The holiday season has come and gone, you have made your first steps toward your new years resolution, and have generally been productive for the first part of 2012. However, I find that around the beginning of April, I have lost most of the steam I had and much of the motivation I created at the start of the year.

To keep myself moving forward, it’s about this time that I start to work indoors on my own house. Nothing keeps me motivated as much as seeing my goals start to materialize along with the design of my house being updated. Another reason spring decorating is awesome is because of the color schemes; nothing makes you feel happier than a room full of happy colors. Here are the five things I’m trying to accomplish with my “spring cleaning”, maybe some of these things will help preserve your motivation for the coming year!

1) Decorate a Room Asymmetrically:

As an easy start to redesign, I like to work on the room I spend the most time in; my living room. Instead of purchasing new paint or furniture, I decided to take the whole room and create a little bit of intrigue by rearranging the lines of the room to be asymmetrical.

To accomplish this, I enlisted the help of a friend and we took every stick of furniture out of the room. Then, I simply turned the carpet 45 degrees so that the corners of the carpet pointed at the corners of the room. One note on asymmetrical design; it doesn’t mean to ignore established design principals; it simply means to do the opposite. If I were to randomly angle the carpet and furniture, it would create a subconscious stress in the room, as humans are naturally inclined to enjoy organized spaces.

After the carpet was diagonal, but still in proportion with the room, take a moment, and enter the room from every available doorway. The point in the room you naturally look toward is where you should place your biggest piece of furniture, usually a couch. From there, put everything else around it as you please.

2) Reinvigorate your Work Space:

Almost everyone I know is a programmer of some kind, so a home office is an essential room in all of our houses. Since you spend almost as much time at work as you do doing other things, an essential part to any redesign is taking care of the office. I like my office to have bright colors that inspire energy, so taking a look at the season’s top colors is my first step in research.

Dark Blue seems to be making a comeback this year, and its a perplexing thing to consider when thinking about your work space. I have always favored yellows and reds to up the energy in the room, but I’m considering a switch to a relaxing color instead. Who knows? Maybe a relaxing tone in the room will encourage more focused work.

3) Use Your Walls:

Something that I’ve noticed about myself is that I am far from artistically inclined. I have yet to find a painting that “speaks” to me, nor have I ever felt the need to fill the space in my wall; until now.

A good friend of mine is a construction worker, and I was recently at his place to watch a basketball game and went to his man cave. Instead of art on the walls, he had everything mounted that he could possibly want, but could get lost. He hung his TV remote, team blanket, and even his assortment of cozies right on the wall.

Drawing from this inspiration, I have started an herb garden in my kitchen in mason jars (since I love to cook). Then, I designed a mounting system to hang all of the jars on the wall, so that they are out of the way and easily accessible. Thinking about the wall as a way to clear surface space can give you a whole new perspective on how to decorate a space.

4) Create a Space for Yourself in Every Room:

Whether it be a man cave, a home office, or just a room you like to write in; we all have a space in our house that is ours, either officially or unofficially. This is your domain, it makes you feel safe, it makes you feel complete, and most of all, puts you at ease.

My goal for this spring-cleaning is to create a space like this in every room. I added a beaten up table with some commonly needed tools to my kitchen, put a practice drum pad in my living room for when I’m watching TV, and put a computer down in my man-cave so I can look things up. Create a space for you all around the house and you’ll never feel out of your element.

5) Don’t take things too Seriously:

The best decorating advice I ever got was from Marie Wise, an accomplished and in-demand interior decorator. She claims that the house should really be a sanctuary, and the biggest fallacy she finds when she enters a project is that the aim of decorating is sometimes for other people.

Far too often, she has found herself designing a foyer that wouldn’t benefit a family, or turning a mudroom into a manicured coat closet; for no other reason than for those rooms to be more comfortable for company, not the people living there. Instead, she recommends that you focus purely on yourself; you are the one living there, and just like fashion, it takes confidence to pull a design off. If you are completely happy with your design, it will show, and everyone will feel comfortable in your house.

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