Retaining visibility on search engines can be challenging although it is still possible. The most important thing is putting in adequate effort. The following are some tricks that can be used with the modern search engine robot to lure them into your content.


The length in which a site has been in existence counts when search engines are ranking sites.  Websites that have been running for some time are generally ranked highly since the search engines see such businesses as more reliable than the ones which were started just a few weeks ago. There is little you can do to improve the age of your site but this should make you reconsider scrapping your old domain for a new one as it might take you several steps backwards. If you have to shift from your old domain, consider purchasing established domain instead of starting a new one as this will enhance your visibility a notch higher. Redirecting traffic from your old site to new domain is another effective way to boost your visibility.

URL structure

Using links that are easily readable also boosts your visibility. The kind of URLs that make sense to humans also makes sense to the robots thereby attracting the search spiders.  The links should only be composed of the valuable keywords only. For example, URLs is more sensible than


Creating relevant content is indispensable since the search engine spiders index sites depending on texts therein. The search spiders crawl in the sites that have relevant content to the searched keywords. However, you should be wary not to be inclined too much to please the robots to the extent of making the information unsuitable for humans. Being in the top search results but every visitor getting in the site leaves soon afterwards since the content is unreadable will do you no good. Chances of retaining that position for a log time are also slim. Common mistakes to avoid when creating contents include: keyword stuffing, failing to place keywords in essential places such as headings and links as well as including too much content that cannot be indexed such as flash material.

Content age

Despite the fact that search engines are interested in older sites, same old information is undesirable. In fact, a site that has exact information is likely to be outdated and perhaps out of business. Updating content helps to enhance the radar of your site with the search engines.

Site performance

Search engines are indexing the response of the visitors. When people enter and leave immediately, `bounce’, the search engines will know that your keywords are not relevant hence they will take you out of the top search results. This emphasizes the importance of uploading relevant content. The content should be engaging to the visitors such that they will be compelled to maneuver around the site.

Internal links

The content in your site should be well arranged and linked to make maneuvering around convenient.  The link structure should interconnect the important keywords such that visitors will have suitable time when moving around in the time. Disorganized site is another common reason for bouncing of visitors and should be avoided by all means.


Search engines favor sites that load faster. Your site would rate lower than another one with faster loading speed when all factors are constant. Eliminate elements that might be hogging the loading speed or alternatively downsize them to enhance your visibility online.

External links

Search robots also give better indexing to your website if it has several links from high PR sites linked to it.  If the PR of the links to your site are not highly indexed, they do not earn many points for your site hence they are likely not to improve your ranking. High PR links that is relevant to your niche.

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