Nowadays, starting a blog and publishing your thoughts online is relatively easy to do. However, ensuring that your blog generates traffic and gathers new visitors is slightly more difficult. Follow these five tips to generate new visitors to your blog and increase your blog’s traffic.

Five Ways to Bring New Visitors to Your WordPress Blog

Participate in Online Communities Alongside your Target Audience

An easy way to generate new traffic to your blog is to participate in the online communities that your target audience is already participating in. In addition to forums and other websites, social media websites are a good way to let a large audience know about your blog. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon are all good sites to get involved with in order to generate newcomers to your blog. Remember, first determine the online community, read posts that have already been made and then join the conversation. It is important that your postings are not perceived as spam.

Target Your Content and Strategize

When trying to generate new traffic to your blog, it is also important to consider who your audience is so that you can target your information properly. It is also integral to consider how likely your audience is to share the blog. WordPress marketing course developer Tyler Herman shared that “Different groups need to identify with your content in order to pass it on, and in order for your blog to get shared by your current followers, it is necessary that they are high content distributors.” While targeting an audience that isn’t as prone to share content online isn’t necessary a bad thing, it does mean that it is less likely for your blog to spread.

Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Taking advantage of search engines will also help generate new visitors to your blog. Considering Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will generate more traffic to your blog, as more people will be directed there from Internet searches. Blogs like WordPress have an SEO friendly platform already. SEO can significantly contribute to your blog’s traffic, and therefore to the overall success of your blog.

Install Analytics and Pay Close Attention to the Results

Analytic software or plugins can help you monitor your blog’s visitors. Installing this can help you see where visits originate, the number of new visitors and the number of returning visitors. Paying attention to these results can help you see how much new traffic your blog is generating, which can then help you alter your approach if need be.

Comment and Interact on Other People’s Blogs

Leaving a thought-provoking comment on someone else’s blog can also generate interest and result in new visitors to your blog. Intelligent comments can increase your own blog’s visibility. Importantly, be consistent with the name you’re using when you leave a comment and always leave your blog’s URL. Inconsistency here can actually be detrimental to blog traffic.

Keeping these five tips in mind will help get your blog noticed by new people. Consider using new platforms, installing analytics and making your voice more prominent in places such as other blogs and a variety of social media sites. Following these five tips will help generate new visitors and increase the success of your blog.