Testosterone is a very important hormone, especially for the male species. It equates to improved manhood, masculinity, improved vigor and more intimate relationships.

Increasing one’s testosterone can be done by taking synthetic testosterone and supplementing the body with specific nutrients that influences the production of testosterone, and this article will try to give you quick tips as to these two basic methods on which you can improve your testosterone levels.

One of the most popular ways to increase testosterone is using transdermal systems. This system follows the application of patches to specific skin areas near the groin and is considered to be the most effective way to achieve the goal. A simple experiment showed that up to 90% of men tested achieved increased testosterone level after using transdermal patches.

Take note of the two types of transdermal patches currently in the market:

Testoderm – is a special patch that is applied directly to the scrotum. The patient must of course first shave the area for maximum effectiveness.

Androderm – is another type of the special patch and it can be applied on the patient’s abdomen, thigh, and lower back or even upper arm.

Patches are applied on a regular basis, usually after dinner up to midnight. It works by letting the skin absorb testosterone from the patches and influencing further yet natural production of the hormone by the body.
The use of testosterone cream is also prevalent. Using it, an ample amount is applied once every 24 hours to stimulate production of testosterone by first releasing the hormone to the bloodstream area via dermis. Areas like shoulders, stomach, upper arms and thighs can all be targeted for application.

Gel is also a variant of this. It is somewhat more comfortable because you only need to apply it 6 hours before taking a shower.

Testosterone, like many other hormones can also be administered via injection. A shot every two weeks is needed to regulate and affect the level of hormones in the bloodstream. It is painless as the procedure is very topical.

Pellets can also be used to secret natural testosterone right into your body. It is practical because each pellet extends up to six months before having to be needed to be replaced. That length of effectiveness is favored by many especially those busy to add putting up of cream or gel for their regular routine.

An herb called Tribulus terrestris has been especially used to boost testosterone level indirectly. The plan is a popular alternative medicine ingredient and has a long history of being used in many societies and cultures to treat sexually related disorders. One might even call it an aphrodisiac and it does so by producing lutenizing hormone which in turn orders your brain to produce testosterone.

The use of Tribulus terrestris is legal even in drug sensitive standards like Sports. This is the reason many athletes use it to increase their testosterone level for improve athletic performance.