The rampant spread of diabetes in our society has been out of control recently, and many people seem not to understand why. Everyone knows the basic facts about Type 2 Diabetes, that it is a disease in which high blood sugar and insulin deficiency combine to wreak havoc on the body, but few understand the 5 important details about this disease.

  1. You Don’t “Catch” It
    There is no diabetes virus floating around in the air, waiting for its opportunity to jump into your lungs and multiply in your body. This is not a bacterial infection either. You can spend day and night around people who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes without ever becoming at risk from environmental factors. Diabetes is not a communicable disease, meaning that it is not contagious in any concrete way. Type 2 Diabetes stems largely from lifestyle and genetics.
  2. Diabetes is Preventable
    This is the good news; no one has to suffer from Diabetes. It is true that some people have a genetic predisposition toward this disease, so if you have a family history of Type 2 Diabetes you may be more at risk than the average person. However, through prudent lifestyle choices, you can reduce your risk of developing this disease and live a long, happy and healthy life. A healthy diet goes a long way, and feeding your body a nutritious regimen of healthy foods can reduce your risk of diabetes practically to zero.
  3. Exercise for Balance
    Experts agree that one of the best measures for controlling diabetes in those who suffer from the disease is exercise. Most people agree that exercise is universally beneficial, and this goes double for diabetics. Type 2 Diabetes arises most often in people with unhealthy lifestyles–bad eating habits lead to obesity and inactivity, which makes you a prime candidate for Diabetes. Exercising regularly helps those who’ve developed the disease control their blood sugar without artificial means, helping your body to get back in balance naturally. If only all diseases could be controlled so easily.
  4. The Disease Builds Slowly
    You will not simply wake up one morning with full blown Type 2 Diabetes. The disease presents itself in stages, and builds gradually over time. Early symptoms often include increased hunger and thirst, increased urination, unexplained weight loss, and blurry vision. If you start to experience any of these symptoms, you should see your doctor right away to assess your risk of developing Diabetes and take measures to control it. A simple blood test can catch Diabetes right away.
  5. Complications May Arise
    You should be aware of the potential danger of complications in Type 2 Diabetes, and there are many. The body cannot handle elevated blood sugar for very long. After too much time the body can start to feel effects such as poor circulation, which has its own complications, blindness, heart disease and kidney failure. The body is an amazingly interconnected system, and what effects the part effects the whole. Don’t expect Diabetes to be an isolated condition–it can have dangerous complications.