lifestyle competitionsYou may have heard of the term “book club” but have never been part of one. Research shows that there are more book clubs started up now than ever before. It is thought that it is mainly due to the recession, where people have to be social but in a less expensive way.

A book club is a perfect way to get all of the friends together and discuss a favourite book without spending a lot of money. Some book clubs get together and all bring a dish so that they can all eat whilst discussing the book.

Deciding on how to set up the book club is the first obstacle. You should first put the word out and see if any of your friends would be interested in joining your book club with you. If you did not get much of an answer, then you may wish to turn to a virtual book club online to discuss favourite books. However, if you are interested in a book club then your friends probably are too, so by gathering together some interest from friends near and wide you should be able to get an idea of the numbers in your book club.

You then need to think about where the book club will take place. You may want to do it in a different house each month, you need to discuss what would be best for people. This would probably be an ideal way of getting people together, but make sure that it’s not too much out of their way. If they have to travel a long way to get there, then it defeats the object of the whole book club.

The next thing you need to think about is what sort of books people would like to read. At your first book club meeting, you should discuss the kind of genres of books which you’re most interested in. You should not automatically believe that everybody’s into books, they may have not read enough books and this is why they want to be part of the book club.

One great way of making sure that you have all of your books at your fingertips is by buying an E reader. An electronic reader is something which you could buy in a shop or if you’re lucky you could enter competitions to win an e-reader like an Amazon Kindle. Entering technology and gadgets competitions to win one of these would be a great talking point for any book club!