As time progress’ we are seeing technology improve more and more and one thing that really can add a touch of class to your home is a digital shower. The digital shower is not only one of the most advanced bits of technology for the home, but as you would expect they are stylish to say the least.

In this article I will give you an insight into why a digital shower will add class and enjoyment to your bathroom.

How a digital shower works

The everyday shower you see in most homes comes with a ‘mechanical valve’ whereas this is not the case with the impressive digital showers now on the market – which in fact is controlled by a compact processor. The processor is installed away from the bathroom and will usually be located in places such as in the loft, in the airing cupboard on in a neat hiding place such as under the bath.

The processers are the brain of all digital showers and are only miniature, usually smaller than a shoe box. This is usually positioned in a convenient location near to your hot and cold water supply.  The use of this to blend thermostatically the water to a pre- set temperature.

The big factor that helps you within the design or your classy digital shower is the fact that the digital shower doesn’t upset your décor in and around your bathroom, which takes out the worry of having a shower that doesn’t fit your room, what more could you want?

So easy to use

Your digital shower is just the definition of simplicity, forget all your ugly or bulky buttons and controls on the standard shower with the digital shower all you need is a simple bush button for start and stop, alongside an equally simple sliding ring to change your temperature.

But the best feature of all in my opinion has to be the LED light; this feature tells you when your shower is ready to get in. The LED light flashes when your shower is still warming up and when it stops your shower is ready for use. This really is a wonderful piece of technology and really does make your bathroom the classy place you dreamed of.

I really do advise a digital shower for anyone, with the easy installation and the smart look what more could you want to set your bathroom apart when visitors come to stay.  There really is no effort involved, you even are told when your shower is ready for you!

This article was provided by Ryan Hirst who writes helpful guides and tips for Eurofit Direct  on their blog