If you are looking into new homes in Arizona in the fall of the year, after you are settled in you should head out with the family to some of the scariest haunted houses in the state. As with most states, Halloween is a big event here, and the spooks, ghouls, and haunts come out in full force about two weeks before the festivities begin. Some of the best-haunted houses in the world are in Phoenix, Arizona. So get settled into your new home and come on out for a spooky good time.

Jack and Jill’s Haunted Hill puts a new twist on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grim. In this haunted house, you follow Jack and Jill’s trail up the hill to see why they never came down again. There are two different story lines for different ages so that the whole family can have a haunting good time. One version is intended for children five and older and is a mildly scary storyline. The other version is for adults over 18 and has a more mature and terrifying script. The haunted house is open most weekends throughout October.

Once you are settled into one of the new homes in Arizona and looking for some holiday fun, you can head out to the haunted house called simply “The Haunting.” This haunted house is situated in downtown Phoenix so it is easy to find and easy to travel to. It consists of many sets such as a graveyard, haunted mansion, an insane asylum, and a special set called “The Pirates of the Scare-ibbean.” It is a frightful night and the proceeds go towards helping Phoenix’s at-risk youth, giving you a double reason to pay it a visit this Halloween.

One of the best-haunted houses in Phoenix, Arizona has to be The ScareKrow. This haunted house is a small home of some residents. They turn their house and corn maze into a horror adventure. It is low cost and the proceeds go to a different charity every year. There are three rated tours available for a family. G is for children under eight; PG for children under 10 and the R rating is for children 13 and older. You tell the doorkeeper your bravery rating at the door before the tour begins. It’s a great way to have a little fun, be scared, enjoy a night with the entire family, and be safe as well.

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