four strategies

Four Strategies To Follow

Article marketing is still alive and well as a method of website promotion regardless of what you have heard in the SEO world.   There is more than one way to use it for generating traffic.  Use whatever approach is the best fit for you.  They all work depending on how well you execute them.  Usually it is best to implement different strategies in order to test what is working best for you.  Here are some sample strategies that you could implement.


Article Marketing Strategy One

Publish articles that are written to target high volume keyword search phrases in an effort to get as much organic search engine traffic to the article as possible.  Make sure the articles get published on websites where they are more likely to rank well.  You will probably also have to engage in some kind of effort to promote the articles and get them to rank better.  You will get better results publishing on those articles on blogs instead of public article directories.

An Example of SEO targeting article title – How To Get Website Traffic


Article Marketing Strategy Two

Publish articles with titles written to attract attention instead of titles written to purposely target high volume search phrases.  These articles are written with the intention of siphoning existing traffic from wherever they are published.  Therefore, you must publish these articles at places where your target audience is already congregating in large numbers.

An Example of traffic siphoning article title – How John Barleycorn Generated 26,974 Website Visitors With One Article from an Article Directory


Article Marketing Strategy Three

Publish articles with the intended purpose of improving search engine ranking of the website that you are linking out to from within the article.  You would want to publish articles at many different places.  The more website you publish on the better.  Make sure you are linking back to the most relevant pages according to the topic of the article.  Make sure you are using a wide variety of different anchor text to create the links.  If you build too many links using the same anchor text, then Google Penguin is sure to get you.

If you want this method to be effective over the long run, then you want to make sure you do it regularly.  You will need to replace some of the links as the old ones decay and disappear.  Some people do monthly article marketing to compensate for link decay.


Article Marketing Strategy Four

Most article marketing strategies use article directories as the places where your articles get published.  This strategy is a bit different though.  In this strategy, you use public blogging websites.

Publish articles in batches at various web 2.0 blogs in order to create mini-sites that will drive traffic to your primary website.  To accomplish this you will be publishing anywhere from 5-20 articles per website.  Take care to publish articles that educate your target audience about the most common questions they are asking about.  Then funnel that traffic to your primary website.  These websites can be very powerful.


Article Marketing is Still Very Effective Even After Panda and Penguin

A lot of people thought that article marketing died when Google first came out with its Panda algorithm update back in 2011.   Yet, if you test it for yourself, you will find that it still does work very well.  In fact there is even an article marketing case study published publicly online if you search for it in Google.

Article marketing is not something you can do once and then forget about though.  If you want to maintain rankings long term, then you will want to keep doing it over a period of time if not indefinitely.  If you stop promoting your website with links then eventually your rankings will drop.  You can maintain your rankings with article marketing by strategically placing your articles and links in the right places.