion made with scintillating essential oils with aphrodisiac qualities. Sandalwood or patchouli are especially nice. Lovingly rub it into his sore muscles and ask him to return the favor. It’s a well-deserved reward for each of you and the perfect entre to more romantic recreation.

Share a Picnic Break

There’s always something romantic about a picnic, even if it is shared in the middle of the floor while you are surrounded by tools and demo debris. Spread out a blanket, unpack a basket of finger foods you can feed each other, open a bottle of wine, and share some quiet time together. If you can, move the picnic outside and get away from the construction clutter for a bit. The work will still be there when you get back and you will both feel refreshed and ready to start the job again.

Make a Shower Date

When your partner is getting tired and grumpy, reactivate his energy by inviting him to share a shower date with you when the day of work is finished. Later, fill the bathroom with candlelight and your favorite scent, turn on some romantic music, and help each other wash away the day’s dust and dirt. Do not forget to use your sexiest smelling bath gel and the softest towels you own.

Have a Project Party

Good friends, good food, and good music add up to great times even when there is work involved. Invite friends over to help you paint or demo and make it a party. Crank up the tunes, order some pizza, and when the work is done, break out the beer. It will make the hours pass faster, brighten your spirits, and give you an excuse to steal a dance with your mate.

Dress for the Occasion

After days of wearing ratty old work clothes, surprise your partner with a new look. How do you think he or she would react if you showed up dressed in nothing but your work shoes, a tool belt, and a hard hat? One of the most important parts of completing a renovation together without damaging your relationship is maintaining your sense of humor. A move like that one is bound to keep a smile on their face all day long.

Renovations are hard on relationships, but there are ways to lessen the strain. These are just a few ideas that help keep the romance intact while your home is torn apart. Let your imagination frolic and enjoy the perfect renovation rendezvous with your partner. When the project is complete, you will have some very special memories of a job well done.

Josh Thompson is a key part of the newest name in luxury group discounts, LuxeYard. He is also a prolific blogger and guest writer.