dress up games for girls

Kids can choose from a variety of dress up games for girls on the internet. A lot of sites have these games already because most of the children nowadays spend a lot of their time not in front of the TV but in front of their computer. They go online not just to research on their assignments but to play their most-loved games on the internet. To give you an idea on the various games that little girls can play, I will list down some of the most popular games that they normally play with.

Living In The Capital Dress Up

Anastasia is the name of the particular girl in the game and she just moved to the capital. So, the objective of the game is to dress her up in order for her to fit in the city. Clothes, accessories and shoes are located at the left hand side of the monitor so players can just choose the outfit that they like, click on it and the dress or accessory that they have chosen will instantly show in the monitor. It is just that simple. No wonder, little girls want this dress up games so much.

Best Friends Dress Up

There is nothing more exciting that dressing up with your best friend. The scenario in this dress up games for girls is that the two girls who happen to be best friends are finding the right outfit that they can wear. The girl with the blond hair has her dresses on the upper left corner of the screen and the girl with the pink hair has her dresses on the lower right corner of the screen. You just have to point your mouse to the various icons on the screen and the dress or accessory will show up on the bed. After choosing the outfit that you like, just click the mouse to that particular outfit and when you are done dressing up the two girls, you just have to hit done and they are now ready to rock.

Rock and Roll Dress Up

Little girls who want to be a rocker chic for a day will surely love this game. They can choose the guitar that they want for their avatar as well as the outfit that they like. They just have to click on the arrows in order to see the other outfits that are available. After you are done selecting the outfit, just click on the show button and it would seem as if your avatar is on a rock concert already. Cool isn’t it? It’s really a fun way of getting out the rocker side of a little girl by being creative in mixing and matching outfits until they get to find the one that they really like.

This dress up games for girls that are listed above will definitely keep your little tot busy. Girls ages 3 and up will be entertained by these games because of the colorful dresses and the fashionable accessories and shoes that goes with it. The game is very simple so little supervision is needed. This makes it work to the mom’s advantage because they can do the other chores in the house while their kids are playing on the computer. So, to sum it all up it is not just the kids who will benefit from this game but their parents too.