Your WordPress theme says a lot about both you and your business. If yours is a slovenly website with broken links aplenty and colors that make people squint or click away, something is not right in your state of Denmark. Fortunately, you can customize just about everything. Here are a few great places to start.

Letting it Update Automatically

Automatic updates are one of the greatest gifts of the modern world. Without automatic updating, some people would lose everything they’ve worked on for weeks every time the power went off. If a newer and better version of your theme exists, sometimes it’s best to let it update. Often the designer has come up with something way better, both in appearance and in functionality. If all else fails, it’s fairly easy to change back to the old version.

Changing the Header Graphic

Your header graphic is probably going to be the first thing anyone sees regarding your company. If it isn’t up to snuff, a lot of folks won’t get much further. Change the header graphic to something that puts your company in the best possible light, and you’ll be far more successful. You may even want to resize the graphic so that it doesn’t dominate the screen as much, or so it presents your company more boldly.

Redoing the Font Colors and Sizes

While a simple Arial or Times New Roman font in black will work for most businesses, sometimes it’s great to mix things up a little bit. If yours is a creative company, a more creative font will fit right in. If your background is black or another color, using a pastel or lightened version of its opposite color can be very striking. Just beware of making your page painful to look or garish.

Changing Your 404 Pages

While errors are terrible things to have, it’s even worse if yours are generic. Sometimes problems creep in, and a custom 404 page will let your visitors know that you’re dealing with it. It’ll also let them know that you’ve anticipated problems happening, if only in the sense of dealing with them as they come. Sometimes you can distract your visitors from the error by pointing to something else.

Adding in Subscription Forms

Subscribers may or may not be the bread and butter of your organization. Whether they’re a big deal to you or not, courting them is still a wise idea. Adding in a subscription form takes little time, but it can pay huge dividends down the line.

Customizing your WordPress theme can help you in a variety of ways. You can increase your browser appeal, make your company stand out in a good way and get subscribers you can speak to whenever you have something awesome to report. The possibilities are limited more by your imagination than by WordPress itself.

About the Author: Nolan Dembitzer loves modifying WordPress themes. He also enjoys creating new plug-ins, jquery slider tools, and more!