Some people make great, natural party hosts. There are others of us, however, who have to really work hard to create the perfect party. If you’re on this latter group, then you’ll be relieved to find out that it is possible to become a better party host.

As with many things in life, it’s fair to say that you often get better with more practice. But there are some basic fundamentals that you should be looking to concentrate on.

Choosing the right guests

Did you know that your party could be a disaster before the day even arrives? That’s a frightening thought, but there can be no doubt that it’s true. If you invite the wrong people, then things are likely to go horribly wrong.

A great party should be a relaxing, enjoyable gathering. That means that it certainly shouldn’t involve conflict, arguments or violence. These may sound like extreme occurrences, but the reality is that the wrong guest list can easily lead to such problems.

Think about your aims. Who is the party aimed at? Are there any social issues that mean that two groups of people are unlikely to be comfortable in the same room? You’ll be the best judge of how people are likely to interact, so use your intuition.

Is there a theme?

A fancy dress party is a great way of bringing people together and having a lot of fun. Alternatively, you might have a theme based around a particular country or TV show. The important thing to remember is that you need to let your guests know that such a theme exists. Make sure that you tell them some weeks in advance.

If you try to come up with something at the last minute, then there’s a good chance that some guests won’t have time to prepare. This is likely to result in a party where some people simply don’t feel that they’re fully involved. That’s not going to be a very welcoming occasion.

What are you providing?

If you’re intending to feed your guests and to provide all drinks, then do let them know in advance. If not, it’s absolutely vital that you set appropriate expectations. This can help to avoid embarrassment, on the part of yourself and your guests.

Choose your music wisely

You may have your own, unique, eclectic tastes when it comes to music. Will these be shared by your guests? You’ll need to remember that you’re trying to make them feel welcome, so try to make sure that they can have a great time!

Keith Barrett is a big fan of fancy dress parties and believes that red contact lenses can be used to create a stunning impression. He tries to host truly great parties.