Typically, a dream of building green with straw is indeed achievable. However, it is not something that you can wake up one morning and find it done. To have your house renovated with straw, you need to ponder over a number of things. One is to seek advice from those people that you live with. Secondly, to consider other things that are important as you live in your house. With me is an elaborate advice on achieving a building green with straw.

The Building Materials

Selection of materials is a key factor. It is true that nature offers a wide range of building materials. They include mud, timber, logs, recycled materials, bamboo, and hardwood materials among others. From these, you have a long list to select for your walls, windows, roof and floor. Given the long list, it is wise to make an informed decision prior to selection of the material of your desire. This can be done by seeking advice from your friends and close associates. Alternatively, you can view pictures of such buildings from both the Internet and magazines.

Your plans to have a building green with straw must be in line with the laws of the local authority. It is important to consult the local authority to get a limelight on what should and what should not be done. Furthermore, with the immense experience that the local authority possesses, you will be able to get some better information by establishing a cordial relationship with its personnel.

Planning Your Budget

Just like most projects, building green with straw requires much finance. As a result, try to engage means of reducing such costs by embracing barter trade. This is where you exchange building material with the local people. By so doing, you will save on many materials as you will cheaply access them from the locals.

In your endeavour to have a building green with straw, it is important to talk to members of the community within which you are establishing the structure. Mostly, have an exchange program with those who have already erected such structures. This gives you an opportunity to know more about what such structures entail. For instance, you will be able to know how or where to get materials with less hustle.

Solar Orientation And The Wind

It is important to design how the house should appear. Among the features to consider is the solar orientation, the direction of wind, the size of your family, window placement and cross ventilation. This process is quite easy to carry out hence doesn’t involve an expert. In case you have to, simply get a person with this kind of structure for adequate but cheap advice.

Lastly, try and come up with a list of reasons as to why you need this structure. Actually it should come first before making any step towards erecting this structure. For instance, consider the cost factors in comparison with other buildings. Of course the building green with straw has an upper hand in terms of affordability. In addition, consider the feeling that you need. It is definite that if you need a natural feeling then you have no option but to go for this kind of structure. Above all, your health must be the factor driving you as you think about this structure.

In conclusion, it is clear that the building green with straw is of great significance considering all spheres of life. Therefore, if you need such a structure then do not hesitate to establish it.

Picture is from Flickr.