Does it ever seem to you that your slow metabolism is slowing you down? Your agility and quick stepped pace seems to be replaced by breathless running, and the bodyweight a drag? Do not despair-just attribute it to the body’s metabolism, and work towards improving it.

Metabolism is the process in the body of creating energy out of the food we eat, to sustain the multiple internal processes going on within our system, and external activities like working, walking, exercise etc.

Metabolism and it being painfully slow, is a worry for weight gainers, and overweight adults. Looking for excuses that justify weight gain, metabolism becomes the culprit very often. Though it can be rightfully blamed, sometimes overeating, lack of exercise, and bad eating habits have an equally important role to play in weight gain.

But the body’s metabolism can be made faster and it can fool the body to burn more calories than it wants to. Some people have naturally faster metabolic rates and other have slower rates even during childhood. If age and other factors make it slower, making serious lifestyle changes and improving dietary habits can help improve it.

Research reveals that five surefire ways to boost metabolism include the following:

Diet – Diet is crucial for improving metabolism by changing what you eat, when and how you eat it. Timing is important since the body’s metabolism is fastest in the morning.

Hence having a hearty, filling and nutritious breakfast is most important. Do not allow more than a two-hour gap between small snack meals and main meals like lunch and dinner. So a mid morning snack and an early evening snack can fill the gaps between the three bigger meals. Ideally, dinner must be the smallest of the 3 meals and the earlier the better, that is, it must be eaten at least three hours before sleeping.

The diet content should include essential foods include oats and whole grain cereal, water-rich fruits like melon and grapefruit, fresh vegetables like broccoli, romaine lettuce, beans and carrots, nuts, dairy products like yoghurt and buttermilk that are rich in probiotics. Cutting out refined all refined foods like white sugar, refined flour, processed foods and fast junk foods, improve the metabolic rate significantly. Avoid eating out and carry snack from home, in boxes like the Bento box that preserve the freshness and taste of food.

Liquid intake – Many of us avoid liquids beyond tea and coffee. This contributes to a slower metabolism. It is time to make liquids an important of your daily consumption, including at least 8 glasses of water, green tea, butter milk, and fresh soups. These help to keep the body hydrated and while flushing out sodium and toxins. They suppress the appetite but provide nourishment as well.
Exercise- The need for exercise can never be stressed enough. Exercise helps to burn calories, build muscle, reduce flab and keep weight under control. Exercise requires energy and this increased need has to come from the body’s metabolism. The right exercises are crucial since they must build muscle and go beyond mere fatigue. Hence aerobics and strength training exercises should be preferred.

Stop crash diets – The age-old notion that a crash diet, reducing the intake of food and starvation help in improving metabolism and losing weight, is wrong. This will only lead to loss of muscle and the body will begin to store fat to replace the muscle loss.
Avoid a sedentary lifestyle- Being up and about, alert, active and moving about is much better than sitting all day. Most desk jobs could make you so, and being connected through computers and smart phones remove the need to get up from your seat even. Cut this habit, and get up every few minutes rather than sit for hours on end.
These are tried and tested sure fire ways to boost metabolism, becoming more fit and losing weight over time, so why not try these out?

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