Holidays can be a great time to enjoy fireworks as a part of your celebration, whether it is a professional fireworks display or a home made show in your own backyard. It is important to remember, however, that fireworks are volatile explosives and can be very dangerous when handled improperly. Follow these key safety guidelines to make sure your holidays are fun and safe for yourself and those around you.

  1. Find an Appropriate Space
    Densely populated urban areas and spaces near busy roads are not good candidates for fireworks. Small houses with small yards are potentially hazardous environments due to close quarters, hanging wires, population density, and proximity to others. Your neighbors may not be aware of your intentions for a celebration involving fireworks, and so they may be in potential danger, as well as being annoyed by the noise and flashing. Also be sure there are no pets in your fireworks space.
  2. Be Mindful of Surroundings
    Fireworks are airborne explosives. If you don’t have enough space on your own property to enjoy a celebration with fireworks without offending and posing potential risks to your neighbors, consider moving your celebration elsewhere. Wide open spaces are necessary to ensure that your rockets aren’t ricocheting dangerously and becoming potential fire hazards for surrounding structures. If you take your fireworks out to open fields or desert areas, be sure to be considerate to the local environment. Don’t encroach on local wildlife, and clean up after yourselves. Keep a large bucket of water on hand at all times in case of emergencies, and to soak all waste before disposal.
  3. Be Responsible, Point Away
    Always point fireworks away from people. Fireworks can cause serious injuries when not handled correctly. Make sure that your fireworks are not shooting towards any bystanders, and maintain a safe perimeter while lighting them. Above all, be sure not to light any fireworks while intoxicated. Alcohol impairs judgment and leads to unsafe practices.
  4. Adult Supervision at All Times
    Do not, under any circumstances, allow any children to light fireworks. Children should be kept a safe distance from fireworks activity at all times. Consider fencing off the area of activity to be sure that children won’t wander into any dangerous areas. Children are the victims of more than half of all fireworks related injuries. Even a sparkler or firecracker can cause serious burns and injuries. Make sure that children are kept under constant adult supervision.
  5. Learn Your Laws
    Fireworks of some kinds may be illegal in your town depending on local and federal laws. Police may be relatively lenient regarding fireworks on holidays, but take care to make sure you’re obeying the law at all times while planning your celebration. Reliable sellers like Ghengis fireworks can consistently provide the most safe fireworks. Follow all laws and warning labels. Fireworks may not be sold legally in your town, but neighboring areas may have them readily available. Avoid shady dealers and buy only legal fireworks from reputable retailers to make sure you’re not supporting unlawful businesses.