People spend a great deal of time planning their weddings, and the costs associated with some weddings can rival luxury cars and even small houses. After all that planning, preparing and hope for the future, the failure of the marriage becomes a massive letdown. There was a time when people quietly divorced in seclusion and isolation, but that trend is changing. After the letdown of a failed marriage, more people are choosing a different viewpoint on this change in life. Instead of mourning the loss, they celebrate their re-entry into single life with divorce parties.

It’s a New Beginning with Unique Merchandise

Plan a wedding and you’ll pick out a cake topper at some point. With a divorce party, the cake topper takes an interesting twist. It might be a decapitated groom, a bloody deceased bride or just a sign announcing “Single Again.” Other merchandise geared towards divorce parties include “Just Divorced” sashes in stunning black, buttons, banners and even unique games. The merchandise helps make the parties more memorable, and sales for these goods are up 30 percent in just three years.

The Other Side of Wedding Planning

A lot of effort went into that trip down the aisle, and just as much effort goes into the trip to the NJ family law attorney’s office and courtroom for the divorce. A divorce is very stressful, and it’s not surprising that people want to celebrate when it’s finally done and the legal forms are completed. Part of the evidence lies in the growing demand for divorce planners. From wild parties to laid-back gatherings, professionals are helping the recently divorced put a positive spin on this change with a spectacular party.

The Healing Aspect

The idea of going out and celebrating divorces is nothing new. Started by well-meaning friends who just wanted the newly single to feel better, it was a way of putting a positive spin on something devastating. That it’s grown in recent years should not be surprising. Going out and celebrating helps people feel better. It reminds them to look at the positive side of the situation. Some of the supplies, like the decapitated spouse cake toppers are also cathartic as they help the exes deal with their difficult feelings of anger and even hatred. Planning the party can also help the happily divorced get their mind off the difficult time and give them something to look forward to. It helps both parties start to reclaim their independence and embrace the idea of being single once again.

Divorce parties are thrown after all the documents are signed and the settlements reached. Planned for weeks or even months ahead of time, they can be small gatherings or major events that rival wedding receptions. It’s the first celebration in your post-divorce life, and the growing popularity of these parties show that they can help people make the transition.