You can eat well, work out to no end and spend hours on makeup, but there’s no hiding bags under your eyes. It’s something that develops over time, as your skin just naturally loses tightness as you age. Those dark bags under the eyes are incredibly common, and to some extent they are inevitable. However there are a couple of factors outside of age that could be causing the dark circles, in which case you can do something to minimize them. Here are five tips to help you eliminate the bags under your eyes.

One of the key aspects that can cause the under eye discoloration is lack of sleep. Over time those bags will develop, and luckily there are obvious changes you can make to assist you here. First off, make sure you get enough sleep for several nights in a row. That means at least seven hours, but eight would be even better. While you are getting that sleep, you also need to pay attention to the angle of your head. You want your head to be elevated higher than the rest of your body, to help stop fluid from pooling under your eyes as you sleep. Adjust your mattress to give you the maximum support, or grab an extra pillow so you have the right angle.

A lack of proper exercise can also be a factor, and there are a couple of things you can do in this case. A sedentary lifestyle impacts your circulation. Poor circulation gives you a tired look, and allows for the pooling fluid that helps cause the bags. One easy choice is washing your face with cold water. That chilly splash will improve your circulation naturally. To help the process along, tap the bags under your eyes delicately with the tips of your fingers as you are washing your face.

Your diet can also impact the size and retention of the dark bags under your eyes. If you eat foods high in salt, your blood vessels expand and you retain water. That will make existing bags under your eyes worse. To combat this, you can place something cool and natural over your closed eyes. Tea bags, cucumbers, chilled spoons or even slices of potato will all be effective. Tea bags can be especially helpful, as the tannins in the tea itself actually tighten your skin. Chill whatever it is you decide to use, then lay down with them over your eyes until they aren’t cold anymore.

If you don’t normally have bags under your eyes and they’ve come out of nowhere all of a sudden, they might be caused by either a kidney infection or some sort of allergic reaction. Kidney infections are serious, so if you are also having trouble breathing or are dealing with a rash and serious fever, call your doctor as soon as you could. Allergies are tough to figure out, and may be caused by something in your diet. Consider cutting out allergy-causing foods one at a time and see how you respond. And don’t forget to consider your makeup. You might be using mascara or a cream that is giving you the bags without even knowing it.

Finally, you’ve got bags caused by ageing, and in that case there is no magical solution. But if it is a serious issue that you are unwilling to let go, you’ll have to consider surgical solutions. You can have a dermatologist treat the under eye area with botox and wrinkle fillers, as long as you are willing to make it a regular treatment regimen. You can have eyelid surgery or some other sort of lift, and just deal with the pain and the recovery time. Just make sure you have a trustworthy doctor that comes well recommended, and be prepared for the hefty bill.