It’s inevitable: when any new communications advancement comes along, it’s a matter of minutes before someone figures out how to use it for sex. So it was with the iPhone. While out-and-out pornography is forbidden by the iPhone App Store, there’s plenty of, shall we say, wiggle room for other sexy apps. Here are some of the wildest sex apps that got into the App Store. Try them out for fun, for laughs, or to see if they can reverse erectile dysfunction.

1) Tight Body Perky Boobs

Pretty much the ultimate “does what it says on the tin” app. It’s a collection of photos of girls with, yes, tight bodies and perky boobs. Study ’em, trade ’em, use ’em for wallpaper, print ’em out and roll around on ’em, whatever.

2) Adult Tennis Boobs

If white dresses, tied-back hair, and sun visors get you hot, this is the app for you. Features cleavage shots of your Sharapovas and your Kournikovas and your Wozniackis doing what they do best.

3) Passion

Did you know your iPhone can rate your sexual skills? Start this app up just before you begin the act and lay it on the bed. The iPhone will provide a critique of your performance and stamina based on the amount of noise and vibration it detects.

4) Video Strip Poker

Win poker hands against your iPhone and be treated to the sight of a hot girl removing her clothes bit by bit, although of course she can’t get completely naked.

5) iJiggles Your Mom

No, your mom is probably not in this collection of sexy photos you can make jiggle hypnotically by shaking the phone. You can even adjust the boobs’ springiness and size for your perfect jiggling experience.

6) Puff

For the upskirt lovers among us. Blow into the phone’s mic and watch a cute girl’s skirt fly up.

7) MyVibe

If you’re too cheap to buy a real vibrator, MyVibe allows you to use the iPhone’s vibrate setting for … personal amusement.

8) Russian Brides Gallery

Not a real Russian brides site. If that’s what you want, just check your spam folder. This is a collection of pics of sexy Russian and Ukrainian girls with details on each. It’s even educational — you can find where they live on Google Maps.

9) Strip Simon

A strip version of the sequence-matching game we all played as kids.

10) SlideHer

Another sexified version of a classic game, this time the one where you slide squares around a frame to get them into the right sequence, and in this case reveal a sexy photo.

11) Nude It

If you’re a certain age, you remember those X-Ray Specs that never worked. This is the 21st century version. Use the iPhone camera to scan someone and this app will superimpose a seminude body over them.

12) Dirty Fingers

Touch your screen, leaving “fingerprints,” and then watch a cute girl come out to wipe them away from inside the phone.

13) Sex Drive

This app produces a special tone that supposedly will supercharge your sex drive if you listen to it for 10-15 minutes. Still safer than most herbal supplements.

14) Pocket Girlfriend

This video girlfriend will show off for you, send you affectionate messages, and never get upset if you forget her birthday.

15) Truth or Dare

The iPhone version of the classic party game, with sexy questions and dares to try out on your friends.

Image Credit: THEMACGIRL*