Need to add a little more pizzazz and life to your next corporate event? Using a magician that specializes in corporate events can be just what you’re looking for!

Unlike comedians that can be unpredictable (and sometimes inappropriate) in a business environment, magicians have universal appeal and are sure to delight your audience members of all ages.

No matter whether you’re doing a product launch, holding an industry trade show or holding an awards ceremony for your company, a magician can add drama, mystery and excitement to your event. However, it’s important to hire a magician that not only has experience with magic itself, but can bring the right kind of entertainment environment, to your business oriented event.

Here are a few tips for hiring a magician and making sure that your corporate event is exactly what your audience expects:

Go With a Professional

The first step to finding a corporate magician for your event is to invest in a professional. A business event isn’t the place to test out the friend of a friend who has just started performing magic. It can take years for a professional to hone their skills and create a thrilling engaging show. If you want your corporate event to be memorable and exciting, you need to hire a professional who can give you the experience and the entertainment you’re looking for.

Find a Magician Who Has Corporate Entertaining Experience

Like other professions, magicians have specialties. While most people are familiar with the large Las Vegas stage show magicians, there are also a variety of other types of magicians. There are magicians that focus only on providing entertainment for corporate and business audiences.

When you work with a magician that has corporate entertainment experience, you can be sure that he or she will provide the right type of entertainment that will delight without offending any of your audience members. Corporate magicians are also familiar with the business event planning process so they can seamlessly work into your event plan without expecting to be the main event.

Consider Your Venue and Space When Selecting a Magician

The type of event you’re hosting will determine what type of magic your corporate magician can, and should perform. If you are hosting a multi-day event in a large convention center, you’re going to have the space for a full stage production with multiple illusions. You’ll have the room (and likely the budget) for lighting, music and other elements that make a large stage show a true spectacle.

Alternatively, if your meeting is at a smaller venue and you don’t have stage space, you can have a strolling magician that will travel throughout the crowd and do some close up magic and sleight of hand. A roving magician can entertain small groups, which make them ideal for any size of gathering.

Understand Your Audience

In addition to space considerations, you’ll also want to consider your audience when you hire a corporate magician. A younger crowd will appreciate magic that is edgy and appealing while older attendees might want a more classic show. Some magicians would be great for children’s parties but don’t have the experience or illusions necessary to entertain a business crowd.

A professional corporate magician can tailor their act to meet the needs of your attendees. Be sure to meet with them well before the event so you can discuss options for your corporate event.

Going with a professional who has specific experience with corporate events, considering your venue and knowing your audience will help you create an atmosphere that is set up for SUCCESS!.