WordPress is a major content management platform, which according to today’s statistics hosts just shy of 55 million websites all over the world. These figures show no sign of slowing down as over 100,000 WordPress sites are being created each day.

Because of the widespread use of WordPress and the widespread growth in gadgets with internet capabilities such as smartphones and iPads. It is becoming increasingly necessary for the templates used on WordPress sites to work on a multitude of different platforms.

This used to be a problem as templates would have to be coded in a number of different programming languages in order to display correctly depending the browser that was being used. As you can probably tell this task took a great deal of time and effort.

However recently responsive WordPress themes have been introduced that allow your website content to be displayed correctly no matter what device or software a person uses. Whatever the size of the device using a responsive theme means that your website will be displayed in the correct size and in the same way on every device.

Here are fifteen amazing responsive WordPress templates of 2012:


This template is extremely minimalistic but at the same time it is an extremely powerful template. Hero is a brilliant theme for people who wish to show off their work. Social networks such as Twitter can be easily integrated into this template. It is also extremely customisable so you can make it look just the way you want it and make your website stand out from the crowd.


This responsive template allows you to choose from five different styles – light, dark, clean, grunge and earth. The theme comes with an amazing slideshow plugin that allows you to create a huge image slideshow right on your homepage. But as it is responsive the slideshow is optimised for all screen sizes and will scale up or down in size accordingly. Posts in this theme are displayed in an elegant three column design, giving the readers of your website a magazine-style reading experience.

Standard Theme

This theme has been audited by the the company who are behind WordPress which just indicates how amazing it is. Another aspect that makes it a great theme is that it has been made so that it is perfect for SEO, which means there is no need to install extra plugins. The developers of this theme ensured that it was fast, light and really affect and I believe they really have achieved that.


Made by WooThemes this template is brilliant for businesses, e-commerce and portfolio types of sites. It has a vast array of features including custom typography with full support for Google Fonts and built in SEO options. This template has really paid great attention to detail and it is this that makes it shine out from all the other generic templates that are available. If you want to make your business look very professional then this is the template for you.


The Flexible template developed by Elegant Themes prides itself on putting your work first. It achieves this by keeping all of the design elements to an absolute minimum whilst at the same still being extremely modern. The template is compatible with all of the popular internet browsers and comes with an unlimited colour scheme, meaning you can customise the template exactly how you want it. Because of this you will be able to use this template and it will always look original due to your customization.


Gigawatt is a video blogging responsive template. Like the Flexible theme it too has unlimited colour customisation, meaning you can always keep your site unique. It allows you to display a number of videos on your homepage, all of which can be formatted to be full HD. But one of the great things about this template is that if you don’t wish to use videos it is just as easy to swap them for pictures.


Valiano is an elegant business orientated responsive template. It has a fantastically designed slider that can be used to display pictures of products along with short descriptions. It is also extremely customisable and allows for things such as unlimited sidebars and unlimited portfolios. If you want a template that screams out style and is brilliantly designed then Valiano may be the theme best suited for you.


I don’t think that I have come across a responsive template that has been as perfectly named as this one. The theme really does deliver volume. It is a wonderfully bold template that is oozing with character and features. There are lots of custom widgets, backgrounds and fonts available that add to make these template even cooler than it seems at first glance.

The Novelist

When it comes to responsive wordpress templates there is nothing quite like The Novelist. The template is designed around content, making it an ideal theme for authors and copywriters. It really is an awesome theme to use in order to showcase your work. It comes with a 5 star rating and lots of really good recommendations from users. If you want an edgy template that is like no other The Novelist could be the theme for you.


Fulfilling one of wordpress’s fundamental uses is the DailyJournal template designed and developed by Elegant Themes. It is a beautiful and simplistic blogging template that will display your posts perfectly no matter what viewing device is being used. The way that the template has been designed means that your content is always easy to find and displayed in a highly readable way. Bloggers this template is epic!

Super Skeleton

Super Skeleton is a super responsive template that has been designed to be fast by using a number of speed increasing features. The template was developed by a single guy in California who is really passionate about designing wordpress templates. Although the theme is packed with numerous features it was designed with basic users in mind, meaning that is is really easy to use. Super Skeleton also includes a lot of SEO features making it an incredible template.


Slick is an awesome template as it is perfectly suited for a number of different businesses. It works well for agencies, designers and artists, you name it and this template will work for them. It comes complete with various widgets such as integrated social media buttons and an option for Twitter feed updates. Most aspects of the template can be customised, which is a really big plus.


Oxygen is an elegant responsive template, which is completely free to download. But just because it is free it doesn’t mean that this template isn’t the same quality as the paid ones. Oxygen is wonderfully designed template with built in SEO features and many customisable features. The layout of the template makes it perfect for highlighting pictures and content meaning that you can get the best of both worlds.


Incredible is a corporate themed template, which can clearly be seen by its incredibly clean and minimalistic design. It gets straight to the point by allowing users to display exactly what they want in whatever way they want, may it be text or pictures. It is easy to set up, comes packed with fonts and unlimited colours to choose from. If you need convincing anymore the user reviews of this template are superb.


Fluid lives up to its name by automatically resizing pictures and content to fit the viewing device. It is easily integrated with widgets such as social buttons and is easy for users to customise. This template is ideal for use as an online portfolio or for sharing pictures from your journeys.