In recent years, disability insurance has become a very hard claim to get approved.  As the economy has faltered, many of these companies are having top find new ways to increase their bottom lines and all too often this is at the expense of the consumer.  Today I am going to offer you some disability claim advice to help ensure that if you ever need to file a claim, it will get approved and approved quickly.

  1. File your claim in a timely manner.   Many people do not realize that there are strict deadlines to file a claim for benefits.  Insurance companies love this problem because it gives them an easy way to deny benefits.  This is one of the most common ways a claimant ends up with their claim denied.  Following the deadlines is easy, just make sure that all of the dates are marked on your calendar.
  2. Help your doctor help you.  Filing a disability claim requires getting an initial medical examination that states what your disability is and the symptoms it presents.  The insurance company will also provide a form that they want the doctor to fill out and return.  Often, doctors are too busy or just do not know how to properly fill out these forms.  It is important to sit down with your doctor and go over the forms line by line to make sure their are no mistakes.
  3. File a detailed and complete job description.  The basis by which a disability insurance company decides if you can perform your duties at your occupation is the job description provided.  If it is vague and incomplete, the insurance company can make their own conclusions that tend to be biased toward their point of view.  Providing a detailed and complete job description allows the claimant to take control of the process and dictate the way the statements can be interpreted.
  4. Read the policy carefully.  Insurance companies often put many clauses in their policies that make an individual ineligible for benefits based upon small issues, so it is important to make sure you fully understand the policy and what all of the details mean.  You do no want to be denied benefits based upon a small technicality.
  5. Never take no for an answer.  Many times, a disability insurance company will deny many claims that should be approved just because many people do not even bother to appeal the denial.  Insurance companies count on this, and will often immediately approve the few claimants who do choose to appeal their denial.  If you have been denied, it is important to seek disability claim help and ensure your claim is approved.

These tips begin to scratch the surface of the many requirements that are necessary to get a disability claim approved.  If you feel like you are in over your head, it is important to seek advice from any expert who is experienced in dealing with the insurance companies.