Moving indifferently from day to day engagements of life across designated alley for morning walk in garden gave the inspiration to share view about plants. Everybody knows, Plants and flowers are the life line, not only for biological reasons for survival but also for their quintessential essence which spreads Omni directional positivity around it.

We are humans; even we try hardest to love disruptive technologies, and ultimately we fell in love with nature and its scions. The nature comprising beautiful plants, flowers, humans, animals etc., the transfer of love and affection between these natures’ scions cannot be imagined and felt with those materials we run for.

Talking about plants and flowers, these are the perfect mood guides. Whenever brought before some, it brings charm and puffy smile with a feeling which takes you away from engrossed hemisphere of tensions, anxieties, negativities and treacheries. It rejuvenates the spirit of life presenting courage with an example that even by residing stationary how they spread their essence for development of mankind and adds to overall wellbeing and happiness on earth. The happiness bestowed by essence of plants gifts and flower bouquet is priceless and incomparable.

In a series of studies, Haviland-Jones report that:

  • When women were given flowers, they always responded with a ‘real’ smile, and reported more positive moods three days later.
  • When men or women were given a flower, they responded with a smile and engaged in more prosocial activities (compared to control conditions of being given a pen or nothing).
  • Flowers given to elderly people resulted in more positive mood and improved episodic memory!

It is evident that people of all ages, variable opinions and different presences, everybody likes flowers and plants. Every single plantation is important; it not only capacitates a proud feeling of giving life but also ensures moral responsibility of reducing carbon footprints on earth.

Concluding the article with an urge, we encourage the use of living gifts (flowers, plant Gifts, tree Gifts for birthday, anniversary, father’s day, mother’s day etc) which are meant to stay along with a person and spread happiness and smile in place of exchanging materials with short term pleasure.