When you’re getting ready to submit your application to nursing school, it’s a first step in a long career geared towards helping others and making people’s lives better. For a lot of reasons, a career in nursing is very rewarding and will have you feeling satisfied in a very significant way. It’s a great way to make a difference in your community, too, by promoting overall wellness and health in a way that will have an actual, serious impact. Before you go ahead and submit your application for nursing school, however, there are plenty of things that you should definitely remember to consider. Working as a nurse is a pretty intensive career, so we’ll talk about the five main things that you should be sure to think about before you go ahead and pull the trigger on submitting your application to whatever school will hopefully train you to become a successful future nurse.

1. Your Budget. While training to become a nurse isn’t nearly as intensive or as expensive as the training you’ll need to become something like a doctor or a surgeon, you are looking at four to five years of higher education, at the very least. Consider how much you’ll be able to afford in terms of your education and look into things like grants, loans, scholarships, and federal aid so that you can put yourself through school.

2. Your Schedule. Will you be able to work relatively odd hours? Nurses don’t have nine to five work schedules like everybody else, so you should make sure your situation is one that allows you to be pretty flexible with when you go to work. This is also an important thing to consider in terms of your personality — think about whether or not this is a problem for you in terms of your career.

3. Previous Experience. Do you have any work experience related to medicine or nursing? Not only should you think about how you felt about this experience and how much you enjoyed it, but you should also make sure it’s communicated on your application. It’s great to show that you have a genuine interest in nursing.

4. High School Performance. It really helps to have good grades from high school, and your diploma will likely be required for an application to nursing school. Hopefully your grades were good in high school, and if you didn’t get your diploma you might be able to have your GED instead. Do your due diligence on this front; it’ll pay off.

5. Your Five-Year Plan. Think about where you intend to wind up in the future. This is a great way to help you plan the right nursing school for yourself. A website like www.localcna.com can also help you find ideas in terms of how you want to go about your education, but keeping in mind your ideal future is a great way to make sure you effectively plan your present.