Whether it is in the boardroom, reception area or in the staff common room, many businesses benefit from having a TV in their office space to compliment their computing and IT technology.

TVs are a worthwhile investment, however they can require significant cash outlay. Television rental is a great alternative for businesses. Rather than paying a lump sum up front for an office plasma or LED TV, TV rental allows you to make easy monthly payments and manage your business’ cash flow more effectively. Here are a few of the benefits of TV rental for businesses:

Always have the latest technology

Rather than sinking your business’ money into a TV that will quickly become outdated, equipment rental offers you the option to upgrade your technology at the end of your lease term. This allows you to keep up to date with TV technology as it changes. This applies not only to TVs but other equipment your business will need, including computers, laptops and tablets. In many cases it is also possible to bundle the different equipment into one easy payment per month.

Manage your business’ cash flow

Your business may not have the money upfront to pay for a brand new TV but when you choose rental, you can pay in installments, usually monthly. This may help you with your business’ cash flow because you can budget the payments into your finances. It also leaves you extra capital to put back into your business. In addition, you will not need to worry about the depreciating value of your technology because you can frequently upgrade.

Tax deductions

In many cases, businesses that rent their technology – including televisions – for business purposes can enjoy tax deductable rental payments.  This makes television rental an even more attractive option for businesses that want and need to run off the latest technology.

More added benefits than buying

There are also a number of added benefits when you choose to rent your equipment as opposed to buying. These can include loaner TVs if yours should break down or need repair, and 3 months free rental if you upgrade your TV at the end of your rental term.

The equipment you have in your office not only has an impact on the efficiency with which your business is run, it can also communicate a message to visiting clients. If you’d like the latest TV in your office, consider television rental as a smart and cost effective way to get the technology you need now.

Sarah Paige is a writer who knows the benefits that television rental can have for businesses. So if you are looking to upgrade your technology, consider renting your computing equipment.