Some people experience insomnia some time in their life. Insomnia tends to occur in all people especially those who have risk factors for a disrupted sleep. These may include anxiety, thinking of a lot of things, and those undergoing emotional and mental problems. Having a physical condition may also lead to insomnia. Some people are able to sleep better without any management, but some with chronic insomnia may require medications for sleep in order to achieve undisrupted and normal sleep patterns. However, these medications usually lead to various side effects that may add additional discomforts to patients. In addition, some of these medications may lead to tolerance and withdrawal symptoms.

In this regard, home remedies may be a better option for people experiencing insomnia. These are not only effective, but also do not lead to serious side effects. The following are the top 5 natural remedies for insomnia:


Running is the most effective way of treating insomnia naturally. Running improves the circulation to the different parts of the body, especially in the brain; thereby enhancing the neurotransmitter release. Running also is a good form of exercise that helps people has adequate and sound sleep because at the end of the day, your body would require rest after your running activity. Consider running three to five times a week. Start slow and gradually increase your speed as well as the distance of your run. When you don’t have opportunity for outdoor running, you can use the treadmill instead.


Meditation is another remedy to improve sleep. Up to 75% of cases have responded to meditation in improving the sleeping pattern. Meditation improves the sleeping pattern by relaxing the mind during meditation. Meditation allows the body and mind to connect. Once your mind is relaxed, your body also assumes a relaxed state, which is essential in normal sleep. Consider meditating daily for 30 minutes. Zen meditation and So Hum Mantra Meditation are the two most effective meditation techniques for insomnia.


Aside from meditation, yoga is also one of the best measures to manage insomnia naturally. Yoga is even better than doing similar physical exercises because not only the body is relaxed, but the mind and spirit as well. The extending and stretching techniques in yoga helps release the tension and stress on the muscles deep in the body. It also relieves tension on the joints and other tissues ion the body. Aside from the physical benefits of yoga, it also allows the person to assume a generally peaceful state that aids in managing insomnia. Engage in yoga for at least 3 times a week to maximize its benefits.

Guided Imagery and Deep Breathing exercises

These two techniques are used hand in hand in reliving insomnia. While you are in your bed, try to focus your attention in peaceful and restful environment by listening to an audio recording that helps you imagine things that can lead you to a restful state. Also, while practicing guided imagery, practice deep breathing exercises to help you relax more.

Establish a sleeping pattern

Most people who have insomnia have not established sleeping pattern leading to difficulty in sleeping when they need to. A key to establishing sleeping pattern is to lie on the bed at the same time every night to allow the body to assume that time to be time for sleep. In addition, never use your bed for other purposes than sleeping. Those who study or do things on their bed usually eliminate the feeling of the body to sleep when in bed.

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