Creating the ultimate home theater system is a chance to cultivate a space where you and your family can enjoy all of the excitement of a night out while staying safely and comfortably at home. Achieve that goal by making some simple but important adjustments to your living room or den.

Assuming you have all of the important components — or at least have them planned — such as a LCD television, stereo equipment, furnishings and lighting, it’s important to know how everything will fit into your room based on its size. Planning your room should ensure you have ample space for you, your family and your guests to watch a movie while also remaining cozy and comforting. Consider items such as cords and cables in your planning process as well.

Once everything is set up, make sure your sound system is properly set up so you can get the most enjoyment out of your movies and music. One of the trickier aspects of setting up speakers is dealing with wiring and cables. Whether you are worried about the space factor, the tangling of wires and cables or you simply don’t want them in your line of sight, take steps to make these necessary items invisible to your family and guests.

Here are some other issues to consider when setting up your home theater system:

  • Layout: Map out the layout of your room before you get started. Knowing the configuration and design of your room will help make the set-up process of moving or acquiring furniture, wiring speakers and figuring out optimal seating arrangements. Knowing where you will place your television, stereo system, the video source, lighting fixtures and any other furniture or audiovisual components you may desire will make moving day far less of a hassle.
  • Look at your budget: Know what you can accomplish with the budget you have so you can remain in a financial comfort zone. It will be far easier to enjoy your new home theater set-up if you aren’t worried about the debt you now have to pay off. If you want expensive components, like a flat-screen television instead of the older model you currently have, work your way towards your goal. Remember your theater can easily be a work in progress.
  • Know your limits: Consider whether or not you truly have the skills to do your own wiring. If you believe you can manage things on your own, move forward on the project. However, if you feel hesitant or just plan to “wing it,” you might want to save yourself time and money and hire a professional.
  • Consider using a wireless speaker system: Eliminate the worry of arranging cords and cables while still enjoying high-quality sound and set yourself up with a wireless speaker system. Make your audio experience top notch.
  • Go for surround sound: Position your speaker components around the room for theater-like sound. If you want the full theater experience, be sure to space speakers around the room so you can enjoy surround effect while listening to music or watching movies.

After you have your home theater system in tip-top shape, you, your family and friends can spend hours of enjoyment together in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy new releases and have a great time while saving yourself the cost of taking the entire family to the local cineplex.