The retro and vintage revival is in full swing. For men such clothing can really mean nailing that old, yet delectable style. Numerous major brands have even released a great range of clothing styled on the apparel of older designs – showing the popularity of such looks.

Big brands such as Farah have their own sections such as Farah Vintage, which allow you to look great in the styles of old, without having to traipse through vintage shops. This clothing is of course new and so comes with all the benefits of new clothing, yet in that vintage style.

Vintage Wear

One of the biggest issues with purchasing old vintage clothing is the fact it has been worn before and has signs of wear and tear. This of course can mean a number of issues. Vintage clothing can look a little worn around the edges, though some find this part of the appeal. This may also mean it doesn’t offer as many wears as it did when it was first sold and so you’ll have to mend, or throw out your vintage bargain. Brands such as Farah Vintage offers similarly styled clothing for a low-cost and so allows you the benefits of new clothes, but in the old, attractive style.

Vintage Fit

You may also find that older clothing bought in vintage stores often is available in very strange fits. This is down to a number of things, but can be an irritation, especially when you think you’ve gotten a great piece in your size, only to find it feel and look a little odd when worn. By using modern brands, you are going to get conventional fitting clothing that still offers you the appeal of old, but perhaps in a far more flattering manner.

Vintage Fabrics

It’s often found that older fabrics can be a little… well, old! This may lead to them not having as good of air circulation as more current clothing and can lead to perspiration – something not fashionable at all. Brands that offer these remakes and retakes on the older styles are sometimes much better in this area. A modern take on retro looks provide those who purchase such clothing a nicer experience, which looks a lot more stylish than modern clothing.

Vintage Longevity

Many of the clothes that are created in the vintage style, but are also new, reflect trends of today. As we’ve mentioned the vintage world is back in fashion and so is clothing related to it. This has seen mainstream fashion also adopt many of these older styles. This has the duality of allowing both older styles of clothing, as well as the more contemporary shapes fit around new vintage brands. This means people who purchase these clothes will find they can pair their vintage pieces up with traditional vintage clothing, as well as more current cuts.

Such clothing ranges by Farah Vintage and others really make sense in a lot of ways and are a great alternative to vintage clothing.

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