There is so much to consider when starting your college career, a lot of times this is the first time that these students are out on their own and responsible for managing themselves completely.  App developers have not missed the chance to tap into this market.  There are many apps out there designed to help make the financially challenged, time constrained student more successful.

Chegg (Free)

One of the main expenses in college is unavoidable as it is a necessary component to any students class work, the textbook.  The Chegg app allows students to search for text books that they need by title or author or by scanning the barcode.  Chegg then performs a price comparison for the textbook and offers you the lowest possible price.  You can purchase or rent the textbook right there on your phone.  When it is time to return the book, Chegg helps you find a UPS store near you to make that step more convenient as well.

myHomework (Free)

Staying organized is essential to being successful in college.  myHomework provides the user with a “virtual notebook,” with color tab organizers, where they can input class information such as room number, time, and professor name.  As assignments are handed out, myHomework provides an easy and convenient forum for inputting class and due date information, as assignments are due or if they are late, the app will post badges on the icon to alert you.

EZ Read ($2)

There is a tremendous amount of reading required for college students.   EZ Read makes available to the user SparkNote’s vast library of literature, containing plot and character summaries and other key facts about the text.  EZ Read allows the user to view material offline creating added convenience.  This app offers quizzes and practice tests on the literature in order to better ensure that you have grasped the material.

Wi-Fi Finder (Free)

Being able to do research and stay connected on the go is important for any college student.  Wi-Fi Finder uses your GPS on your phone or device to locate the closest Wi-Fi available and lets you know whether it is free or requires payment.  The app also allows the user to download the locations and save them for future use and to allow access to them without having to connect to the internet.

Instapaper ($5)

With so many assignments due requiring research, college student need to have 24 hour access to information they have found related to their topics.  Instapaper allows the user to download article from the internet and save them to read and use later.  With this app student can literally use their device to hunt and gather information to make the process of researching that much easier.

Simple Budget ($2)

Being a college student is synonymous with being broke.  With all that studying, there is little time for work, which greatly reduces the cash flow.  Simple Budget offers Students a way to input their targeted spending amounts and then track their purchases day to day.  The app lets you know when you are approaching your budgeted amount and tells you to quite simply stop spending.

University Maps ($.99)

College campuses are usually large and filled with many buildings with similar names.  For every student whether they are just beginning their college career or have been there for years, at some point a map of the campus will come in handy.  University Maps gives the user to access to over 300 college campuses, so they will never be lost again.  Find your way easily from one class to another or use the social feature and send your GPS location to a friend.  Your friend can then use the maps to devise a quick and easy route straight to you.

Wikipanion (Free)

Wikipedia has become the most used reference site amongst college students.  Wikipanion allows users to browse Wikipedia much more easily on their mobile devices.  The app saves your search history for you and provides audio playback of keyword pronunciation.  It also provides the option to save images directly to the photo library.

Cram ($4)

This app allows you to create Flashcards to study from right there on your device.  In addition to flashcards Cram makes studying more efficient by offering up a wide range of practice tests on virtually any subject from its database.  After testing, you can then track your progress as you continue studying.

PI83 Graphing Calculator ($1)

One item that is usually required for all students to have is a graphing calculator.  These calculators are very expensive and purchasing on can really break the bank.  PI83 Graphing Calculator offers the same calculator functions and capabilities to you on your phone or other mobile device.  The best feature of this app is that it offers you tremendous savings, costing you just $1.