The last thing businesspeople want in this rocky economic climate is to be the victim of crime, and for firms whose assets lie mainly in their fleet, this is the area they will want to be most cautious with when it comes to security. The following are a few ways to keep your company’s vehicles safe and also in many cases keep the employees that use them safe as well.


Although Closed-Circuit Television is pretty much a standard feature of public areas, it’s still not installed in some places where vehicle theft and vandalism is a threat such as private company car parks. Not only do these systems make it easier to catch criminals if a crime does occur, but they also act as a deterrent to opportunist thieves, who make up a large majority of thefts. Systems are relatively cheap to install, and even most hardware shops will stock lower-end models.

Light Sensors or Floodlights

Either constant floodlights or lights that are tripped by movement sensors are a good idea for car parks and forecourts. The former offers more protection purely through the fact that it is constantly on, however the latter is more energy efficient, and is useful if bright lights during the night-time are likely to be an anti-social problem for example in a built-up or residential area. These types of setup mainly act again as a deterrent, giving would-be thieves less places to hide, and thus offering a less attractive target.

Vehicle Tracking System

A vehicle tracking system installed on one or all of your firm’s cars, vans or Lorries can bring many security benefits. Firstly, if any accidents occur during work hours, a recovery vehicle can be sent straight away, to the exact location of the incident. Secondly, if any vehicles are stolen, they can be recovered by the police extremely quickly, provided the tracker is fitted and still working. Lastly, because all vehicles’ locations are viewable from HQ, any workers that have been at a certain location for longer than is normal can be contacted to ensure nothing untoward has happened to them, which for some professions can be a very real danger.

Personal Habits

Possibly the easiest way to increase security of company vehicles is by encouraging a change in the habits of staff. Small things like making sure valuables are never left in view from the outside of the vehicle, keeping windows closed when parked up and avoiding dangerous areas are all ways that will result in increased security.