There are many different important things to consider when you come up with the design of your office. This isn’t just interior design – this is interior design with a purpose that can help to either make your staff more productive or less productive and that will ultimately directly impact on your profits. It needs to look good in the same way that any room layout does, but at the same time it needs to be conducive to work and it needs to put your staff in a productive frame of mind and affect their psychology the way you want it to.

Little things here can have a big impact, such as the way you use colours. This is an example of something that not every manager is aware of, but just ask any psychologist and they’ll explain to you what a big impact colours can have on our emotions and psychology. Here we will look at some examples.


Red is generally thought to be the colour of passion, anger and romance – in other words all things that get your pulse racing. This is find for getting people riled up and passionate, but at the same time it can also be something of an assault on our senses that gets us too worked up to be comfortable. This is allegedly the reason that fast food chains use a lot of red when they are creating their layouts and using designers – because the reds encourage the clientele to move on quickly and thus give the store a better turnover. Of course this isn’t what you want for an office space.


Likewise orange apparently has a reputation for making people more aggressive and studies have shown that just wearing an office tie will mean that people are more likely to act aggressively towards you. Again this is something you will generally want to avoid in offices.


Blue is generally accepted as the most relaxing colour and this is most likely down to the fact that it’s associated with water. This is the kind of colour you can use in your office that will make people feel more at ease, and by improving their comfort you can in theory improve their productivity.


Black is thought of as being the colour we most associate with professionalism and style, and so this is a great colour for making your staff feel more productive and more professional themselves. Of course though black also absorbs the most light and so it can make us feel claustrophobic in vast quantities. A little black then goes a long way – so be careful not to overdo it.


White has the opposite effect when it comes to light and will reflect more light making any room feel more spacious and lighter. This is great for combating claustrophobia and making people feel at ease as a result, and it’s also associated with purity and minimalism. A good way to stimulate efficiency then?


Green is a colour that has strong associations – generally with money and with eco-friendly attitudes. While too much green could result in a bright and garish room then, a little could help to sell some of the messages you’d like to associate with your brand.

All these are ways that your choice of colours can help to impact the way your staff work. Be sure to factor this in and discuss colours with your shopfitters or designers.