When you’ve had some kind of accident, it’s a good idea to choose wisely when picking an attorney to handle your case. This means not just selecting one out of the local listings at random – but rather – investing a little time in finding out about your options and choosing the best one available. A variety of factors should be taken into account but here is a list of seven tips to help you on your way.

1. Reputation

This is a big one. One of the most important things that you absolutely must do is check the background of any attorney you consider hiring. Past performance as no guarantee of future success but past failings don’t look good for you. Obviously, if the attorney in question is new to his career it will be more of a leap of faith but – where history exists – take it into account before choosing!

2. Experience

This ties into the first point as experience can only come from time in the courtoom (or at the negotiating table). It’s good – though necessarily essential – to get an attorney who’s been doing it for a while. Really, the only reason I can think of to not go for an experienced lawyer is to cut costs (which I’m getting to).

3. Personality

Personality plays a HUGE role in court – whether criminal or civil. Regardless of the type of case, you’re at the mercy of someone who decides your fate (or 12 people). While we like to think that the judge will be impartial, it can’t hurt to have a affable attorney who knows how to argue a case without ruffling the judge’s feathers or seeming obnoxious. That being said, such an attitude works for some lawyers so if his history is absolutely amazing it might not hurt to give it a shot if he seems to know what he’s doing.

4. Areas of Expertise

You wouldn’t go to a kidney specialist doctor for advice on muscle pain. Why go to a lawyer who doesn’t have experience in personal injury law if there are other options available? It doesn’t matter how good he is at what he does. If it’s not what you need, find someone more suitable.

5. Personal Attention

This is another big one because many lawyers have a way of treating you as nothing more than as passing customer. Ensure that your attorney will give your case personal attention and try to get you the best possible outcome rather than trying to settle as quickly as possible and move on to the next client.

6. Fees

Lawyers don’t come cheap but that doesn’t mean you should get ripped off. Shop around as you would for car insurance so you don’t get fleeced by some smooth talking greedy lawyer.

7. Get to know your attorney

In the case of a law firm, find out who your actual attorney will be; make sure you know who your actual case lawyer will be. Often, big law firms will send their best lawyers to lure you in and then have some less experienced attorney actually take your case. Be sure to find out who your attorney will be and be satisfied with him/her before you make a final decision.

Making the right choice of personal injury lawyer is absolutely essential since – often – the only income of the victim will come from the lawsuit’s proceeds for quite some time. It is, therefore, very important to not rush into a decision without weighing out all the facts.

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